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1970 desoto 

Volume 58 

Zhe University is a way of life. 







w ... 

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. ^-.L^^ggiii^, : ..^ „„_ Li _ 

•'i-'iff-iiiiiMi • 

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, .. ^^tit*******^ 

„_«««M*«1— . «»"— 

■...'■ : ■ ■. ' 


Desiring further education in academics and in life, we 
come in the fall. Zhey are waiting for us. 

Zhe doors are opened. Zhe books are stacked. Appre- 
hensive and prospective, we merge into the world of the 

%ut, the university does not provide all-, the help of 
each individual is required. Participation leads to in- 
volvement, responsibility, experience — a totally new 
experience for many of us in this new world, this 
strange but exciting society. 

Unaware, we blend into 


Ji populace of old and new trends. 

** "■» *r% 

^..t^ i ijliti'iftlBIJlii 


jaugji^^tttei^* #»*fr*»* -< ■" ' 

Although we may blend into the crowds, we re- 
main individuals. We each have our own goals 
and dreams or a lack of them. 

Within an ever-changing atmosphere 

■ ;«*'.-. ^DnB 

',:[ ► t . f 

Mut, the university retains many characteristics as it 
progresses. With years it acquires a grace, a style, a 
strength which serves as a bulwark in' times of tur- 
moil Classes continue, and we in the society adjust 
with the changes. 


* ' v '^IMfta 


; ■ 


Seasoned through our efforts, our discoveries, 
our knowledge, we attain a melbwness and a 
sense of maturity. 

'W ■ 

Zhe flowering of experience brings us to 




Zne fye of Kespomibility 

We also progress, expanding ourselves to 
areas unknown to us before we were intro- 
duced to this community. 










& i 

1 d 1? MB - 

' w 

^l^ 1 , I* 

Maturity is potentiality. 

We are able to lead — whether we take 
charge of others or merely direct our own 

Maturity has been defined as the time after the wild 
oats have been sown, but, have we reached this point? 
Zhe university provides the last time for many of us to 


Sow the wild oats. 






Residence Halls 




Campus Life 














Editor, ftaney Arnold 

Dr. C. C. Humphreys, President, Memphis State University 

20 Academics /Administration 

The President's Home 

Academics/ Administration 21 


Memphis State University, one of the fastest 
growing universities in the South, has exper- 
ienced much of its expansion under the direction 
of Dr. C. C. Humphreys, President. Included in 
Dr. Humphreys' duties were supervising many 
programs on campus and representing MSU at 
numerous social functions. 

Several changes in the administration this 
year were directed toward meeting the needs of a 
fast-growing student body. A new addition was 
Ernest K. Davis, Dean of Student Affairs. Other 
changes included Dr. R. E. Carrier, Vice Presi- 
dent of Academic Affairs; Roy Nix, Vice Presi- 
dent of Administrative Affairs, and Dr. Jess Par- 
rish, Vice President of Student Affairs. 

Officers observe as President Humphreys signs the Residence Hall Procla- 

President Humphreys discusses problems with residents Members of the Secretaries' Club drop in on President Humphreys for 
of Central Towers. a chat. 

22 Academics /Administration 




President Humphreys reads a football certifieate to MSU's team. 

Could Memphis State's team be behind or is President Humphreys worried about that speech he must make tomorrow'.' 

Academics /Administration 23 

dean of men 

William C. Tatum 

vice president of student affairs assistant to the president 

Dr. Jess Parrish Dr. R. M. Robison 

24 Academics/Administration 

assistant dean of students 

David A. Collins 

dean of women 

Flora H. Rawls 

Academics/Administration 25 

dean of admissions 

R. P. Clark 

director of finance 

Morris Bass 

26 Academics/Administration 


vice president of academic affairs 

Dr. R. E. Carrier 

business manager 

Eugene Smith 

coordinator of women's residence halls 

June Matthews 

Academics/Administration 27 

director of continuing studies director of institutional research 

Dr. W. A. Brotherton Grady Bogue 


%.... "*% *. 


w zmmm 

*: W 

* t '^'W' ■ 



m ■ 


-■JT" ■ 





i wr 


■ m 

;l ",r 

i «r 



4k 4 T 



* ! I 

director of university housing 

Clarence Hampton 

28 Academics/Administration 

director of women's activities 

Emily B. Weathers 

coordinator of men's residence hall reservations 

Roger Campbell 

Academics/Administration 29 

coordinator of women's 
residence halls 

Karen Carpenter 

Dean Parrish cuts the University Center anniversary cake. 

university center directors 

Joe Bond, Jay Andersen and Jack Panzeca 

30 Academics /Administration 

dean of student relations 

Ernest K. Davis 

director of men's activities 

Richard L. Moore 

Academics/ Administration 31 

John Ridgway, SGA President 

32 Academics /Governing Bodies 

lllllll illil l l i i i i i i i iii i hir-iwiuuj ■ 

, i ii oinuimiujiviii 

'AW.H (J 

ii fl 


Student Government 

The Memphis State Student Government As- 
sociation, composed of all students in the univer- 
sity, coordinated all academic and extracurricu- 
lar endeavors of the student body. 

Accomplishments included student represen- 
tation on university curriculum committees, the 
change of the semester to end before Christmas, 
free tutoring for underclassmen, a speakers pro- 
gram, leadership conference to recruit students 
for MSU and the extension of library hours. The 
SGA also presented Homecoming and provided 
the students with concerts featuring such artists 
as The Fifth Dimension and Blood, Sweat, and 

The main objectives of the 1969-70 SGA 
were academic reform and increased student 

Members of the SGA Homecoming Committee are (I. to r.) Sandra Galtelli, pa- 
rade chairman; Mike Johnson, commissioner in charge of Homecoming, and 
Bill Key, overall Homecoming chairman. 

Executive officers of the SGA are (I. to r.) Robin Hadaway, administrative vice president; Bill Wheat, executive vice presi- 
dent; John Ridgway, president, and Teresa Crawford, women's president. 

Academics /Governing Bodies 33 

SGA commissioners are (I. to r.) Louis Jenkins, Tim Church, Jeff Gross, Kathy Phillips, Robin Hadaway, Tim Howard, Joe Machala, 
Hall Price and Linda Esslinger. 

SGA Justices are (I. to r.) front row: Cindy Clampitt, 
Susan Thomas, Cheryl McAnespie and Barbara Brunette. 
Back row: Frank Clement, George Cohan and Rav 

David Clayton — Thomas of Blood, Sweat and Tears cap- 
tivates the audience at the SGA sponsored concert. 

34 Academics /Governing Bodies 

Inter-Faith Council 

The Memphis State Inter-Faith Council unit- 
ed the religious organizations on campus, spon- 
soring and promoting religious activities among 
the students. 

The Inter-Faith Council consisted of two 
members from each organization, but any mem- 
bers could attend the meetings. The council met 
to discuss current problems pertaining to their 
groups and to exchange ideas for the betterment 
of interdenominational relationships. 

Activities for the year included the annual 
Christmas Tree Lighting, I the highlight of the 
yuletide season, and sponsoring several speakers 
and singing groups for the students' entertain- 

Jesse Feldman, president of the Inter- Faith Council, prepares for a 

Members of the Inter-Faith Council present puzzling questions at meetings. 

Academics /Governing Bodies 35 


Memphis State's Interfraternity Council, 
composed of delegates from all chartered frater- 
nities on campus, promoted better relations 
among fraternities and sponsored worthwhile ac- 
tivities on campus. 

This year for the first time, the IFC's annual 
St. Jude Blood Drive included blood clubs for all 
students who contributed. This provided an 
added incentive to the students and proved suc- 

Greek Week, November 17-22, was climaxed 
by the crowning of the 1969-70 Greek Goddess, 
Gale Robison, and the announcement of Bob 
Wilson as Greek God. 

Bill Wheat accepts the Interfraternity fall scholarship from John Rounsa- 

• 1 1 'iik 




i 1 

IFC officers are (I. to r.) John Newton, vice president in charge of external affairs; John Rounsavall, president; Steve Goldstein, vice 
president of rush, and Joe Santomero, vice president of publicity and public affairs. 

36 Academics /Governing Bodies 

Dana Lynch, president, Intersorority Council 


The Intersorority Council, the first of its kind 
in the nation, brought national attention to 
Memphis State University from universities 
across the country. Represented in its member- 
ship were all national sororities on campus and 
the two national panhellenics. 

The ISC coordinated activities mutual to all 
sororities such as Greek Week, All Sing, DZ 
Follies, May Day and the St. Jude Blood Drive. 

The ISC had a Greek Dessert this year during 
Greek Week. Girls brought desserts for the fra- 
ternity men. Activities such as these promoted 
the spirit of cooperation and equal participation 
of the ISC. 

Officers of the ISC are (I. to r.) Linda King, treasurer; Lula Wright, secretary, and Susan Avery, vice president. 

Academics /Governing Bodies 37 

Conducting a meeting of the Panhellenic Council are (I. to r.) Dana Lynch, 
2nd vice president; Susan Avery, president, and Joyce Higgs, secretary. 


Consisting of representatives from each na- 
tional sorority on campus, Memphis State Uni- 
versity's Panhellenic Council served as the legis- 
lative body for sororities in the Panhellenic 

They set up rules and regulations concerning 
rush activities and enforced general rules of 

The Panhellenic Council sponsored various 
activities on campus throughout the year and 
participated in the St. Jude Blood Drive, May 
Day and Derby Day. 

In recognition of its superior work and 
achievements, the Panhellenic Council was 
given a trophy citing it as the most outstanding 
Panhellenic Council in the nation. 

Accepting the National Panhellenic trophy are (I. to r.) Emily B. Weathers, 
advisor; Dean Rawls, Susan Avery, president, and Dean Parrish. 


The Memphis State National Panhellenic 
Council was organized in 1968 at MSU. The 
Charter members were: Alpha Kappa Alpha, 
Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho and 
Zeta Phi Beta. 

The NPHC, an associate member of the Inter- 
sorority Council, provided unanimity of thought 
and action in the conduct of Greek letter colle- 
giate sororities and considered problems of mu- 
tual interest to its member organizations. 

Members of the NPHC are (I. to r.) Bertha Delapp, Patricia White, Dale 
Stevenson, Anna Cook, Clara Franklin, Lula Wright, Barbara Tabor, Erma 
Davis and Cheryl Williams. 

38 Academics /Governing Bodies 

Members of the UCPB Executive Board are (I. to r.) Margaret Hall, secretary; Joe Peczi, area director of concerts 
and production; Teresa Sproul, area director of films and dances; Mike Sutton, vice president of personnel; Pauline 
Weaver, vice president of public relations; Mary Agnes Welsh, area director of special events, and Ron Jovner, 


The University Center Program Board, coor- 
dinator of all activities in the student center, cel- 
ebrated its first birthday this spring. 

Success of the UCPB was evident by the manv 
activities sponsored bv the group for Memphis 
State's students. 

Various events sponsored bv the board includ- 
ed the DeSoto Beauty Revue, prominent speak- 
ers from all walks of life, entertainers at the new 
Habitat and many dances. 

In October, they sponsored a pumpkin watch 
in search of the most unusual pumpkin submit- 
ted by any individual or group. 

Kathv White wears a two-piece swimsuit in the 
UCPB spring fashion show. 

Academics /Governing Bodies 39 

Members of the Men's Joint Residence Hall Council discuss current activities of the residence hall members. 

Men's Residence Hall 
Executive Council 

The MRHA worked closely with the Women's 
Residence Hall Association in planning many 
activities for campus residents of Memphis State. 

In the spring, tickets to a Memphis South 
Stars hockey game were made available to mem- 
bers of the MRHA. Plans for rewriting their con- 
stitution were carried out at that time. 

Working jointly with the WRHA, they en- 
tered a float in the fall Homecoming Parade and 
sponsored Kathy Arnold as a candidate for 
Homecoming Queen. 

Further plans for the fall semester included a 
hayride-dance, a four hour dance and a movie 
with free refreshments. 

Randy Fountain, president, Men's Residence Halls 

40 Academics /Governing Bodies 

Women's Residence Hall 
Executive Council 

The Women's Residence Hall Association 
passed many revisions in the constitution, per- 
mitting the use of personally owned televisions 
in the individual rooms and extending the dormi- 
tory hours to midnight weeknights and 3 a.m. 
Friday and Saturday nights. A new permission 
form allowed girls with parental permission to 
sign out overnight without having a resident hall 
director's approval. 

The Joint Residence Hall Council entertained 
all incoming resident students with a free night 
at Habitat, the UCPB coffee house which fea- 
tured John Burrows at its September opening. 

The Executive Council encouraged the sepa- 
rate hall councils to provide more interest and 
activities among the students in the residence 

Spring dorm officers are (back to front) Pauline 
Weaver, judicial secretary; Gayla Ballard, secretary- 
treasurer; Paula James, 2nd vice president; Gayle 
Carter, 1st vice president, and Lynn Weber, presi- 

Lynn Weber, center, presides over a meeting of the Executive and Presidents' Council. 

Academics /Governing Bodies 41 

University College 

The University College at Memphis State was 
formed last year to provide a program of courses 
and academic advisement which would prepare 
students for enrollment in one of the degree- 
granting colleges of the University when they 
reached the junior year. 

Dr. John L. Dameron, formerly with the En- 
glish department, was appointed Dean of the 
University College this year. As well as an addi- 
tion in the staff, the Jones Hall headquarters of 
the UC were modernized and enlarged. 

The advisors' main objectives were guiding 
the students in selecting the right courses and 
scheduling the majority of required courses dur- 
ing the first two years in order to spend the last 
two in their major area. 

Dr. John L. Dameron, dean, University College 

,,«:» : ''/.<-" *« 

- » 

if i| 

***** %m *4 '%**»! * 

Students work out their schedules before seeing their University College advisors. 

42 Academics/Colleges 

Mrs. Pankhurst, University College advisor, searches for a student's file to assist in schedule planning. 



Mrs. Lawhead, University Col- 
lege receptionist, schedules 
appointments for students to 
see their advisors. 

Academics/Colleges 43 

Arts and Sciences 

The College of Arts and Sciences designed 
programs suited to three general areas of study — 
humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. 

Dr. Walter R. Smith, dean, successfully coor- 
dinated the seventeen departments of the college 
into the largest and most rapidly expanding divi- 
sion of the university. 

A new addition to the English department of 
the college was Jesse Hill Ford, Memphis State's 
writer-in-residence. Mr. Ford taught a course 
about the short story while finishing a novel, 

Dr. Walter R. Smith, dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

Students listen intently to the explanation of an algebra problem. 

44 Academics /Colleges 

Students often find hours outside class necessary to complete art assignments. 

Voice is one of many courses available to students in the music department. 

Academics/Colleges 45 

Dr. Herbert Williams, chairman, Department of Journalism 

Arts and Sciences 

Toni Martello and Gwen Bowden check the efficien- 
cy of commercial disinfectants in bacteriology. 

John B. Thomas, assistant professor of journalism, helps a student with a 

typesetting project. 

46 Academics /Colleges 

Dr. Aaron M. Boom, chairman, Department of History 

Betsy Comer admires a piece of modern art in the Jones 
Hall Gallery. 

t 1 ^ 

Marilyn Dodd points out an intricate part of the headphone and tape equipment in the language lab. 

Academics /Colleges 47 

Dr. Bill A. Simco, right, leads his ichthyology class in a survey of Tennessee fishes. 

Nancy Arnold uses the acid test to distinguish different types of rocks and minerals. 

48 Academics/Colleges 


The Department of Nursing became an inte- 
gral part of Memphis State this year. The Associ- 
ate Degree in Nursing program was established 
to provide residents of the area an opportunity to 
prepare themselves to meet a critical nationwide 
need for nursing services. 

Keeping all possibilities in mind, the nursing 
curriculum included courses to train nurses for 
careers in hospitals, private offices, private duty 
and in government service. 

Lois J. Holoman served as chairman of the de- 

Student nurses improve their technique by practicing on manikins. 

Lois J. Holoman, chairman, Department of Nursing 

Academics/Colleges 49 


With business and industry calling for more 
college graduates every year, the College of Busi- 
ness Administration provided the basic educa- 
tion necessary to prepare a person to enter the 

The new Business Administration building, 
under construction this year and scheduled for 
completion in 1970, was designed to meet the 
growing needs of a growing enrollment. 

Comfortable classrooms and laboratories for 
accounting, sales presentations, secretarial prac- 
tice, statistics, and other activities were incorpo- 
rated in the plans for construction providing 
ample space for the college's five departments — 
accountancy, economics and finance, manage- 
ment, marketing and secretarial science •/ office 

Headed by Dr. H. L. Markle, the faculty in- 
cluded some of the country's most outstanding 
figures in business. 

Marilyn Holder scans over business students' grades in the Business 
Administration library. 


Dr. H. J. Markle, dean, College of Business Administration 

50 Academics /Colleges 

J * S?l€ElA*% 

Leonard D. Rosser explains a business problem. 

J. W. Spiceland prepares a mid-term exam for 
his students. 

Academics /Colleges 51 




Dr. J. M. Todd, chairman, Department of Management 

Paul and Joyce Stone make typing papers a family affair. 

52 Academics /Colleges 

Dr. R. W. Jennings, chairman, Department of Secretarial Science 

Patsy Franklin gives her typing students last-minute instructions before a timed writing. 

Academics /colleges 53 


The improvement of education methods and 
teacher placement were the keynotes of Mem- 
phis State's College of Education. 

The college consisted of seven departments 
and sponsored the University Campus School for 
elementary grades, providing education majors 
with an opportunity to observe and practice 
modern teaching techniques. Students learned to 
teach both exceptional and handicapped children 
as well as those on other levels. 

The College of Education also participated in 
con.i rcity teaching projects such as providing 
instructors for Operation Headstart. 

Dr. Sam H. Johnson, dean, College of Education 

Many fields overlap, as Mrs. Bonwich's sociology class discusses the controversial sex education course proposed for public schools. 

54 Academics /Colleges 

Many students take moonlight classes to get their education. 

Dr. Ralph Hatley, chairman, Department of Health. Physical 
Education and Recreation 

Mr. Hamrick points out the bones of the human body to his health 


Academics /Colleges 55 





m % 

Mrs. Wilson, one of the many Memphis State night students, studies a chart of the organs of the human body. 


Dr. Devoy Ryan, chairman, Education Administration 

56 Academics /Colleges 

If I tltefcl 
Students of the campus elementary school take advantage of the playground facilities provided for them. 



Mi >: ' ' ' \ 

. ^•• 4i8 ^i£ 

wm ';•■•'■ W fMm^* " vfl 

o , ^jk 

m ' ^^ m ' } 



:< * 






' ^'Mit 


Uin n 


Future teachers learn how to cope with children's problems in several psychology courses offered 
in the College of Education. 

Academics /Colleges 57 

Tom Pounds tests the equipment for his next class 

School of Engineering 

The Herff School of Engineering at Memphis 
State was in its second year under the direction 
of Dr. Roger E. Nolte, chairman, with plans well 
under way on the new engineering building. 

The engineering program, rapidly growing 
through the continued enthusiasm of the stu- 
dents as well as the faculty, graduated its second 
group with a Bachelor of Engineering degree this 

Dr. Roger E. Nolte, dean, Herff School of Engineering 

58 Academics /Colleges 

Dr. Cariani, chairman, Department of Geology 

Dr. Nolte and Bert Merrill look over the plans ior me 
new engineering building. 

Students learn to operate many types of equipment in engineering classes. 

Academics /Colleges 59 

Graduate School 

The increased number of students enrolling in 
Graduate School was greatly felt at Memphis 
State this year. Under the direction of Dr. John 
Richardson, lectures, seminars and field work 
were offered to students wishing to further their 
education in a specific area. 

Masters Degree Majors were available in 29 
departments covering approximately 45 special- 
ties, while the Doctorate was offered in five de- 

Dr. John Richardson, dean, College of Graduate Work 

Don Carpenter takes a minute to glance at 
graduate offers in business. 

Mrs. Gay, a graduate assistant, leads her political science class in a discussion on the 
Vietnam situation. 

60 Academics /Colleges 

Graduates in engineering receive extra training on complicated equipment. 

Graduate assistants teach many lab classes, including this geography lab in Johnson Hall. 

Academics /Colleges 61 

School of Law 

The Memphis State Law School, one of the 
finest in the South as evidenced by its early ac- 
creditation, continued this year in its education 
of promising attorneys. 

A student could enroll in a regular program, 
attending classes in the day, or in the extended 
program, attending classes in the evening with 
both programs leading to a Juris Doctor. 

To be eligible for admission a student must 
have received a bachelor's degree from an accre- 
dited college or university and must have taken 
the Law School Admission Test. 

Robert D. Cox, dean, School of Law 

Justices of the Moot Court are (I. to r.) John Houseal, Charles Blitstein, David Howard and Nina Booth. 

62 Academics /Colleges 

Officers of the Student Bar Association are David Doten, president, and 
Roger Fish, vice president. 

Members of the national Moot Court Team are (I. to r.) David Howard, John Houseal and David Porteous. 

Academics /Colleges 63 

Residence Malls 

Editors, Carry Kosen 
Metinda Higgins 


Central Towers 

"A community within a community" ade- 
quately describes living in this modern, high-rise 
residence hall. Larger than many small com- 
munities, the more than 1,000 Central Towers 
residents have their own student government, 
newspaper, judicial system, food services, recre- 
ation and programming. 

All programming and committees are on a 
coeducational basis. Despite its "separateness" 
image, the Towers' facilities, programming and 
personnel are an educational sub-system of the 
university. It is privately owned, yet controlled 
by the university. 

The look of concern is seen in this girls eyes during a fire drill at Central Tow- 

A nice, quiet get-together is the climax of a long day of classes and tests. 

66 Residence Halls /Central Towers 

Another protest takes place outside of Central Towers. 

Is her expression of pain for the cow or fear of the unknown? 

Everyone is twisting and swinging the night of the big dance. 

Residence Halls/Central Towers 67 

Beauty and the Beast! 

Everybody loves a clown. 

Good food is plentiful in the modern cafeteria at Central Towers. 

68 Residence Halls /Central Towers 

Body painting reached new heights during the residence hall field day. 

**" f *m 

Residence Hall students prepare the pig for the chase. 

Field Day 

Tug-of-war can be a titilating experience. 

Residence Halls/Field Day 69 

Statesman Complex 

The Statesman Complex of the Men's Resi- 
dence Hall Association is composed of four resi- 
dence halls located at the Northeast corner of the 
University campus. These residence halls are 
McCord, Browning, Hayden and Robison. Of 
these, Hayden is designated as a graduate resi- 
dence facility, and Robison houses University 

Browning Hall, dedicated in 1967 houses the 
guest speakers' lounge for the Statesmen's Com- 
plex. Many prominent civic leaders and educa- 
tors have come to discuss major issues which 
confront the university through this medium. 
Browning also boasts its enthusiastic intramural 

McCord Hall, also dedicated in 1967, is the 
center of activity in the complex. The aim of the 
Statesmen's Complex is to provide varied experi- 
ences so that residence hall living becomes an in- 
tegral part of one's total educational program. 

The kidnapping was enjoyed by both factions. 

Sleeping can be a blessed relief from every day stress and strain. 

70 Residence Hall /Statesman Complex 



Unhappiness is getting another bill. 

Kidnapping is all its cracked up to be. 

Students try to outdo each other in exotic dormitory room decora- 

Residence Hall/Statesman Complex 71 

The residence halls students get together for a Halloween dance. 

The football players finally get a chance to see themselves on the Spook Murphy Show. 

72 Residence Halls /Statesman Complex 

One can find relaxation in any form of attire. 

Occasionally a student can find time to cram for an upcoming 

One of the advantages of living in a residence hall is put- 
ting things where you can find them. 

Residence Halls /Statesman Complex 73 

Girls' Dorms 

Residence hall living is, for many girls, the 
first experience in living away from home. It pro- 
vides many opportunities for making new 
friends, exchanging personal ideas and broaden- 
ing one's horizons. 

The residence hall is like a world in itself. 
There is always someone available to whom a 
troubled girl may confide her problems; another 
girl may type a theme at the last minute for a pro- 
crastinating cohort, and there are always people 
staying awake until the wee hours of the morning 
for that big exam the next day. 

Lifetime remembrances and friendships are 
accessible to all residence hall students. 

Louise Hale relaxes after a hard day of classes. 

Cindy Galloway plays in the Residence Halls' Field Day. 

74 Residence Halls /Women 

Laundry rooms provide Amanda Burnett the means by which to get a 
whiter, brighter wash. 

Sue Johnson finds a welcome relief from studies in the Rawls Hall can- In the study lounge, Cheryl Douglas contemplates between 
teen. the pages. 

Residence Halls/Women's 75 

V- *-s 

f -CH c 

, [ ,uUbNi 

Dorm residents campaign in the rain for their homecoming queen 

Shaking out her umbrella, a dorm coed finds relief from the rain in 
her campus home. 

Barbara Morris hangs a wicker mobile to enhance her dormitory 

76 Residence Halls/Women's 

During the warm months in the spring, residents enjoy the sun decks at Rawls. 

Girls' Dorms 

In previous years women's residence halls 
were classified into freshmen and upperclass- 
men. For the first time freshmen resided in Myn- 
ders and Rawls Halls while the upperclassmen 
moved into Smith and West Halls. By this means 
freshman women could adjust and adapt to col- 
lege by being closer to the upperclassmen. 

The women's residence halls' officers and 
staffs planned special activities for the residents. 
Open houses afforded an opportunity for men to 
visit in the rooms. At Christmas, the individual 
dorms highlighted the semester with a dinner 
and entertainment, followed by caroling. Prizes 
were awarded for creativity in door decoration 
following the Christmas theme. 

For the first full school term the new dormito- 
ry hours went into effect for both freshmen and 
upperclass women. Dorm hours were extended 
to allow greater leniency for women living in the 
residence halls. 

Between class primping is easy and convenient for Smith Hall resident, 
Melinda Higgins. 

Residence Halls /Women 77 

Editor, MM0Mrt Spain 


1970 DeSoto 
Beauty Revue Queen 

Linda Thompson 

Linda Thompson, a sophomore from 
Memphis, represented her sorority, 
Alpha Delta Pi, in the 1970 DeSoto 
Beauty Revue. 

Her imitation of a little girl whose 
mother had entered her in the Little Miss 
DeSoto Beauty Revue brought her a first 
place trophy in the talent competition. 

She also captured the attention of the 

audience and judges in a flowing aqua 
chiffon Grecian gown trimmed in rhine- 
stones and tiny crystal tear-drops in the 
evening gown competition. 

Linda plans to teach speech and 
drama at the high school level upon her 
graduation from Memphis State Univer- 

80 Beauties 




!t / 


r*m : *\*k 


W ■ 5*Vw 

, ^\^k^^ 1 


\ i ' Aft Nfe^hat 

ff i* s ''' 



I .A 





Donna Rhodes 

First Alternate 

Winner of Swimsuit Competition 

Representing Kappa Alpha Order 

82 Beauties 

Marsha McDonald 

Second Alternate 

Winner of Talent Competition 

Representing Phi Mu 


Beauties 83 



Beauty Revue 




* * ■ 4 

.... "•* 

' ft » 

Linda Thompson 
DeSoto Beauty Revue Queen 

Donna Rhodes 
First Alternate 

Marsha McDonald 
Second Alternate 

Jo Alexander 
Third Alternate 

Gale Robison 
Fourth Alternate 

Contemporary Furs 

Compliments of 


of Memphis 




84 Beauties 


Jo Alexander 

Third Alternate 

Winner of Evening Gown Competition 

Representing Pi Beta Phi 


Wr 1 

tM>* 3m^- ^t 

.• * ' *• > 'A 

v % % 


mm0U y '4^HH 

m 45K as** 1 

^■"W~~ fl 

*<pfc**. .. ■■'■■ I ^ t 

V T&'~'\. ?H 

- j^H 


86 Beauties 

Gale Robison 

Fourth Alternate 
Representing Alpha Tau Omega 

Beauties 87 

Linda Venable 

Homecoming Queen 

88 Beauties 

Miss Black MSU 

Claudia Conner 

Beauties 89 

Campus Queens 

BARBARA HALL, Second Alternate 
Miss Teen Midsouth 

MARSHA McDONALD, Miss Nashville 

90 Beauties 

BETTY ANN HUNT, First Alternate - 
Miss Dixie Belle 

LINDA THOMPSON, Miss Shelby County 

r* ■■'*•% "•fcr 

EDEN FERGUSON, Miss Fire Prevention — St. Francis County, Arkansas 

Beauties 91 


Mary Ann Crosby 

92 Beauties 

Sandra Hughey 

Greek Goddess 

Beauties 93 

Campus Queens 

MARILYN WESTERN, Fairest of the Fair 
Miss Gibson County 

DEORENDA DYE, First Alternate 

Miss Tennessee Universe 

94 Beauties 

i #"*''.* hMil : '.'"-J** 

DONNA RHODES, Second Alternate - Miss Memphis 

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

Beauties 95 

Campus Ofe 

Fifth Dimension 

The Fifth Dimension entertained before a ca- 
pacity crowd at the Mid-South Colliseum for this 
year's Homecoming Concert. One of the most 
popular jazz soul groups in the country, they 
sang such hits as "Wedding Bell Blues," "Up, 
Up, and Away" and "MacArthur Park." Mike 
Johnson, chairman of the Social Activities Com- 
mittee of the SGA, booked them before Home- 
coming a year ago. 

Marilyn McCoo, one of the two female vocal- 
ists, was unable to appear at the concert, for she 
was recovering from an appendectomy at St. 
Jude's Hospital. 

During their last song of the evening, "Aquar- 
ius / Let the Sunshine in," the Fifth Dimension 
received a fifteen minute standing ovation from 
the exhilarated audience. 

Ron Townson 

Lamonte McLemore 

Florence Larue 

98 Campus Life /Homecoming 

Ron Townson, Billy Davis and Lamonte McLemore 

The Fifth Dimension 

Campus Life/ Homecoming 99 

Homecoming Parade 

MSU honored the Memphis Sesquicentennial 
in the Homecoming Parade. The theme of the 
parade was "Memphis State Salutes the Sesqui- 
centennial City," pointing out that Memphis 
helps Memphis State grow which, in turn, helps 
Memphis grow. 

The parade, which was the city's largest in two 
years, included more than 55 units, including 
floats, bands, horses and antique cars. Communi- 
ty attractions dotted the parade line-up, signify- 
ing the broadening horizons of MSU. 

The parade was very much a success. Awards 
for the floats were presented at the half-time 
ceremonies during the MSU-Tulsa football 

People of all ages enjoyed the Homecoming Parade. 

Delta Zeta and Kappa Sigma worked together to build the winning Fraternity members, as well as their mascots, witnessed 
float. the results of a month of hard work. 

100 Campus Life/ Homecoming 

Homecoming Queen, Linda Venable, and her court reigned over the Homecoming Parade. 

LUV Was in the Air 

Linda Venable, using the slogan "LUV Is in 
the Air," was announced the 1969 MSU Home- 
coming Queen during intermission of the Fifth 
Dimension Concert. 

Pi Beta Phi's candidate, Linda is a junior from 
Memphis. She is majoring in home economics 
and fashion merchandizing. 

Campus Life/ Homecoming 101 

DeSoto Beauty Revue 

For the first time the DeSoto Beauty Revue 
was held in the University Palladium. Mary 
Agnes Welsh directed the revue along the theme 
of "Glorifying the American Girl." 

An opening production number was chosen to 
add more entertainment to the revue. Set in the 
1930s, it resembled a Broadway musical. 

Under 21 gleaming stage lights the 24 con- 
testants were judged on the basis of three catego- 
ries: talent, swimsuit, evening gown. There was a 
tie in the talent division, shared by Linda 
Thompson and Marsha McDonald. Jo Alexander 
won the evening gown and Glenda Rhodes the 
swimsuit division. Miss Congeniality, Cathy 
Campbell, was chosen by her fellow contestants. 

A starry-eyed queen, Linda Thompson, was crowned by her predecessor Kathy 

Marsha McDonald stands among the contestants dur- 
ing the judging of the evening gown division. 

Scooter Clark gives a few last minute directions backstage to Gail Robison and 
Cathy Campbell. 

102 Campus Life/ Beauty Revue 

Mary Agnes Welsh and Scooter Clark keep the production running 
smoothlv from behind the scenes. 

Long legs are part of the show as Judy Dolan, Marilyn West- 
ern, Cathy Campbell, Marsha McDonald and Gail Robison 
pose in swimsuit competition. 

With costumes rented from New York, Donna Rhodes and 
Becky Francisco dance to "I Want to Be a Show Girl" in the 
opening number. 

Marsha McDonald performs a toe dance to the music of Billy Rose's 

Campus Life /Beauty Revue 103 

Leadership Day 

The Student Government Association hosted; 
100 high school seniors from the Memphis area 

as part of Leadership Day. Programs were de- 
signed to acquaint the seniors with the many or- 
ganizations and facilities at Memphis State Uni- 
versity which are designed to develop their lead- 
ership potential. 

After a tour of the campus, the students were 
separated into three groups and given the oppor- 
tunity to attend several panel discussions set up 
by the SGA. 

During lunch they were entertained at the 
UCPB Habitat. John Buskin played the guitar 
and sang folk songs for the pleasure of the sen- 

After a short pep rally, buses transported the 
students to the MSU-Louisville football game. 




John Buskin performs during lunch of Leadership Day. The Tiger attempts to drive one of the buses. 

1 04 Campus Life /Leadership Day 

Greek life and residence hall living are described in one of the three 
discussion groups. 

The high school seniors had a police escort to Memorial 

Cheerleaders teach the high school seniors a few cheers before the football game. 

Campus Life /Leadership Day 105 



Several speakers visited Memphis State's 
campus during the year. Such topics as subjectiv- 
ity in the news media, the current race relations 
in the South, the role of labor in American Socie- 
ty and the new draft lottery system generated in- 
terest among MSU students. 

Lecture series which came to the campus in- 
cluded the Goodwyn Institute Lecture Series and 
the Siedman Series. News commentator Howard 
K. Smith, Newsweek Editor Osborne Eliot, and 
civil rights leader Dr. Charles Evers were among 
the prominent lecturers. 

Of interest to the male students, was Arnold 
L. Malone of the State Selective Service Bureau. 
Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary journalism fraternity, 
sponsored Mr. Malone's visit coinciding with the 
enactment of the draft lottery law. 

Victor Reisel relates highlights of his career as a political journalist. 

Dr. Charles Evers dramatically emphasizes his speech on 
civil rights. 

Howard K. Smith, television commentator, elabo- 
rates on the changing role of the news media. 

106 Campus Life /Speakers 

Arnold L. Malone, State of Tennessee Selective Service Office director, addresses a group of stu- 
dents in the University Center. 

Campus Life /Speakers 107 

Developing Campus 

Buildings were under construction all over the 
campus. Included in the expansion plans were 
the psychology, journalism, business administra- 
tion and math buildings, the physical education 
and engineering complexes, and the married stu- 
dent housing. 

Memphis State's growth to the south made 
necessary the construction of a ditch across cam- 
pus which became known as "the continental di- 
vide." Six feet deep and five feet wide, the ex- 
cavation obstructed traffic of both vehicles and 

Heavy equipment and dust accompanying the 
construction made the growth of MSU obvious to 
even the most casual observer. 


108 Campus Life /Construction 

Dr. Cecil C. Humphreys, MSU president, signs into ac- 
tion Fraternity Park. 


Joe Ganguzza, Chip Edwards and James BeecHe assist in ground- 
breaking ceremonies. 

Fraternity Park 

After many years of waiting, the Tennessee 
Legislature and Memphis State University ad- 
ministration approved the start of a Fraternity 
Park complex at MSU. With a 1970 completion 
date expected, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Tau 
Omega and Pi Kappa Alpha were the first frater- 
nities to be given contracts. The houses, costing 
approximately $300,000 will be located in the 
south section of the campus. 

Inadequate fraternity housing facilities and 
the constant growth of the fraternities through 
the years spurred plans for the new houses. The 
buildings will provide residence facilities for 29 
men for Lambda Chi and Pike, with ATO con- 
structing a 45-man house. 

In the future the complex will include all 16 
fraternities at MSU. 

John Kounsavall welcomes visitors to the Fraternity Park 

Campus Life /Fraternity Park 109 

Fall Parties 

Informal parties were frequent during the fall 
semester, whether celebrating football victories 
or the weekend relief. 

Fraternity houses were often the setting for 
dances after the games. 

Parties of all types and following a variety of 
themes provided an outlet for relinquishing the 
tensions of academic stress. 

SAEs and their dates groove at a pajama party. 

Lambda Chi sweethearts dance with rushees at a pre-fall semester ^ 


A live band provides music for students at Hickory Hills 
Country Club. 

1 1 0-' Campus Life /Parties 

Greek Goddess Sandra Hughey and IFC President John 
Rounsavall congratulate Denise Craig 1969 Little Miss Greek 

Greek Weel 

The 1969 Greek Goddess and God are Sandra Hughey and Rick de la 


This year Greek Week sponsored by the Inter- 
fraternity Council and Intersorority Council was 
quite a different event than in the past. Festivi- 
ties started on a Monday night with a Greek des- 
sert sponsored by all the sororities, with all 
fraternities attending. On Tuesday night the 
presidents and officers of each fraternity and so- 
rority were guests of the IFC-ISC to a banquet at 
which Dean Sidney Boutwell of Vanderbilt Uni- 
versity was guest speaker. 

The climax of Greek Week was a dance Satur- 
day night at Clearpool where the 1969-70 Greek 
God and Greek Goddess were announced. 

Gil Schulman, 1970 IFC president, introduces Dean Boutwell from Vanderbilt University. 

Campus Life /Greek Week 1 1 1 

Sporting Winter 

With snow turning the campus into a white 
wonderland, students were given a chance to 
play as classes were cancelled. 

Some inventive and daring students experi- 
mented with a parachute and water skis. Others 
indulged in the traditional snowball fights, while 
a few people were more content to the safer feat 
of walking in the muffled silence of the snow. 

112 Campus Life/Winter 


Campus Life /Winter 113 

Campus Employees 

Many people are employed by the university 
for the purpose of keeping the campus clean and 
safe as well as to provide services to faculty and 

The unapplauded efforts of secretaries, book- 
store personnel, maintenance and security have 
been expanded to provide for the growing cam- 
pus and make MSU an efficient and smooth- 
running university. 

Security police spend lonely hours of night surveillance. 

: : - 

Parking problems cause short quarrels between stu- Raking the grounds is one of the responsibilities of maintenance during the 
dents and security officers. fall. 

114 Campus Life/ Employees 

Spring Sun and Showers 

With the transition of seasons came shifting 
weather. One day the students would be decked 
with umbrellas, raincoats and boots, while on the 
following day the coeds would fill the sundecks 
atop the residence halls. 

Although the weather left the students dubi- 
ous as to the choice of wardrobe, they were grate- 
ful for sunny days spent at the water works, at 
the lake, on the golf course and on the tennis 

Campus Life/Spring 115 

May Day 

In the annual intramural track meet, Lambda 
Chi Alpha and Browing #3 took top honors in 
the men's division, while Delta Zeta won the 
women's laurels. In the men's Greek competi- 
tion, Lambda Chi's either won or placed high in 
every event to wipe their competition off of the 
field. Browning #3 completed their surge to be- 
come campus intramural champions with a first 
place finish over the independents. In the wom- 
en's division Delta Zeta piled up points both on 
the track and in the novelty events to finish first. 

1 16 Campus Life/May Day 

, If 

a „,;-^. ; 

Campus Life/May Day 117 


118 Campus Life/ Remembrance 

Remembrance . . . Discussions . . . 


Campus Life/ Remembrance 119 


120 Campus Life /Finals 

Students admire works by black artists at the Black Student Association art exhibit in the University Center. 

Art Exhibits 

Aspiring Memphis State artists were given the 
opportunity of displaying their work in the many 
exhibits on the campus. The public exposure and 
the honor of a public exhibition served to stimu- 
late the creative talents in these young people 
and became an integral part of MSU's overall 

In addition many well known artists displayed 
their works in the Art Gallery in Jones Hall. 

An MSU graphic arts professor, Dr. Ziembo, poses with a portrait done in 

Campus Life /Exhibits 121 


Editor, Ron Coles 

'"...'* ■>'« " : .,'.'"■ : _,. -" ;! _■>*.'".'' 

j.n "■ " ./ 

The fighting Tigers are (I. to r.) front row: T. Boren, T. James, H. Perm, J. Manger, W. Daggett, J. Lynch, L. Shelley, S. Gowan, L. Bvrd, R. Thurow, S. Leech, R. Jamieson, S. 

Davis, D. Berrong, B. Reddish, J. Bruner and G. Schwav. Second row: D. Dulae, B. Cope. 

G. Rogers, D. Dobbins, B. Edwards, J. MeCov, 

F. Williams, J. Todd. J. Jackson, F. 

Almon. K. Apple. J. Allen, S. Jaggard, L. Frankenbach, R. Damphousse and C. Mulwee. Third row: B. Tybor, T. Fanl. B. Dees, T. Morton, J. Rueseler, R. Kale, C. McElroy, R. 
Ayo, B. Russell, P. Lawson, P. Marks, T. Gassett, D. McDermott, C. Babb, T. Latimer, T. Clemmons, L. Tesixeira, B. Parker. J. Bonier, L. MeGhee, T. Wallace, G. Carter, J. 
Kirschner and D. Vaughn. Back row: J. Acuff, C. Maurer, F. Hubbell, R. Huffman, M. Orcutt, A. Hotz, D. Pawlik, L. Fernandez, T. Talbot, B. Wright, F. Blackwell, M. Stark, P. 
Smith. D. Pierce, P. Riley, R- Hayden, T. Fantigrassi and P. Weeks. 


Paul "Skeeter" Gowan (20) breaks away for a long gain against Tulsa. 

124 Athletics/Football 

t> i - 


The 1969 Memphis State University football 
team finished the season with a 8-2 record, and 
for the second consecutive year won the Missouri 
Valley Conference Championship. Powered by a 
driving offense which set season records in rush- 
ing, passing and total offense, the Tigers rolled 
up an average of 32.8 points per game. De- 
fensively, Memphis State was also tough, forcing 
34 fumbles and intercepting 23 passes. 

In the MVC, the Tigers were untouchable, de- 
feating North Texas State in a close game and all 
other Valley opponents by large margins. The Ti- 
ger's two defeats were inflicted by non-league 
opponents, Tennessee and Mississippi. Howev- 
er, both of these losses came early in the season 
while the Tigers were still jelling into a strong 

Coach Murphy ponders a crucial decision. 

Athletics /Football 125 

Tigers Set Records; 
Rebs Score Points 

Memphis State outgained Mississippi in total 
yardage (410-327) and set school records in 
passes attempted (46), passes completed (21) 
and first downs (24). 

However, the Tigers scored only 3 points, 25 
shy of the Rebel tally, in this twenty-fourth meet- 
ing of neighborhood rivals. Although the Tigers 
were unstoppable between the 20s, they could 
not sustain their momentum any further. Two in- 
terceptions and one fumble led to Rebel touch- 

Down 14-0 with 11:28 left in the first half, the 
Tigers began clawing their way out of the hole 
when Pete Weeks booted a 29 yard field goal to 
put the Tigers on the scoreboard. 

Defensive end Bobby Dees was the standout 
performer for Memphis State with 8 clean 
tackles. Safeties, Dave Berrong and Steve 
Jaggard, each picked off a pass for the Tigers. 
The final score was Memphis State 3, University 
of Mississippi 28. 

John Allen (56) and Steve Jaggard (23) rack up a Rebel. 

' T?l MP 

« * ■" ' 

Bobby Dees (80) and John Allen (56) attempt to bring down the runner as Luis Fernandez (77) and Larry Frankenbaeh 
(51) move in to help. 

126 Athletics /Football 

Martin Orcutt eyes the uprights as Pete Weeks kicks the winning field goal. 

■ !'IIHiMM(liiil,»ilii n ' mi in" 

Tight end David Vaughn pulls down an aerial during a Tiger drive. 

Tigers Down North 
Texas State 

On third down with 38 seconds left on the Mem- 
phis Memorial Stadium clock, Pete Weeks kicked a 
36-yard field goal to boost Memphis State to a 15-13 

The magic moments for Memphis State began 
with North Texas leading 13-12, with 3:52 left in the 
game. Quarterback Danny Pierce, with the help of 3 
receptions by Frank Blackwell and a spectacular 
one-handed snag by Stan Davis, moved to the North 
Texas 19. 

Then, on a third and 10, Weeks split the uprights 
for the first time of the night, having had one extra 
point attempt blocked and missing the other one. 

The rest of the game consisted mainly of fumbles 
and pass interceptions. Each team intercepted 4 
passes, and in addition, the Tigers pounced on 4 
Mean Green fumbles. North Texas led bv a first peri- 
od touchdown until Memphis State battled back in 
the third stanza. 

Wingback Joe Lynch nabbed a 21-vard Dannv 
Pierce pass in the end zone to culminate the Tigers' 
62 yard scoring drive. 

Then in the fourth period lightening Stan Davis 
scored on a 37 yard Pierce aerial to put the Tigers 6 
points up. The Green battled back to lead 13-12 and 
roused the crowd before MSU's final drive. 

Athletics/ Football 127 

Tennessee's f Big Orange' 
Soaks Tigers 

Before a sellout crowd of 50,164 Memphis 
State was peeled by the Big Orange. The 55-16 
score was the worst defeat ever suffered by a 
"Spook" Murphy team, and the most points 
scored on the Tigers since 1935. So, all in all it 
was a bad night. 

The bright spot for Memphis State was again 
the outstanding running of sophomore sensation 
Stanley Davis. Davis scored Memphis State's 
first touchdown in a pressure packed 8-yard run, 
when the Tigers still had a chance. 

The Tigers looked good between the 30 yard 
lines for the third straight week but just could 
not turn the big play. Danny Pierce played a 
creditable game with some nice pin point pass- 
ing, especially to tight end David Vaughn. 

After making a sensational catch, Frank Blackwell is pulled down. 

Even with Larry Bird moving in to help, Danny Pierce finds the running rough against UT. 

128 Athletics /Football 

Athletics /Football 129 

Larry Byrd (33) and John Bomer (57) protect as Rick Thurow (81) executes the option play. 

Tigers Roar — 
Cats Fizzle 

The Memphis State Tigers relieved their frustra- 
tions and anxieties in the form of 52 points against 
the University of Cincinati in Cincinati, holding the 
Bearcats to only 6 points. 

The Tiger defense, led by linebacker Ken Apple, 
held Cincinati to 202 yards total offense and put up 
2 tremendous goal line stands. Defensive end Bobby 
Dees also was a standout as he set up 2 touchdowns 
by blocking 2 Bearcat punts. 

MSU opened with an 88-yard drive in the first pe- 
riod, capped by Danny Pierce's 5-yard run. Next, 
Jay McCoy smashed over the one in the second stan- 
za, and Pete Weeks' second point after touchdown 
made it 14-0 at the half. After intermission Pierce 
again scored before Rick Thurow took over and 
scored, also. 

Weeks kicked a 29-yard field goal to open the 4th 
quarter. Monsterman Charles Babb picked off a Cin- 
cinati pass and strolled 47 yards for his touchdown 
before Paul Gowan scooted across from 4 yards and 
then from 9 with Weeks adding all the extra points. 
With 1:47 left the Bearcats ruined the Tiger shutout 
on a 5-yard scoring pass to make the final score Ti- 
gers 52, Cats 6 

130 Athletics /Football 

Finding no one open, Danny Pierce cuts toward the goal line. 

Tigers Slaughter Aggies 



Stan Davis leads "Skeeter" Gowan to an open field and a long gain. 

Press box observers termed it the "worst over-all 
shellacking for the Aggies in 10 years," as the 
mighty Tigers routed Utah State 40-0. Memphis 
State piled up 418 yards while holding USU to 194 
yards total offense. 

On their first possession, the Tigers threatened, 
and on their second series, they scored. Paul "Skeet- 
er" Gowan followed a perfect block by Larry Byrd to 
scamper untouched for a 29-yard touchdown, cap- 
ping a 55-yard Tiger offensive. 

Midway in the second period, MSU covered 80 
yards in 5 plays to score on wingback Joe Lynch's 
hobbling snag of a 64-yard bomb by Rick Thurow. 
Pete Weeks added the extra points, and then line- 
backer John Allen blocked an Aggie punt in the end 
zone for a Tiger 2. 

In third period action, fullback Jay McCoy 
crashed over from the one for a touchdown, and Pete 
Weeks added the extra point. Later, Weeks kicked 
again, this time for 3 points after Preston Riley and 
Danny Pierce set up the score on a 35-yard connec- 

In the final period, sophomore fullback Hugh 
Penn scored on a 3-yard run to culminate a 6 play, 
54-yard excursion. Late in the game, Thurow 
cranked the Tiger offense on a 67-yard drive. The 
touchdown came on a 10-yard pass from Stan Davis 
to Joe Lynch. Weeks' kick made it 40-0. 

The Tiger backfield goes into action at Logan, Utah, displaying power and good execution. 

Athletics /Football 131 

Stan Davis led the Tigers in kickoff returns, averaging 25.8 yards per attempt. 

Tigers Reduce Hurricane 
to Breeze 

Memphis State came out to win against Miami, 
aggrevating the mighty Miami defense with an arm- 
load of muscle on the ground and hitting with a 
handful of lightening in the air. The Tiger defense 
pounced on two Miami fumbles and intercepted 
three key passes in winning the battle for defensive 

The Tigers scored the first time they got the foot- 
ball when Danny Pierce stepped in for six points, 
and the toe of Pete Weeks made it 7-0. 

With 14:23 left in the half Miami scored on 
three-yard run, only to fall behind again when Ja 
McCoy crashed over from the three-yard line. Men 
phis State monsterman Charles Babb set up thi 
Tiger tally by recovering a Hurricane fumble at the 
Miami 35. 

Late in the third period, Steve Jaggard intercepted 
a pass at the Miami 33, but the offense could not 
move. After a punt swap, the Tigers again had the 
ball and this time moved 68 yards to paydirt. Preston 
Riley caught a Pierce pass and raced 54 yards for the 

Jaggard intercepted again in the fourth period, 
giving the Memphis State offense possession at the 
Miami 43. Eleven plays later the Tigers led 26-7 as 
McCoy again registered on a one yard plunge, and 
Weeks added his touch. After Miami's final score, 
the Hurricane was out of wind, 26-13. 

Jay McCoy crashes over from the three-yard line. 

132 Athletics /Football 


Homecoming Tigers 
Feast on Tulsa 

Emerging as the only undefeated team in the Mis- 
souri Valley, the Tigers rolled on to their fourth 
straight victory, tarnishing the power of the Golden 
Hurricane and establishing a trio of offensive rec- 

The Tigers were tough at the onset. Defensive 
halfback Steve Jaggard stole a Hurricane aerial at the 
Tulsa 33, and quarterback Danny Pierce dashed 24 
yards for 6 points on the Tiger's third offensive play. 
Pete Weeks added the seventh. 

Rick Thurow took over for Pierce as the Memphis 
State signal caller in the second period and, with the 
help of Gowan, engineered an 88-yard scoring drive 
in 6 plays. Thurow tromped into the end zone from 4 
yards out, and with 12:22 remaining Memphis State 
led 14-0. Moments later, the Tigers opened the lead 
to 21-0 on a 36-yard crack off tackle by Gowan to 
climax a 65-yard march. 

The fourth period brought new life to Tulsa, trail- 
ing 28-18, following another scoring romp by 
Gowan. Tulsa had driven to the Tiger 10 and had a 
first down. Halfback Bill Robey crashed through the 
Tiger line for 7 yards before safety David Berrong 
upended him at the 3. The hard lick forced a fumble, 
and Berrong gathered it in to end the threat. 

On the Tiger's second play, Gowan again ran over 
left tackle for an 85-yard jaunt to the Hurricane 8. 
Two plays later, Jay McCoy scored. Thurow added 6 
more on a 4-yard run, and with extra points by 
Weeks, the Tigers rolled up 42 points. 

Memphis State's fine offensive line springs "Skeeter" Gowan as he gains part 
of his 260-yard total on this play. 

Fred Almon leads the violent Tiger defense as he gets set to down a Tulsa ball carrier. 

134 Athletics /Football 

Fred Almon, who set up the last touchdown on a fumble recovery, doesn't agree with the referee's call. 

Tigers Pounce on 

Seminoles 28-26 

On November 15, the Memphis State Tigers 
danced out of Campbell Stadium with a 28-26 
victory over Florida State. A missed field goal at- 
tempt with 16 seconds left assured the Tigers 
that they had won one of the greatest victories in 
Memphis State history. 

The final 15 minutes opened with Florida 
State driving, but a jarring tackle by Louis Fer- 
nandez forced a fumble at the Memphis State 32, 
and Fred Almon recovered. It took quarterback 
Danny Pierce and tailback Jay McCoy 4 plays to 
move to the Seminoles 10 where, on third down, 
Pierce flipped a touchdown pass to split end 
Frank Blackwell. Weeks kicked for a 28-20 lead 
with 7:52 left. 

Florida State roared back with a touchdown 
pass, and then the first sign of what was heading 
to an unreal finish began on the extra point. Ti- 
ger's Ken Apple and Jerry Todd broke up a two- 
point pass conversion attempt which would have 
tied the score with 3:24 left. 

When Memphis State's offense could not 
move, the Seminoles charged back to the Tiger 
10. A delay of game penalty cost Florida State 5 
yards and with 16 seconds left, Grant Guthrie 
went for the field eoal that failed. 

Safety Dave Berrong charges upfield with the ball after a dazzling interception. 

Athletics /Football 135 

Frank Blackwell makes a sensational scoring catch. 

1 lgers 1 op 
Southern Mississippi 

With 3:09 left in the first quarter, Memphis State 
scored on a 28-yard pass from Danny Pierce to 
Frank Blackwell, and from then on the Tigers had 
control of the game. Early in the second period Thu- 
row replaced Pierce and moved the Tigers 71 yards 
in 10 plays for another 6 points, supplying Memphis 
State with a 14-0 half-time edge. 

In the third period, Jay McCoy crashed in from 
the one behind some fine blocking and Pete Weeks 
kicked the extra point for a 21-0 lead with 8:37 left. 
Five minutes later, Weeks split the uprights from 40 
yards out to make it 24-0. Linebacker Ken Apple set 
up McCoy's second touchdown with a fumble recov- 
ery at the Tiger 47. Memphis State made it 37-0 on 
its next series, moving 72 yards in 7 plays. Pierce got 
the touchdown on a 38-yard sweep off left end. 

Southern mustered a rally with only 10 seconds 
left in the game to make the final score Memphis 
State — 37, Southern Mississippi — 7. 

Defensive tackle Luis Fernandez is treated for an injury. 

136 Athletics /Football 

Rick Thurow completes his last college game with two touchdown passes and 
two touchdown runs. 

MSU Obliterates 
Cardinals in Season Finale 

Finishing the season in the style of a champion, 
Memphis State regained the Missouri Valley Confer- 
ence championship while thoroughly crushing the 
Louisville Cardinals. The Tigers cranked out a rec- 
ord 659 yards in total offense, compared to Louis- 
ville's 264, as they extended their winning streak to 
seven games. 

v The fireworks started early with quarterbacks 
Danny Pierce and Rick Thurow supplying the 
sparks. Pierce scored the first touchdown on a two- 
yard run and then passed for a trio of six-pointers. 
Thurow climaxed a brilliant career by scoring two 
touchdowns and passing for two more. Pierce passed 
for 146 yards and Thurow added 136. Thurow col- 
lected a total of 131 yards on the ground, mostly on 
the perfect execution of option plays. 

Split end Frank Blackwell hauled in two touch- 
down passes of 69 and 19 yards, both from Pierce. 
Thurow had TD passes of 6 yards to Bill Wright and 
45 yards to Stan Davis. Thurow's TD runs covered 
six and eighteen yards. Wingback Joe Lynch took a 
15-yard pass from Pierce for a score, fullback Larry 
Byrd added a 19-yard TD run and tailback Paul 
"Skeeter" Gowan tacked on a 3-yard scoring burst. 

Kicking specialist Pete Weeks was perfect on 9 of 
10 PAT's and claimed Tiger individual scoring hon- 
ors for the season with 51 points. 

Defensive stars for the Tigers included nose guard 
Fred Almon with 10 tackles and end Bobby Dees 
with 8. Halfback Steve Jaggard boosted his intercep- 
tion total to 8 with one theft. 

The Tiger defense tears into the Cardinal attack with pounding aggressiveness. 

Athletics /Football 137 

Even in the rain the Baby Tigers exhibit their aggressive defense. 

Outstanding Players Develop 
Despite Losing Record 

The Tiger Freshman team did well in the sta- 
tistics and produced some fine players, but they 
just couldn't win the ballgames. The offense 
rolled up 1456 net yards and earned 71 first 
downs, leading their opponents. However, 
fumbles and penalties usually killed the Tiger 

Gerald Tinker and Gary Lindsey sparked the 
offense, while Ruben Melton was a defensive 
standout. Freshman coach John Cobb feels that 
many other future Tiger starters were developed 
as the players showed tremendous desire and abi- 

138 Athletics /Football 

Gerald Tinker, an outstanding runner, watches the Baby Tiger defense at work 



Tigers ....... 7 

Tigers 13 

Tigers 13 

Marion Institute 14 




Mike Clark kicks for the extra point after the score. 

Athletics /Football 139 

Gerald Tinker starts the anchor lap. 

Coach Larry Wright (center) with winning 8-lap 
relay team (I. to r.) Gerald Tinker, Maurice Knight, 
Lynn Fox and Raymond Peters. 

Charles Shrum cleared 15-6 in pole vault competi- 

140 Athletics /Track 

Maurice Knight falls toward the pole vault pit. 

Liberty Bowl 
Track Meet 

Tiger Ties World Record 

Gerald Tinker, a Memphis State freshman 
from Coral Gables, Florida, stole the thunder in 
last December's second annual Liberty Bowl In- 
door track meet in Memphis when he equalled 
the world record in the 50-yard dash. 

The first sprinter ran the distance in 5.1 sec- 
onds to record one of the four victories the Tigers 
had in finishing behind Tennessee and Villanova 
and ahead of Arkansas in the meet. 

Five school records were set by the Tigers, 
with Tinker's :05.1 being one of them. David 
Waldschmidt had a record 6.2 seconds in the 
50-yard high hurdles; Raymond Peters, Lynn 
Fox, Maurice and Tinker had a record 2:18.3 in 
the 8-lap relay; Knight sailed 23 feet, 8V2 inches 
for a long jump record; and Charles Shrum vault- 
ed 15-6 for a pole vault record. 

Hugh Penn launches the shot. 

Site of the Liberty Bowl Track Meet. 

Athletics /Track 141 


Victories Are Few 

Memphis State endured its third consecutive 
losing season in the rough, rugged Missouri Val- 
ley Conference. Many experts felt that the MVC 
was the best basketball conference in the nation. 
Statistics proved this as there were more players 
from MVC schools in pro basketball than from 
any other conference in the country. Although 
victories were few, the Tigers never quit. At 
times morale was low, but pride and determina- 
tion were always high. 

Anxious expressions and tense moments are a part of basketball. 


*® ' 

!fe • a 



't •■ J! 

-,. i^M 

.f • i 


S? ' 




* * 

^ $* bi 



55= Jr ft 




\ J 



jt JM 

II . 

i£0 » 

r ,^ 

\« ■*' 


• >i2l^ d 

mm H 



w*"" TA HI 

. IBg 

W 1 

. Mr m 




■ ■ . ■ ■ 



- S 


' 2, 



+ \\ w 

V if 




m IE 








H "Mr M\ 






k m 

H^. dN ^^^»-^ 

■K. , — * ■ WM « 


Players are f /. to r.) first row: John Lindsey, Bob McKirnan, Joe Proctor, Paul Mann, and Jeff Frost. Second row: James Douglas, Fred 
Horton, Jerry Hurt, Doug McKinney, Dick Coughenom and Ron Burnett. Third row: Tom Hamby, David Street, Jesse Buchmann, Don 
Holcomb, Eugene Pendarvis, Pat Beveridge, Tim Morgan and Coach Moe Iba. 

142 Athletics /Basketball 



Sam Houston 70 

Mississippi State 74 


Texas Wesleyan 52 


Arizona State 62 





BRADLEY 9HH3P- - • 74 


TULSA/ .VP -jE*~T. 77 


Loyola South 83 

Wichita State 'mn^m- 81 

DRAKE . . C?T .^jf. ... 82 






TULSA . 87 



Tigers 62 



Tigers 72 


Tigers 74 

**TIGERS . . 67 

**Tigers 58 

**Tigers 51 

Tigers 77 

Tigers 62 

Tigers 59 

Tigers 77 

Tigers 61 

Tigers 69 



Tigers 76 

Tigers 48 

Tigers 63 

Tigers 70 

Tigers 75 

Tigers 68 

Tigers 78 

Tigers 72 

Tigers 82 

* Liberty Bowl Tournament 
** All-College Tournament 


Fred Horton (25) weaves through the opposition to score. 

James Douglas (44) goes high to snare a rebound. 

Athletics /Basketball 143 

Tigers Suffer 3rd Straight 
Losing Season in Tough MVC 

Don Holcomb (15) controls the boards for Memphis State. 

Fred Horton (25) burns in a long jump shot. 

An MSU cheerleader is carried away by her enthusiasm 
for the Tigers. 

144 Athletics /Basketball 


*" . 

John Lindsey (30) and Don Holcomb (15) are up for a rebound. Mississippi State tries to break the Tiger defense soccer style. 

A Tulsa player is amazed at the Tiger performance. 

Athletics /Basketball 145 

Frustrated Coach Iba 
Leaves Memphis State 

With five games left on the Tiger schedule, 
Memphis State University officially announced 
that Coach Moe Iba's contract would not be re- 
newed for next season. The announcement pro- 
duced mixed reactions among students and fans. 
Many felt that Iba's slowdown basketball was not 
suitable for the fast-breaking "run and shoot" 
style of the tough MVC. Coach Iba's record of 
37-64 is marked by many losses by one, two, and 
three points and several overtime defeats. His 
colorful personality became a part of Memphis 
State University basketball. 

Even Coach Iba's enthusiasm and experience couldn't put the ball through the 
hoop for the Tigers. 

muscles his way 
in for a score. 

1 46 Athletics / Basketball 

Eyeing the basket, Fred Horton flies 
through the Tulsa defense. 

Bob McKirnan and Jeff Frost just love' the Tiger victory over Wichita State. 

Famine Ends As Tigers 
Dump Wichita State 

The second half of the 1969-70 basketball 
season was a disaster for Memphis State Univer- 
sity. Center Don Holcomb and forward Jesse 
Buchmann were ineligible for many important 
games. The loss of these two starters was a severe 
blow from which the Tigers could not recover. 
The lack of adequate reserves and poor shooting 
plagued MSU all season. The Tigers did manage 
to "put it all together" against Wichita State 
snapping a 28 game MVC losing streak. The roar 
from the crowd was deafening as the players and 
fans ran onto the court. Victory was sweet for the 
Tigers as the disappointments of the past were 
momentarily forgotten. 

Joe Proctor leads the fast break against Bradley. 

Athletics /Basketball 147 

Tulsa's Able Wipplesnade and MSU's Don Holcomb (15) are bewildered James Douglas (44) moves in for a shot against Union. 
by the ball. 

Janie Crain is a symbol of spirit for the Tigers. 

Athletics / Basketball 

Tiger Hopes 

Fade to 

Impossible Dream 

Jesse Buchmann (43) hits a long one in the Liberty Bowl 

Joe Proctor (10) scores against Mississippi 

Athletics /Basketball 149 

# £1 £% 




Players are (I. to r.) Coach Tim Morgan, Bob Franklin, Mike Fletcher, Larry Finch, Jeff Watson, Steve Christ, Ronnie Robinson, Mark 
Wattier, Jim Hibbit, Joe Privett, Bill Jeter, Mike Dlugach, and Manager Loyd Bearden. 

Tiger Freshmen 

Produce a Winner 


The Baby Tigers won 10 games this year, and 
also produced some fine varsity prospects. Moe 
Iba brought Larry Finch, one of the most sought 
after basketball players in the South, to Memphis 
State. Averaging 25 points per game, Finch 
proved to be one of the brightest prospects in 
MSU history. Other bright spots on the Tiger 
freshman team were Jeff Watson, Mark Wattier 
and Ronnie Robinson who should provide board 
strength for future Tiger teams. 

Coach Tim Morgan stressed fundamentals, 
and this was shown as the Baby Tigers were both 
offensively and defensively sound. His team 
scored 105 points against Jackson State Junior 
College and twice held opponents to 47 points. 

Mark Wattier moves around the opposition and looks towards the basket. 

150 Athletics /Basketball 

Leading rebounder Jeff Watson fights for the ball. 



... 58 

U. T. Medical Branch. . 

. 47 


... 62 

Southern Baptist JC . . . 

. 47 


... 73 

GBC Frosh 

. 50 

Tigers . . 

... 66 


. 71 


... 69 

Southern Baptist JC . . . 

. 59 

Tigers . , 

p. . 55 


. 76 

Tigers . . 





Northeast Miss. JC . ffcfli 

. 68 

Tigers . . . 

... 74 




. . 105 

Jackson State JC 

. 83 


... 86 

Northeast Miss. JC . . . . 

. 65 

Tigers , 

... 82 


. 95 


... 99 

Arkansas State Frosh . . 

. 91 


... 94 

Paducah JC 

. 83 

' Tigers 




Ronnie Robinson rebounds for the Baby Tigers. 
* Leading scorer Larry Finch "turns on" against Jackson State. 

Athletics /Basketball 151 


MSU Gymnasts Rated 
Best in South 

Under the experienced leadership of Coach 
Len Bryson, the Tigers earned their third 
straight MVC championship, and in the league fi- 
nals, Memphis State gymnasts placed first in five 
out of six events. MSU also qualified for the 
NCAA finals by winning the Southern Intercol- 
legiate Championships. 

During the regular season, the Tigers lost only 
one meet, by nine tenths of a point, to a team 
which finished second in the NAIA nationals. 
The fact that people will support a winner is 
shown, as more people than ever are supporting 
the gymnasts. And, as interest builds, the team is 
growing even stronger. 

From the parallel bars, Dave Buel performs a front flip off. 

The Tiger gymnasts are: (I. to r.) Don Rutherford, Jerry Knight, Jeff Miller, Captain, Jim Clemmons, David Porch, 
David Buel, Dick Olszewski, Jack Cribbs, Chuck Duncan, Bob Murphy, Coach Len Bryson, Kneeling. 

152 Athletics /Gymnastics 

Finishing as top scorer for the year, sophomore Jim demons executes 
the iron cross. 


Louisiana State University 
University of Georgia 
University of Louisville 
LSU at New Orleans 
Georgia Tech 
Eastern Illinois 
Citadel Military 
LSU at New Orleans 
Furman University 


Northeast Louisiana 


1st Place Missouri Valley Conference 
1st Place Southern Intercollegiates 


Team captain Jeff Miller was the leading scorer on the 
team until he was injured. 

The gymnastics team utilizes video tape recordings as a learning technique. 

Athletics /Gymnastics 153 


Team Enjoys Successful Season- 
Five Lettermen Return 

The 1969 MSU golf team, directed by Coach 
Moore, compiled an 8-2 won-lost record and 
completed an impressive tournament tour. Be- 
fore placing second in the Missouri Valley Con- 
ference championship, the Tiger squad finished 
second in the Buckhaults Tourney and fourth in 
the LSU Invitational Tourney. 

Buzz Samuels and Ted Butler, who led the 
team with a 71.4 strokes per match average, 
were the only seniors on the squad. 

Greg Powers, Sonny Fowler, Tom Fussaro, 
Chuck Merriam, and Randy Hudson returned 
for the 1970 season under the able guidance of 
the new coach, William Brogden. 



TIGERS ... 359 Alabama 363 

TIGERS ... 359 Mississippi State 364 

TIGERS ... 354 Mississippi 365 

TIGERS ... 354 Mississippi State 374 

Tigers 384 ALABAMA 379 

TIGERS ... 384 Mississippi State 400 

TIGERS ... 384 Auburn 409 

TIGERS ... 379 Mississippi 380 

TIGERS . . . 379 Alabama .381 

Buckhaults Tourney , . Second 

LSU Invitational Tourney Fourth 

MVC Championships. Second 


Chuck Merriam. Gary Bennett, Greg Powers and Sonny Fowler compare their scores after a match. 

154 Athletics /Golf 

t •. 

Tom Fussaro shows the form which has won him two let- 
ters at MSU. 

Greg Powers, who averaged 72.1 strokes per match in 1969, approaches 
the green. 

Members of the 1970 golf team are (I. to r.) back row: Billy Buchanan, Sonny Fowl- 
er, Chuck Merriam, Greg Powers. Front row: Larry Kupioc, Gary Bennett, Mike 
Nelson and Jim Player. 

Athletics /Golf 155 

Team Powered by Newcomers 
During a Rebuilding Season 


Tigers 55V2 WESTERN KENTUCKY . 67 


Tigers 28 

Tigers 64 

Tigers 45 

Arkansas State 58V& 

Mississippi State 56 


Miami (Ohio) . . .45 




The desire to win is imprinted on the face of Claude Couch as he 
strains against Mississippi State. 

Flying through the rain, Joe Proctor takes off in the broad jump. 

156 Athletics /Track 


Despite its 1-4 record, the MSU track team 
enjoyed a successful season. Led by seniors Tom 
Quast and Richard Vernon, who set MSU rec- 
ords in the high jump and 880-yard run respec- 
tively, the Tigers fought through the Valley. 
Traveling to Bradley University at Peoria, Illi- 
nois, the Tigers placed fourth in the Missouri 
Valley Conference championships. 

Nine of the twelve men who lettered did so for 
the first time, and two of the newcomers set 
school records. Russ Valentine threw the javelin 
227 feet and Maurice Knight traveled 46 feet, 
10 inches in the triple jump. Under the guidance 
of Coach Larry Wright and his excellent recruit- 
ing program, the thin-clads should continue to 
set records. 

Reedy Buford moves through the pack as Richard Vernon pulls 
away to set a school record in the 880-yard run. 



Team Captain Reedy Buford received the special 
track award for outstanding performance. 

Troy Glasper explodes out of the blocks against Mississippi State. 

Athletics /Track 157 


Netmen Win Honors 

The Tiger "racket squad" finished the 
1969 season with a 17-4 record under 
the capable leadership of Coach Tom 
Buford. Before placing second in the 
MVC Championship Tourney, the team 
won the Southern Mississippi Invitation- 
al Tennis Tournament. 

The only senior on the squad was 
three year letterman, Irv Donosky. 
Those returning are Jerry McEwen, an- 
other three year letterman who was cho- 
sen for Outstanding College Athletes of 
America, Gary Liles and Dave Berry- 
man, who compiled a 14-2 won-lost rec- 
ord in doubles, and Kevin Green and 
Henry Ladyman, whose combined won- 
lost record in singles matches was 47-5. 

Coach Buford demonstrates the proper way 
to return a tight shot. 



Henry Ladyman backhands a tough one during the Arkansas game. 



TIGERS ...*:. .-„. .IV, 

TIGERS /. 9 

TIGERS ..1 8 

TIGERS .a* 6 

TIGERS .(£ 9 

Tigers . . 

Tigers 1 


TIGERS . : 7 

Tigers 1 






Arkansas State .«#*; .... 1 

Harding College . .0 

kansas . .Jt 1 

rray State \ x h 

Arkansas State 

Missouri 1 

Illinois State . . 

Central Michigan 

Mississippi State 4 


Wisconsin State 



Sewanee.. 1 



blnb 1 

Illinois . 










Accepting the Southern Mississippi Invitational trophy are (I. to r.) back row: Gary Liles, Henry Lady man, 
Coach Buford, Mayor of Hattiesburg, Jerry McEwen, Irv Donosky. Front roiv: Dave Berryman and Kevin 




■ ' ! ***~ « * •■ 



Determination shows on the face of Jerry McEwen. 

Kevin Green gives his game a boost! 

Athletics/Tennis 159 


Ninth Consecutive Winning 

The 1969 Tiger Baseball Team finished its 
ninth consecutive winning season with 20 wins, 
12 losses and 1 tie. 

Shutting out their opponents in six games, the 
Tiger hurlers compiled a 3.84 ERA for the sea- 
son while the team pushed across an average of 
5.1 runs per game. 

Individual honors went to seniors Dave Loos, 
Roy Carter and Ray Carter, all selected to be in 
the 1969 edition of Outstanding College Ath- 
letes of America. Junior Sam Gibbons led the 
Tiger squad in runs scored, stolen bases and bat- 
ted .367 to lead the team. Gibbons was also 
named Most Valuable Player. Senior Allie Pres- 
cott was named outstanding pitcher for the 1969 
season, flnsihing with a 4-2 record. 

Coach Al Brown gives Dave Loos some advice on hitting. 

Roy Myers raps out a double as Bob Trautman watches from on deck. 

160 Athletics /Baseball 

"jff ni^nu 

m . 

MSU catcher, Roy Carter, tags out a Delta State player. Sam Gibbons connects against an unfortunate St. Louis pitcher. 




TIGERS . . . 5 




Tigers 4 


Tigers . . 
Tigers . . 
Tigers . . 





TIGERS , . 7 

Tigers .......... 3 

Tigers . 6 

Tigers .^P 







Tigers 3 


Tigers 3 




Tigers 3 

ligers 4 





Western Illinois 1 

Western Illinois . 4 

Western Illinois 4 



Kansas State^,: Z, 1 




Murray State 

St. Louis 5 

Central Michigan 6 




'North Dakota 5 

North Dakota 2 




Arkansas .... 

.Arkansas State 


Northeastern 111. . . . & 

Washington (Mo.). . \. X . . . 3 
BRADLEY . . .%. *!_> ... 7 

BRADLEY . .^JtjBk • • 6 
Louisville. . . 

Louisville. . .■^^^^^T'. 

Louisville 6 

Arkansas State 


Dave Loos takes a lead off of first base against Kansas State. 

Athletics /Baseball 161 

fchSt *&s 

Tigers Romp Over Opposition 


Allan Clark stretches to throw as Allie Prescott moves into fielding position. 

Loos, who hit .252 during the season, awaits a 
pitch from Quincy's hurler. 

The 1969 Tigers: (1. to r.) front rcw: Sam Gibbons, Ray Anglin, Dee Cole, Tom Densford, Bob Trautman, Murphy Appling. 
2nd row: John Piper, Jerry Horobitz, Bob Stolarick, Roy Myers, Dave Loos, Phil Walsh, Roy Carter. 3rd row: Bud Good- 
win, Kent Yarborough, Bo Reynolds, Jim Evans, Allie Prescott, Mike Piatt, Allan Clark, Paul Mann, Ray Carter, Charlie 

162 Athletics /Baseball 

After scoring the tying run against North Dakota, Loos is 
congratulated by Roy Myers. 
Leading Tiger base thief, Sam Gibbons peers at the Arkansas State pitcher. 

Roy Carter recovers the ball after a wild 


Baseball 163 


A Delta Gamma fires the ball home. 

Ruth Harris lets loose a vicious swing at the ball. 

The throw is wild as the runner is safe at home. 

164 Athletics /Intramurals 

Ava O'Neil returns a serve in racket ball. 

Judy Flanagan rolls another strike as Becky Stewart awaits her 


In independent and sorority intramurals, 
women learned the important aspects of how- 
to compete with one another. Memphis State 
University encourages women to participate 
in the various sports offered. The intramural 
program, under the direction of Betty Lewis, 
varies from individual sports to team sports. 

. ■ ,1-. 

Athletics/Intramurals 165 



.,.:,-., !.,;: ,,-.. 

Delta Gamma returns a serve in a women's intramural volleyball game. 

Women's Volleyball 


Sorority Division — Alpha Phi 
Independent Division — Rawls Hall 


An attempted save is amusing to players and fans. 

166 Athletics/ 1 ntramurals 


' -f^s?**'. 

A Delta Gamma appears to be worshipping the ball. 


? >■ 

Independents as well as sororities participate in intramural volleyball. 

Athletics/ 1 ntramurals 167 

Jim Horlacher is the pacesetter in a Lambda Chi win. 

MEN'S | 


The men's intramural program, under the 
direction of Coach Paul Price, was set up for 
those male students not participating in varsity 
sports. The program was set up with organized 
competition for independents and fraternities. 
The different intramural events proved to be 
very exciting as evidenced by the large crowds' 
reaction at many of the events. 

Bill Dooley lines up his shot in the billiard tournament. 

168 Athletics/ 1 ntramurals 




A Kappa Sigma shows his form in racket ball. 

Kevin Liston goes on to win in independent handball. 

11 fe /IP 

One of the most important factors in handball is 
speed as shown by Bob McGoldrick. 

Dave McDermott waits anxiously while Jim 
Clemons serves. 

Competition Sparks Enthusiasm 

Jerry Britton breaks up a spike from KA. 

Don Sutch practices up for the golf intramural tournament. Independents use teamwork in set- 
ting up the ball. 

170 Athletics/ 1 ntramurals 

m ■ 



Phi Beta Sigma defends against a serve by Phi Kappa Theta. 

In 1969-70 Intramurals 

Athletics /Intramurals 171 

Two independent teams struggle in a Tuesday night battle. 




Pi Kappa Alpha 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Kappa Alpha Order 



8-2 | 



BSA #1 






A Lambda Chi fast break yields two. 

172 Athletics/ 1 ntramurals 

Pike came from behind to win the double elimination tourna- 

Men's Intramural 

Athletics /Intramurals 173 


The big hitters are responsible for driving in the extra runs. 


The ZBT pitcher attempts to pick off the base runner at first. 


4M r 


In independent action, the runner is out by a narrow margin. 


:;: :::: " ' 

A Pi KA throw is late, and the LXA runner is safe at second. 

Powerful control puts the ball within the strike zone. 

Athletics /Intramurals 175 


Editor, Kob Westbwok 

Mr. and Miss Memphis State 

N. C. (Chip) Edwards A. Gayle Carter 

178 Features 



jjj" ■•■■ .-ii, : ■'• ., 

i^^ "■■.;:... 


Gayle, a senior French major from Signal 
Mountain, Tenn., has a variety of interests. She 
has served as President of Rawl's Hall, Vice 
President of all women's dorms and Co- 
chairman of the Joint Residence Hall Council. 

Last spring she was appointed Editor of the 
DeSoto. Gayle's sorority is Delta Gamma, where 
she has served as House Chairman and is in 
charge of public relations and correspondence. 
In recognition of her achievements, she was se- 
lected to Who's Who. 

Chip, a senior Marketing major from Jackson, 
Tenn., is known throughout the campus for his 
leadership abilities. He has served as Vice Presi- 
dent and Commissioner of the SGA and Court 
Justice for the IFC. He is a member of Omega 
and Omicron Delta Kappa and was selected as a 
finalist for the J. Wayne Johnson Award. 

His fraternity is Lambda Chi Alpha, where he 
has served as President, Treasurer and House 
Manager. Chip has been rewarded by his selec- 
tion to Who's Who. 

The Ambassadors Board includes (I. to r.) Sandie Sturdi- 
vant, Cindy Clampitt, Mary Agnes Welsh, and Jack 
Shannon. Not pictured are John Rounsavall and Chip 

Ambassadors Board 

The Memphis State University Ambassadors 
are selected by a committee of students and fac- 
ulty on the basis of their merit and outstanding 
service to the university. Four men and four 
women are selected for this board, from which 
the student body chooses its representatives for 
Mr. and Miss Memphis State. 

The Ambassadors serve the school throughout 
the year as the official hosts and hostesses. 

Features 1 79 


Dean's List 


Angel Flight 

Alpha Gamma Delta 



Dean's List 

Angel Flight 


Pi Beta Phi - 



Dean's List 

Kappa Delta Pi 


Phi Mu — Treasurer 


Dean's List 

Alpha Lambda Delta 



Phi Mu — Treasurer 

180 Features /Who's Who 

Who's Who 

Who's Who Among Students in American 
Colleges and Universities, one of the highest 
honors that may be received by a Memphis State 
University student, selected 36 seniors this year. 

The members were chosen on the basis of 
scholarship, citizenship, participation and lead- 
ership in academic and extracurricular activities. 

All members, chosen by a student-faculty 
committee, indicate great promise of future 
achievement in their particular fields. 


Dean's List 

Alpha Psi Omega — 


UCPB - Area Director 

Phi Mu Alpha 


Pi Delta Epsilon 


Crusade for Christ — 

Vice President 



Dean's List 

CVA — Publicity Chairman 

Alpha Xi Delta — 

Rush Chairman 

MSU Band 

Kappa Delta Pi 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Alpha Tau Omega — 
SGA — Justice 

Features /Who's Who 181 


Dean's List 

Pi Delta Epsilon — 


Chi Delta Sigma — 


Gamma Phi Beta — 



Omicron Delta Kappa 
Lambda Chi Alpha — 
Pledge Trainer 
Classroom "68 


Dean's List 

Chi Beta Chi - 


Omicron Delta Kappa — 


Alpha Tau Omega — 

Vice President 


Dean's List 


SGA — Senator 

Gamma Phi Beta — 

Pledee Trainer 


Sigma Kappa — 


SGA — Senator 

Tennis Team 


182 Features /Who's Who 

Dean's List 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
SGA — Senator 
Zeta Beta Tau — 


AWS Board 
Pi Beta Phi - 
Vice President 
Town Council 


Dean's List 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Pre-Legal Society — 
Vice President 
Sigma Chi — 

Dean's List 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Tassel — 
Vice President 
Sigma Kappa — 
Vice President 

Features/ Who's Who 183 


Alpha Tau Omega — 


Arnold Air Society 

Distinguished Military 


Omicron Delta Kappa 


Tassel — President 

Alpha Ganima Delta - 


Dean's List 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

AWS Executive Board 
Gamma Phi Beta — 
Dean's List 
UCPB Hostess 


Dean's List 
Delta Mu Delta - 
Vice President 
AFROTC — Assistant 
Inspector General 
Phi Mu Alpha - 

184 Features/ Who's Who 


Angel Flight — 


Phi Mu 

Panhellenic Council — 

Vice President 

SGA — Senator 


Scott Key Award 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

President's Advisory 


IFC — President 


AWS Board 

Highland Towers — 

Vice President 

Alpha Xi Delta 

American Institute Interior 



Dean's List 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

SGA — President 

J. Wayne Johnson Award — 


Features/Who's Who 185 

Dean's List 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Commissioner of 
Social Activities 
Alpha Tau Omega 


Deans List 

Pi Beta Phi - 


Town Council 


™* — 

Phi Mu 

Angel Flight 
AFROTC Queen Court 
Dean's List 



Dean's List 

Dean's List 


Alpha Kappa Delta 

SGA — Women's 

Omicron Delta Kappa 


Sigma Phi Epsilon — 

Alpha Delta Pi - 


Vice President 

186 Features/Who's Who 


DeSoto Editor 

Pi Delta Epsilon — 


WRHA - First Vice 


Delta Gamma 


Kappa Delta Pi 

Dean's List 


Alpha Gamma Delta — 



Lambda Chi Alpha — 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

SGA — Vice President 

Mr. Memphis State 

Features/Who's Who 187 


Angel Flight 
Math Club 
SGA — Justice 
Delta Zeta — 


Dean's List 

Alpha Lambda Delta 


Delta Gamma — 





Statesman Complex 


Spanish Club 

188 Features/Who's Who 

Forensic Team members are (I. to r.) front row: J. Jarret, G. Clausel and G. Clause. Second row: S. Bren- 
nan, J. Denning, J. Wertz, J. Linebaugh, S. Hawks, C. Zina, J. Powell. Third row: C. Montgomery, direc- 
tor of forensics, D. Daniels, D. Martin, E. Rasdale, J. Pennington, J. Thomas, B. Manuel, J. Gray. 

Debate Team 

MSU's Debate Team, which consists of 30 
students, is under the direction of Charles Mont- 
gomery. The Debate Team competes in all 
categories of forensics including debate, discus- 
sion, oratory, exempt, impromptu and oral inter- 

The MSU squad has distinguished itself in 
many intercollegiate debate tournaments and 
has traveled to many colleges over the nation. 
MSU debaters took first place in the Rio Grande 
Tournament, and they also sponsor the College 
Invitational Mint Julep Tournament, which is at- 
tended by colleges from several states. 

Individual debaters are (I. to r.) Jan Wertz, Gene Clause, Gary Clausel and 
Jacqua Denning. 

Members of the Varsity Debate Team are (I. to r.) 
Don Martin, Joe Pennington, Bob Manuel, Doy Dan- 
iels and Ed Rasdale. 

Features /Debate Team 189 


MSU's laboratory newspaper, the 
Memphis Statesman, is written and edit- 
ed by students to provide them with 
practical experience in the executive 
level of news-editorial journalism. 

The Memphis Statesman also pro- 
vides opportunities for journalism ma- 

jors to increase their capabilities by as- 
signments that may take them to New 
York, Washington, Los Angeles, Salt 
Lake City, and other areas. The trips are 
made possible through the Statesman by 
various organizations, such as Reader's 
Digest and Scripps- Howard Foundation. 

Statesman staff members are (I. to r.) Phoebe McNutt, Tom Jones, Ed Kerzner, Marvin Easley, Sterling Levy, Jan Stockard, Shirley 
Downing, Susie Williams, Bill Hancock, Lynda Esslinger, Kerry Foster and Roberta Lemon. 

University Press 

The Memphis State LIniversity Press, reorgan- 
ized and reactivated in 1968, publishes scholarly 
books and monographs, with the objective of dis- 
seminating works of scholarship and research to 
the community. 

The Press, centered in the Office of the Uni- 
versity Editor, is directed by a Board of Directors 
and assisted by an Editorial Advisory Board. The 
University Editor's Office, in addition to direct- 
ing Press operations, coordinates numerous offi- 
cial University publications and assists staff and 
faculty in the preparation of brochures, booklets, 
handbooks and other printed pieces. 

Lamar W. Bridges, university editor, and Roselyn Eberle, editorial as- 
sistant, glance over a recent publication. 

190 Features /MSU Services 

Charles Holmes, Public Information Office, director 

Ronald Alford, News Bureau director, checks 
over PIO scrapbooks. 

PIO Staff 

The Public Information Office, 
directed by Charles Holmes since 
1962, has developed into a highly 
professional and specialized serv- 
ice with the growing complexity 
of programs and projects taking 
place at the University. The staff 
of this office is in daily contact 
with representatives of local, 
state, regional and national news 
media. Included in the effort are a 

News Bureau, Photographic Ser- 
vices Division, Art Studio and 
Radio-Television Liaison Divi- 
sion. The Public Information Of- 
fice has the responsibility for 
inter-campus communication in 
regard to official University state- 
ments as well as for proper pro- 
motional and informational cov- 
erage of events and accomplish- 
ments at Memphis State. 

Susie Williams and Virginia Wilson plan news 
coverage on a coming speaker. 

Joe Elmore takes publicity shots with campus coeds. Bob Cockrell and Asa Johnson design art service layouts. 

Features / MSU Services 191 

The Tiger Rag 

Robb Mitchell, editor, checks the layout of the Tiger Rag with Vernon Milner, 
head of makeup, at Whitehaven Press. 



Barbara Schingle, society editor, turns in copy to the 

Jan Stockard, copy editor, keeps a sharp eye out for mis- 
takes in the page proof with an employee of the printer. 

Some of the Tiger Rag staff, taking time out from making up the 
paper, check the press to get a practical look at the publishing 
facilities of Whitehaven Press. 

192 Features /Publications 

The Tiger Rag, the South's largest twice 
weekly newspaper, is distributed free to Mem- 
phis State University's students, faculty, alumni 
and employees. Covering campus, local and na- 
tional news of interest, the Tiger Rag is the voice 
of the 17,000 students at Memphis State. 

With a wide variety of layouts, high quality 
photographs and skillful writing, the Tiger Rag 
keeps the MSU student informed of the happen- 
ings on campus and student related news. 

Thirty reporters, photographers and staff 
members make Tuesday and Friday expectations 
come true with the publishing of the r TR." 

Ed Boatwright, business editor, and Marilyn Marr discuss ad layouts with a 
Whitehaven Press worker. 

Mary Agnes Welsh, news editor, types news copy. 

Bill Hancock, associate editor, proofreads an edition of the Tiger Rag. 

Features /Publications 193 

Suzann Chapman, Debbie Wilkins, Lynn Thompson, and Carol Duckworth review last year's DeSoto for the Organizations 

Nancy Arnold, Academics editor, types copy for her section. 

Terry Walker and Clete Hayes check Features file for band pictures. 

194 Features /Publications 


Innovation and change served as by-words for 
the 1970 DeSoto staff. 

It was the first year that group pictures were 
employed in the Greek section. The editor's 
theme emphasized people in all photographs. 
This led to the demand for quality action shots in 
Greek Life, Campus Life, Organizations and 
other sections. 

A large area of change was in the appearance 
of the yearbook. Alterations in the cover, paper 
and typography aimed at unifying the design and 

The Editor and Associate Editors attended the 
Associated Collegiate Press Convention in 
Miami, Florida. With five experienced staff 
members returning, the 1970 DeSoto again sur- 
vived the trauma of new workers. Together, the 
staff combined colorful ideas to produce the 
1970 yearbook. 

Joseph Santomero, associate editor 

Bill Belcher, assistant sports editor, Louise Hale, women's intramural sports editor, and Ron Coles, 
sports editor, prepare to work on sports copy. 

Features /Publications 195 

Lynn Thompson and Bob Westbrook, Features editor, crop pictures for their section. 



Ted Kirksey and Mary Hale check copy for a deadline. 

196 Features /Publications 

Gayle Carter, editor, 1970 DeSoto. 


Dale Stewart, associate editor 

Features /Publications 197 


Robert Stewart, Camise Cherry and Nancy Huddleston discuss the 1970 sales campaign. 

Larry Rosen and Melinda Higgins discuss changes in 
campus residence Halls. 

Marilyn Martin works on the line drawing system of identifying group shots. 

198 Features /Publications 

Photo Service 

Located in the basement of the Administra- 
tion Building, the Memphis State University 
Photo Service provided the photographic needs 
of the university. Under the direction of Gilbert 
Michael, the Photo Service was kept busy serv- 
ing the DeSoto, Tiger Rag, administration and 
different departments of MSU as well as all char- 
tered organizations with necessary photography 
needs. Through their program ranging from 
black and white stills to the taking of I.D.'s and 
class pictures, they have achieved a better public 
image for the university. 


Bob Weeks 


Scotty Sanderson 


Phvliss Dibrell 


Phil HoUis 


Mike Coscia 


Gil Michael 


Tom Wofford 

Features /MSU Services 199 

WTGR Radio Staff includes (1. to r.) Sam Parker, Alan Cook, Mike Halliday, Dan Sims, Robert Eoff, Margret Haas and 
Nancy Candler 

WTGR Radio 

WTGR, MSU's on-campus radio station, pro- 
vides students with campus news and a continu- 
ous music program. Station facilities include a 
fully-equipped radio control room and studio and 
a radio lab-classroom. 

For the second year in a row, WTGR received 
the Promotions Award at the APBE Radio Con- 
ference at Louisiana State University in Baton 
Rouge. WTGR is ranked among the top ten col- 
lege radio stations in the nation. 

Advanced technical facilities provide for varied programming at 

200 Features /MSU Services 

A teacher training program acquaints Mid-South teachers with the use of instructional television in the classroom. 


WKNO-TV, owned and operated by the Mem- 
phis Community Television Foundation, has 
been on the Memphis State campus since 1961. 

Service to the community and to the schools 
are the dual purposes of the community-owned 
television facility which is part of the public 
broadcasting network of more than 180 non- 
commercial television stations across the nation. 

The Forsythe Saga, originally produced by 
the BBC -and one of the biggest successes in Brit- 
ish television history, was one of the outstanding 
offerings on Channel 10 this year. In addition, 
probing public affairs, documentaries and news 
analysis, traditional and experimental drama, 
book reviews, travel, music, and local and re- 
gional discussions of vital issues and concerns, 
were all part of the public television schedule. 

WKNO-TV also produced instructional pro- 
grams for use in the schools in science, math, 
music and the arts and provided teachers of the 
Mid-South who use the instructional television 
service with more than 22,000 Teacher Studv 
Guides. The number of Mid-South youngsters 
now receiving their classroom instructions via 
television is estimated at 186,000. 

Features /MSU Services 201 

Chet Huntley, noted newscaster, discusses current news topics with MSU students. 

Speakers at MSU 


« • 




*S| ! 

I » - 
/ % 


Father James Lyke speaks at an open forum on human relations. 

Dr. Robert Weaver speaks at a program entitled "Urban 

202 Features /Speakers 


HABITAT is a coffeehouse with food and 
entertainment especially designed and operated 
for MSU students. A new concept in college 
entertainment, the HABITAT is a member of a 
nation-wide network of college coffeehouses 
composed of over 150 schools. HABITAT is 
MSU's way to provide professional entertain- 
ment all year long. 

John Basset captivates his audience at MSU's HABITAT. 

Features /Habitat 203 

John Weigel is congratulated at the initiation of Arnold Air Society by 
Gary Eberhart. 

An AFROTC marching squad participates in the Veteran's 
Day Parade. 



r4u. Jmi. 

Arnold Air Force Society and Angel Flight members work jointly on a Halloween project. 

204 Features/AFROTC 


Since its establishment in 1951, Memphis 
State University's AFROTC detachment has 
grown to become the largest in the nation. All 
freshman and sophomore men are required to 
take four semesters of ROTC. For junior and 
senior men interested in careers in the Air Force 
there is the Professional Officers Course avail- 

This year Memphis State University was well 
represented in the Veteran's Day Parade by over 
500 participants from ROTC and its auxilliary 
organizations, Arnold Air Society and Angel 

Angel Flight members take part in the Veteran's Day Parade 

AFROTC Queen, Mary Ann Crosby, is presented by 
R. M. Robison. 

Features /AFROTC 205 

Much practice is required to make the cheerleaders ready for a polished performance. 

MSU Cheerleaders 

Charles Summers takes a well-deserved rest after a hard 
game as Tiger mascot. 

The Tiger scores six points for our side before the MSU team ever hits the 

206 Features /Cheerleaders 


. . ■ 

... , . ... 

Cheerleaders are (7. to rj front row: Jamie Finnern, Charles Summers and Janie Crain. Back row: Ken Stratton, Judv 
Dolan, Johnny Austin, Betty Derrington, Ray Driggers, Donna Mabry and Chris Luhrs. Not pictured are John Patterson. 
Van Gray and Pat Treadway. 

Judy Dolan, Donna Mabry and Jamie Finnern indicate another touchdown for the Tigers. 

Features /Cheerleaders 207 

,,:V.., "'■"'> ' 

- , «' - ... "- - ... '- 

The Tigerettes include, front row (I. to r.) feature twirlers — Nancy Arnold, Susan Stokely and Martha Bitner. Back row (I, to r.) Pat 
Clark, Judy Osborne, Linda Hudson, Jo Alexander, Riki Sutton, Drum Major - Bill Huber, Judy Melton, Rubelyn Tanner, Amanda 
Burnett, Raylene Kulbeth and Linda Tittle. 

The Tigerettes portray themselves as ragdolls during a half-time performance. 

208 Features /Tigerettes 

MSU Tigerettes 


Nancy Arnold leads the majorettes onto the football field at half-time. 

The feature twirlers perform a dance to the musical selection, "Oh, 
You Beautiful Doll." 

The majorettes somersault their way across the field in exe- 
cuting some original choreography. 

Features /Tigerettes 209 

The Mighty Sound 
of the South 

The "Mighty Sound of the South," MSU's 
165-piece marching band, is under the 
masterful direction of Thomas C. Ferguson, 
who is ably assisted by James Simmons. The 
band practices 15 hours a week in order to 
present the colorful shows seen at the half- 
time of each football game. The shows this 
year varied from a trip to the moon to a solo 
performance by Urbie Green, the country's 
top jazz trombonist. 

Much time and preparation goes into each 
show, both in the rehearsal room and on the 
practice field. The marching band is defi- 
nitely a vital part of our extra-curricular ac- 

Mr. Tom Ferguson strives to get as much out of the band during performance as is 
humanly possible. 

The percus- 
sion section 
provides the 
backbone for 
the band. 

210 Fine Arts 

A portion of the band performs a precision drill. 

The MSU Alumni Band took an active part in the halftime show at the Homecoming game. 

Features /Fine Arts 21 1 

Mr. Ferguson directs a music rehearsal during a summer prac- 
tice session. 

The bass section gets more than their share of exercise during rehears- 

The band parades past the MSU campus during the Home- 
coming Parade. 

212 Features /Fine Arts 

The band forms the famed MSU symbol during their pre-game show. 

As a salute to football is made, an appropriate formation is executed to perfection. 

Features /Fine Arts 213 

The Memphis Statesmen 

Urbie Green concentrates on a solo passage, as it must blend with the 

In one afternoon's rehearsal, the band perfects a concert of one hour's length which was presented that 
same evening with a guest artist. 

214 Features /Fine Arts 

The Memphis Statesmen, a jazz orchestra 
comprising 25 musicians, was led by Tommy 
Ferguson, a jazz pianist himself. Having been ac- 
claimed throughout college music circles for its 
originality and swinging beat, the ensemble was 
well received wherever it performed. At the win- 
ter concert, the orchestra was fronted by one of 
the country's top jazz trombonists, Urbie Green. 

The Statesmen, with Tommy Ferguson at the helm, keeps the audience 

The front line of the band drives through an ensemble passage. 

Features /Fine Arts 215 


■r-J ' L. 

Jitil* A .It- 

' m ^Vflfc^Sbl 

1 ^ W y 

Al' ; * ' 

jWP^, ^» 

WM, ^^^~^**^|% 


•* s** ^n 


Mr. Simmons watches for his cutoff cue. 

The woodwind section works for balance with the 
rest of the ensemble. 




— m j«~ 

^/ - 



/ ' / 


» . i 


The 1970 MSU Concert Band directed by James Simmons. 

Mr. Ferguson rehearses the Wind Ensemble for an upcoming concert. 

216 Features/ 
Fine Arts 

Vocal Music at MSU 

The vocal music department at MSU consist- 
ed of many varied groups. Included were the 
Glee Clubs, the Chorale, Opera Chorus, and 
Madrigal Singers. An addition was added to the 
program this year. An Oratorio Society was 
formed, enabling those not full time students at 
MSU to participate in choral concerts. Recently, 
all six groups combined with an orchestra to 
present a requiem, which was conducted by Dr. 
Lara Hoggard, a music professor at the Universi- 
ty of North Carolina. 

Guest conductor Dr. Hoggard demonstrates how a phrase should be sung. 

Dr. Wade, director of vocal music, rehearses the Glee Club. 

Features /Fine Arts 217 

Dr. Hoggard prepares the Oratorio Society for performance of a well-known requiem. 

Francis Howick and Judy Boutwell harmonize part of a choral 

Rehearsing each part individually is the best approach to making a 
group sound good. 

218 Features /Fine Arts 

Katherine Osborn sings an aria from "The Magic Flute." 

MSU Opera 

The Memphis State Opera, headed by George 
Osborne, witnessed its most successful season 
this year offering the finest schedule in the 

Four major operas, "The Barber of Saville," 
losca, Carmen and Don Garlo, along 
with two children's operas, "Mr. Scrooge" and 
"Jack and the Beanstalk" composed the most di- 
versified season to date. 

Special attractions were the three guest stars 
of "Tosca," Richard Tucker, Jeanine Crader and 
Chester Ludgin. 

Members of the cast of "Mr. Scrooge" include (I. to r.) Ronnie Gentry, Teddy Smith, Marler Stone, Becky Haskell, Wayne Davidson 
and Perry Posner. 

Features /Fine Arts 219 

Doctor Bartallo played by Merle Gartrelle discusses with his adversaries who should marry Rossina. 

Tiny Tim played by Cathy Marshall appears to Marley and Scrooge. 

Rossina, a principle character of "The Barber of Sa- 
ville," is played by Janice Hoelscher. 

220 Features /Fine Arts 

New York guest stars of "Tosca" include Jeanine Crader as Tosca and Chester 
Ludgin as Scarpia. 

Richard Tucker plays the role of Mario, a paint- 
er in love with Tosca. 

Scarpia joins the Chorus in the finale to Act I of "Tosca." 

Features /Fine Arts 221 

MSU Drama 

The Department of Speech and Drama, under 
the direction of Dr. Keith Kennedy, continued to 
grow toward being the largest performing arts 
department in the United States. 

The extensive facilities in the Speech and 
Drama Building played a major role in this suc- 
cess. A large auditorium plus a lab theatre pro- 
vided facilities for aspiring actors and actresses 
as well as set designers and lighting technicians. 

Among the productions this year were "Some- 
thing Wicked This Way Comes," "Summer 
Rainbow Bird," "The Fantastics" and "Noon 

In addition MSU's Modern Language Depart- 
ment brought two plays to the campus — "Antig- 
one" and "Esta Noche Teatro." 

Eda Fain controls Ronnie Koon in "Something Wicked This Way Comes." 

Phil Giberson, center, argues with Ken Parnell as Ronnie Koon looks on in "Something Wicked This Way Comes." 

222 Features /Fine Arts 

Creon threatens Antigone in the Modern Language Department's presentation of "Antigone." 

Octopus Boy, Joe Unger, and Girlie, Anne 
Wilkerson, lurk around the set of "Something 
Wicked This Way Comes." 

A selection is presented from the musical "The Fantastics" 
by Betsy Welting, Scott Thornton, Dave Smith and Harris 

Features /Fine Arts 223 

Campus Concerts 

David Clayton-Thomas belts out one of Blood, 
Sweat, and Tears' top hits. 

Debu Chauduri plays his 700-year old sitar to his wife's accompaniment. 

The Percussion Ensemble 

224 Features /Fine Arts 

Richard Dyer-Bennet sings at the second concert of the Memphis State University Convocation Series. 

The Pilgrim 20, a religious folk-rock group, prove enjoyable to MSU stu- 

Josh White entertains students during the Winter 

Features /Fine Arts 225 


Editor, Suzami Chapman 

Pi Delta Epsilon 

As a national honorary, Pi Delta Epsilon rec- 
ognized second semester sophomores, juniors 
and seniors who made outstanding contributions 
to campus publications. A 2.3 overall average 
was necessary for membership. 

Among the activities of PiDE, Arnold L. Ma- 
lone, the State of Tennessee Director of Selective 
Service, was invited to Memphis State to answer 
questions concerning the controversial draft lott- 
ery. The organization held a banquet for new ini- 
tiates and honored Bill Hetzler, 1969 DeSoto ed- 
itor, for his contributions to MSU journalism. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society 
for women, required a 3.5 grade point average in 
their freshman year. 

The organization offered friendship with 
women of similar ideals and an opportunity to 
participate in projects for needy families and in 
campus activities such as Women's Week. 

In the spring Alpha Lambda Delta culminated 
the year's work in the initiation of new members 
and in a banquet honoring their scholastic 

Members are (I. to r.) Joe Santomero, president; Suzann Chapman, Dale Ste- 
wart, Jan Sockard, Ron Coles, Robert Stewart, Barbara Schingle, and Robb 
Mitchell, vice-president. 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Gloria Dobbs, Martha Dodd, Becki Stewart, Emily Thomas, Deb Lagure. Second row: 
Maria Webb, Linda Biggs, Mary Pat Welsh, Helen Shipp, Donna Cousar, Sandra Linebaugh, Patsy Killebrew, Gerhild 
Klein, Barbara Unger. Third row: Susan Weatherly, Shannon Crawford, Cynthia Wilson. Fourth row: Suzanne Mullins 
and Debby Miller. 

228 Organizations /Honoraries 

Robert Barksdale 
Charles Blitstein 
Andy Cobb 
Chip Coscia 
Rick de la Houssaye 

David Dotten 
Chip Edwards 
Jerry Guiton 
Ken Johns 
Mike Johnson 

Robert Jones 
Ed King 

David McDermott 
Mike Rickman 
John Rounsavall 

Eugene Scheverman 
JaeK Shannon 
Bob Tipton 
Bobby Trautman 
Dennis Walker 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

The national men's honor fraternity, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, selected students who possessed 
leadership ability, superior scholarship and out- 
standing character to become members of the or- 
ganization. The men must have been juniors or 
seniors, have maintained a 2.5 overall grade 
point average and have qualified through work in 
the major positions of college life. 

Membership in the fraternity pledged stu- 
dents with an obligation and a responsibility 
toward superior citizenship at college and in the 
community. Enrollment was limited to one per- 
cent of the male student body, which increased 
the honor of being in ODK, one of the most dis- 
tinguished organizations on the MSU campus. 

Organizations /Honoraries 229 

Members are (7. to r.) front tow: Janell Rudolph, Mary Lou Rehkopf, Teresa Sproul, Carol Rowe, Judy Fowler, Elizabeth Fravega, 
Elizabeth Lamar. Back row: Maurice Crouse, Charles Stagg, Bruce Schister, Arnold Siniard, James Chumney, Major Wilson, Jimmie 
Beasley, Charles Brinjes and John Corbet. 

Liberal Arts 
Honor Society 

The Liberal Arts Honor Society was founded 
by Phi Beta Kappa faculty members and LAHS 
faculty members. Student membership was re- 
stricted to juniors and seniors in Arts and Sci- 
ences who achieved superior academic records in 
accordance with standards of Phi Beta Kappa. 
Juniors must have had a 3.6 grade average; sen- 
iors a 3.5 average. 




Members are (I. to r.) first row: Deborah Elliott, Deborah Murphy, Gretchen McKittrick, 
Deana-Lopez Ona. Second row: Joy Turner, Karen Kubik, Virginia Anthony, Barbara Gribble, 
Third row: Dr. C. L. Pell, Roy Brazell, Reginald Dalle, Dr. Maurice Parkinson and Dr. Basil 

A national French honor society for men and 
women, Pi Delta Phi, recognized excellence in 
the study of the French language, literature and 
civilization in American universities and fos- 
tered the extension of French culture in Ameri- 


To be selected for membership a student must 
have completed one semester and enrolled in the 
second semester of 3000 level French courses or 
above. Students selected for membership quali- 
fied with a 3.5 grade average in all French cours- 
es and not less than a 3.0 in other course work. 

230 Organizations/ Honoraries 


^f* A 

lit « i 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Margaret Spain, president; Terry Jaeomino, vice-president; Nancy Wagner White, secretary; Dede 
Nelson, treasurer; and Cindy Clampitt. Second row: Glenda Galtelli, Mary Agnes Welsh, Linda Sampietro, Paula Mogridge, Joan 
Graves, Linda Higgins, Barbara Lust, Pat Adkins Haggard, Judy Fowler and Teresa Sproul. 


Tassel was honored this year by a visit from an 
officer of Mortar Board in review of an applica- 
tion for a charter. The high point of the visit was 
a tea given by Tassel alumnae at the home of Dr. 
Cecil C. Humphreys, president of Memphis State 
University, for friends, members and alumnae of 
Tassel and Mortar Board. 

Activities of Tassel this year included serving 
as hostesses at commencement, manning an in- 
formation booth during registration, visiting 
young men at the Kennedy Veterans' Hospital, 
giving a tea for initiates of Alpha Lambda Delta 
and co-sponsoring, with Omicron Delta Kappa, 
the Annual Honors Assembly. 

Membership in Tassel, senior women's honor- 
ary, is based on scholarship, leadership and serv- 
ice to the college community. A 3.0 grade point 
average is required for initiation. 

Dean Flora Rawls confers with the faculty advisors of Tassel, (I. to r.) Martha 
Powell, Elizabeth Spencer and Dr. Anne Trotter. 

Organizations /Honoraries 231 

Hugh D. Gregg 

Bob Jones 

Ray 0. Aldringer, Jr. 
Stephen H. Arnold 
Michael L. Bailey 
Duane Baker, Jr. 

William J. Barnes 
Dennis R. Beal 
Cecil H. Brunson 
Darrell E. Bullard 
Terry C. Cecil 
Harold R. Cook 

Terry A. Cuyton 
Robin D. Hadaway 
Joe R. Hart 
James P. Hester 
Al L. Holmes, Jr. 
Ralph G.Hubbell 

R. Charles Jones 
Dennis Karuzas 
John A. Larmer, Jr. 
Gary F. Liles 
James B. Lowry 
Charles W. Lutz 

Michael E. McDaniel 
Richard J. Middlecoff 
Edward S. Owens 
Terry L. Raney 
Harold M. Rick man 
E. Hunt Scheuerman 

Elbert L. Thomas 
Raymond Thomas, Jr. 
Robert L. Tipton, Jr. 
William Wheat 
Danny W.Whitt 
Lawrence S. Whittemore 

Arnold Air Society 

Arnold Air Society, an honorary military or- 
ganization affiliated with AFROTC at Memphis 
State, opened its membership to select Profes- 
sional Officer Course cadets. The purpose of the 
Arnold Air Society was to further the mission of 
the Air Force and to develop prospective officers 
of high caliber. 

With its auxiliary, Angel Flight, Arnold Air at 
MSU rendered services to the university and the 

community and supported the AFROTC. 

Arnold Air Society members served as hosts 
at various university functions and as guides for 
visitors to Memphis State. This year AAS spon- 
sored the AFROTC Formal and the selection of 
the AFROTC Queen. 

In 1969, the Memphis State squadron of AAS 
was named as the most outstanding squadron in 
the nation. 

.232 Organizations /Honoraries 

Angel Flight 

The Brig. Gen. Everett R. Cook Flight of 
Angel Flight at Memphis State University, an 
auxiliary of Arnold Air society, was organized to 
support Arnold Air, to promote interest in the 
Air Force and to serve its university and commu- 

As the number one flight in the nation, Angel 
Flight included in their activities a Halloween 
"Trick or Treat" to collect candy for hospitalized 
children, the Angel Tree Fund which helped to 
feed needy families Christmas week and a chest 
of school supplies sent to children in Vietnam. 
Angels also participated in a Christmas party for 
underprivileged children sponsored by the Mem- 
phis Police Headquarters. 

To be eligible for membership in this organi- 
zation, girls maintained a 2.0 overall average, 
were freshmen or sophomores and participated 
in a formal rush program. 

Shirley Boutwell, Carol Carney and Beverly Walls headed the Angels in the 
Veterans' Day Parade. 

Kathy Arnold 

Suzy Betzelberger 

Linda Biggs 

Shirley Boutwell 

Barbara Brunette 

Carol Carney 

Sallv Craig 
Linda Delanev 

Judi Dolan 
Sandra Galtelli 

Susan Goff 
Carol Johnson 

Libby Keller 

Nancy McComas 

Paula Mogridge 

Carol Moody 

Judv Osterloh 

Jeanette Poff 

Donna Rhodes 

Lucy Savle 

Becky Sharp 

Peggy Tallant 

Teri Taylor 

Beverly Walls 

Tana Wehby 
Cathy Wilbur 

Organizations /Honoraries 233 

1. Holly Brooks 15. 

2. Del Edwards 16. 

3. Francis Smith 17. 

4. Lee Arquitt 18. 

5. Nancy Savage 19. 

6. Jan Thomas 20. 

7. Melinda Haynes 21. 

8. Glenda Taylor 22. 

9. Kathy Waller 23. 

10. Charlene Thron 24. 

11. Betsy Comer 25. 

12. Judy Elson 26. 

13. Margie Davidson 27. 

14. Linda Baker 28. 

Sandy Nichols 
Carolyn Hall 
Debbie Salter 
Dukie Whitington 
Kay McCarty 
Susan Green 
Nancy Dunlap 
Donna Donner 
Vickie Garbarini 
Madeline McCune 
Marsha Eddins 
Lynn Sullivan 
Blanche Aulton 
Susan Avery 

UCPB Hostesses 

UCPB Hostesses, an honorary for girls who 
possess ability in public relations work, was 
sponsored by the University Center Program 
Board. They acted as hostesses for major events 
in all phases of campus life. 

They often served as receptionists and ushers 
for press conferences, the DeSoto Beauty Revue, 
SGA and UCPB programs and faculty teas. The 
hostesses also conducted campus tours. 

The girls, who had at least a 2.0 average, were 
selected by a personnel committee which judged 
them on charm, poise, personality and appear- 
ance. They had to be able to create a friendly and 
beneficial attitude toward MSU when meeting 
with visiting dignitaries. 

Susan Avery, Rush Chairman; Frances Smith, Chairman; Jan Thomas, Lee Ar- 
quitt and Secretary Betsy Comer were among the original Hostesses. 

234 Organizations /Honoraries 

Officers are (I. to r.) Bob Riggs, president; Harriet Crump, vice-president; Dr. Sylvia Torbet, faculty counselor; Carol Epperson, histori- 
an; Dr. Leon Brownlee, faculty co-counselor. Front row: Louise Kennan, treasurer; Margaret Conway, secretary; Kathy Eggers, pro- 
gram co-chairman. 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Kappa Delta Pi was founded March 8, 1911, 
at the University of Illinois and incorporated 
June 8, 1911. The Lambda Gamma Chapter of 
KAIlwas installed at Memphis State University 
by Dr. Ester McKuen on February 3, 1967. The 
chapter has raised its membership to 300 stu- 
dents and faculty. 

To become eligible for membership one must 
be an undergraduate with 12 hours of profession- 
al education and have had a 3.0 grade point aver- 
age. Graduate students were admitted with an 
education major and an average of 3.25. 

The initiation of new members was held at one 
of the night meetings. This year's activities also 
included a series of luncheon seminars at which 
Dr. Ronald Carrier, Dr. John Richards and Dr. 
John Eubank discussed several topics on higher 
education followed by question and answer peri- 
ods. One luncheon presented a panel discussion 
by faculty members from several disciplines at 

Bob Riggs and Dr. Roy S. Nicks, vice-president at MSU, presented Dr. 
Cecil C. Humphreys, president at MSU, with an award at a summer 
meeting of Kappa Delta Pi. 

Organizations /Honoraries 235 

--*^. — ,*v 

,*..,„.,—. -* 

Members are (7. to rj Gayle Burns, president; Jo Alexander, Lorraine Hall, Janice Powell, secretary; Linda Dabney, vice-president; 
Beverly Baxter, Susan Eaton, Beverly Vannuci, Maria Webb, Maria Quarauta and Lydea Faiers. 


Orchesis, a national college modern dance 
honorary, selected its members by their dancing 
and creative ability. 

Throughout the school year, the members 
danced and taught in various programs on cam- 
pus and in the city. 

An annual spring concert was produced with 
most of the choreography done by the members 
of Orchesis. 

Chi Beta Phi 

Chi Beta Phi, a national science honor society, 
for men and women, promoted scientific learn- 
ing through lectures, discussions and papers pre- 
pared by regular members. 

A student became eligible for membership in 
the society if he had a 3.0 grade point average in 
20 hours of completed science courses and a 3.0 
average in all other college work, members were 
taken from all fields of natural science and math- 

Dr. Don Claypool, advisor, showed Jack Shannon, president, and Sherry 
Hughes, treasurer, an item in a scientific journal. 

236 Organizations /Honoraries 

Members are: J. Weigel, L. Trobaugh, I. Askew, R. Argo, P. Atkinson, G. Ballard, D. Baker, H. Bethel, J. Biggs, S. Blackburn, R. 
Bradley, C. Branyan, W. Brown, J. Bullington, J. Clifton, W. Conway, T. Dunger, E. Elam, R. Freeland, R. Gray, A. Green, B. Greene, 
I. Gregahti, J. Gramme, E. Guyton, J. Herring, G. Johnson, E. Kapell, G. Lewis, M. Lewis, S. Lin, J. Linden, A. Mandelker, G. Mur- 
ley, H. Nabors, D. Nelson, R. Phillips, D. Ray, M. Reeves, R. Kirk, H. Robertson, L. Rowland, S. Rowland, M. Schamer, C. Shedlock, 
S. Thomas, K. Thornton, M. Wagner, H. Chu Yang. 

Delta Mu Delta 

Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society in 
Business Administration was established at New 
York University on November 13, 1913, to rec- 
ognize and reward superior scholastic achieve- 
ment in business subjects. 

Iota Chapter of Memphis State University was 
formally installed on December 2, 1961. Mem- 
bership was limited to upperclassmen and gradu- 
ate students majoring in a field of business ad- 
ministration. A 3.2 average was required of up- 
perclassmen and a 3.75 for graduate students. 

John Weigel, president, presented Dr. Donald R. Wells, the new advisor, with a 
certificate of membership. 

Organizations /Honoraries 237 


A local sophomore leadership honorary, Sena- 
tors was sponsored by the Memphis State Uni- 
versity Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa. The or- 
ganization was formed to promote and sustain 
outstanding leadership and service in college life 
by first year male students. Senators encouraged 
students and faculty to work together to support 
MSU with a basis of mutual interest and under- 

Kappa Sigma 

The Kappa Sigma Sweethearts received their 
charter this year to assist the brothers of Kappa 
Sigma Fraternity in their activities, both on and 
off campus. 

The Sweethearts' membership grew to eigh- 
teen as they helped in rush, supported the frater- 
nity athletic programs and prepared pre-meeting 
dinners. The Sweethearts presented an award to 
the active who had helped them the most during 
the year at their annual Star and Crescent Ball. 

Dee Baker 
Howard Berstein 
Larry Camp 

Robin Hadaway 
Mike Harder 
Sid Hatcher 

Clete Hayes 
Paul McNabb 
Terry Raney 

Joe Santomero 
Clarence Wastridge 
Mike Woods 

Members are (I. to r.) front row; .Linda Clinton, Phyllis Caudle, Marjorie Meeks, Karen Parsons and Linda Lee. Back row: Linda Barton, 
Martha Orr, Peggy Tallant, Sherry Mann, Cheryl Hughett, Pam Clark, Connie Rayfield, Gail Lee, Glenda Cathey, Gayle Burns and 
Brenda Gentry. 

238 Organizations /Clubs 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Scarlet O'Hara, Jill Ford, Julie Mullins. Second row: Donna Humphries, Wendy Jones, Gail Graves, 
Susan Stoop, Cathy Stevens, Donna Powell, Elaine Ginn, Vicki Garbarini, Toni Batistelli, Brenda Payne. Third row: Mrs. Mai Graves, 
Pam Turner, Bonnie McLaurine, Melanie Indorf, Melanie Timms, Meg Atkins, Nancy Jo Weeks, Frances Distretti. 

Les Dames was one of Memphis State Univer- 
sity's newly chartered organizations. An auxilia- 
ry of Kappa Alpha Order, the girls promoted KA 
on campus, aided rush activities and held a party 
for every major holiday during the year. 

Other activities included the selling of sand- 
wiches to KAs at all home football games and 
presenting actives and pledges with Christmas 
gifts. At the annual Black and White Formal, the 
girls presented a skit to the brothers. 

Any girl dropped, pinned or engaged to a KA 
was eligible for membership in the club. 

Les Dames 

Organizations /Honoraries 239 

Members are (I. to r.) Linda Sparkman, Jan Thomas, Diana Hodges, Irene Allbright, Lynn Gatti, Sam (the dog), Sheila Hollis and Anne 

The Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fra- 
ternity was open to young women closely associ- 
ated with members of the fraternity. 

The girls aided in rush, participated in an an- 
nual charity project, gave a Christmas party for 
the fraternity and helped decorate for Sig Ep's 
Queen of Hearts Formal in the spring. 

Golden Hearts 


The Student National Education Association, 
sponsored by various Memphis State education 
teachers, was organized to help future teachers 
through programs and discussions. 

The members attended regular monthly meet- 
ings as well as state and local convention meet- 

Aside from interest in education, this organi- 
zation participated in campus activities. SNEA 
was represented in Women's Week, in the Orga- 
nizational Fair and on the newly formed SGA 
Curriculum Committee. 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: P. Branch, C. Stopp, M. Sieben, K. Fairleigh, A. Bennett, C. Chiapella, 
J. Turner, Mrs. B. Hill. Second row: P. Quinn, M. Stallings, S. Weatherly, P. Craig, P. Robison, M. 
Gaston, B. Dowdy, S. Morris, E. Martin, S. Allen. Third row: S. Crawford, C. Bishop, M. Creech, K. 
Brotherto, A. Miller, T. Reynolds, K. Kubik, B. Derrington, M. Hrymak. Fourth row: J. Witherington, 
C. Hall, J. Flanagan, M. Dickson, B. Spinola, S. Waters, S. Thomas. Fifth row: N. Osborn, B. DeSpain, 
S. Adams, M. Yarbrough, M. Owens, C. Muse, B. Prince. 

240 Organizations /Club 

Brenda Anthony 
Linda Biggs 
Connie Branch 
Camise Cherry 
Mary Cox 

Vieki Van Deest 
Judy Dietz 
Pam Dunehew 
Buth Harris 
Cynthia Higgins 

Sandra Hughey 
Mom Hill 
Rebecca Little 
Gayle Reynolds 
Judy Smithart 

Crescents of Lamda Chi Alpha 

As an auxiliary of Lambda Chi Alpha the 
Crescents' greatest aim was to strengthen the 
bonds of friendship and cooperation between the 
Lambda Chi's and the girls who support them. 

Activities for the year included a "Little 
Brother Week," which was climaxed by a picnic 
for the brothers. Other events were a Mystery 
Raffle, Christmas tree decorating and shoe shine. 

Crescents polished the many Lambda Chi trophies. 

Organizations /Clubs 241 

Members are (I. to r.) Terry Finley, Linda Dabney, Diane Montgomery, Maria Quaranta, Linda Markham, 
Mary Tesia, Laura Vann, Carol Snow, Katie White, Cathy Cox. Not pictured are: Kathi Horn, Janet Hay, 
Gail Douglas, and Gwen Savage. 

Brothers and sweethearts of Pi K Phi decorated a Christmas tree at the Fra- 
ternity House. 

of the Red Rose 

Linda Markham, president. 

The Sisters of the Red Rose endeavored to 
promote the brotherhood of Pi Kappa Phi frater- 
nity and to uphold the ideals and traditions of 
Memphis State University. 

Activities for the newly chartered club includ- 
ed a party for the children at the Crippled Chil- 
dren's Hospital, volunteer work at St. Joseph's 
Hospital, volunteer work for Boy's Town, an ap- 
preciation dinner for the Pi K Phis, an open 
house for the community and redecoration of the 
fraternity's den. 

242 Organizations /Clubs 

Officers of the P.E. Major's are (I. to r.) Betty Parham, treasurer; Sandy Winslow, junior class representative; Anne 
Vaughn, secretary; Michelle Oziransky, parliamentarian; Pam Jackson, freshman class representative; Sarah Phillips, presi- 
dent; Charlotte Boulware, vice president; and Betty Derrington, sophomore class representative. 

P.E. Major's celebrate at their annual Christmas party. 



The Women's Physical Education Major's 
Club is an organization which attempted to instill 
in its members a spirit of professionalism in the 
areas of health, physical education and recrea- 
tion. It provided them with opportunities to hear 
lectures, to participate in department-sponsored 
social events and to develop valuable leadership 
skills. They also sponsored the Annual Physical 
Education Major's Banquet. 

Any woman student majoring in some area of 
P.E. was eligible for membership into the club. 

Angie Chalss gave Miss Kahle, gymnastics instructor, a pair 
of leotards for Christmas. 

Organizations /Clubs 243 

Becky Bradford 
Linda Carter 
Nancy Clark 
Gail Fenley 

Little Sisters 
of Minerva 

The Little Sisters of Minerva, an auxiliary or- 
ganization to Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, 
helped promote better fraternity relations on 

The Truest Gentleman of the Year was hon- 
ored at a True Gentlemen Party sponsored by the 
Little Sisters. The girls also held a Christmas 
party at which they presented gifts to the 

Other activities of the year included pep 
rallies, money raising functions and an annual 
trip to Heber Springs, Arkansas. 

Earle Flint 
Debbie Glascock 
Sharon Gregory 

Yvonne Harris 
Debbie Kock 
Liz Mahan 

Rebecca Morrison 
Phyllis Patterson 
Sherry Smith 

Beth Thomason 
Jennifer Weathers 
Cathy White 

Sixteen sweethearts and one "sweetie" take a minute to relax at an SAE party. 

244 Organizations/Clubs 

Members are (I. to r.) seated: Joan Lindbaugh, Margie Hodges, Renee Perrini, Betsy Simpson, Sharon Greenfield, Johnye Hamra, Mi- 
chelle Andree, Toni Johnson and Jan Rebich. Standing: Sherry Lansky, Annie Morris, Margaret Hall and Susan Stokelv. Not pictured 
are: Tine Keller and Joanne Kretzmer. 

Crown Pearls 

An auxiliary organization of Zeta Beta Tau 
fraternity, the Crown Pearls strived to promote 
ZBT on campus. Its charter members were cho- 
sen by the members of the fraternity. 

The Crown Pearls helped in rush activities 
and worked to build ties of co-operation and 
friendship between the fraternity and the girls. 
They decorated the fraternity house for the annu- 
al Valentine's Party. The girls also held a dinner 
honoring the actives who graduated this year. 

Officers included Sharon Greenfield, presi- 
dent; Johnye Hamra, vice-president; Joanne 
Kretzmer, secretary-treasurer, and Betsy Simp- 
son, activities chairman. 

Organizations /Clubs 245 


The American Institute of Interior Designers, 
a national non-profit organization, was organized 
in 1931 to advance standards of interior design, 
promote educational programs and maintain the 
ethics of professional practice. Through student 
chapters, A.I.D. broadened and enhanced, 
academically and aesthetically, student experi- 
ence with the actual practice of interior design. 

The Memphis State University chapter offered 
students an opportunity to exchange ideas and 
knowledge of interior design. 

Students from chapters all over the Southeast 
attended a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in the 
spring, where they viewed showrooms of nation- 
al and international manufacturers. 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Linda King, Carolyn Hase, Charmian Place, 
Barbara Ray and Juanita Land. Second row: Susan Ann Hosey, Pamola Powell, 
Anita Wilson and Laura Wong. 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Mary Williams, Mike Conway, president; George Johnson, vice president; Gary Jewel, secretary; Jim 
Tenner, treasurer and Linda Trobauth. Second row: Doug Dempsey, Joe Carter, David Sanfold, Ron McDermitt, Robert Craft, Billy 
Morgan, Jeff Herring, Robert Curbo, Bill Stallings, Harry Chu-Yang and Roy Fitzpatrick. 


The Accounting Club held as its primary goal 
the development of interest in the accounting 
field. Various programs, with featured speakers 
directly involved with accounting processes and 
principles, were presented throughout the year. 

Membership was limited to majors and minors 
in accounting at Memphis State University. 

246 Organizations /Clubs 


Richard Cooper 



Mike Head 



Jerry Cox 



Dr. James Collier 



John Kimery 



Dale Polley 



Douglas Young 

Mike Thomas 
Richard Scarbrough 
Don Gibbs 
Tom Peterson 
Don Wilhite 
William Phillips 

Insurance Club 

The Insurance Club at Memphis State Univer- 
sity, organized last year, presented programs of a 
professional nature to stimulate and develop stu- 
dents' interest in the field of insurance. 

Bi-monthly meetings were held each semester 
with guest speakers from all areas of the insur- 
ance industry. These meetings served as an ef- 
fective means through which the students and 
speakers could exchange ideas concerning the 
opportunities and problems facing the industry 

Other activities this year included films, din- 
ner meetings and a field trip to an insurance 

Membership in the club was open to any stu- 
dent interested in the field of insurance. 

Organizations /Clubs 247 

Officers are (I. to r.) Jody Sansone, secretary; Sandra Galtelli, activities chairman; Lucy Sayle, program chairman; Carol West, presi- 
dent; Joy Turner, publicity; Beverly Mallete, vice president; Linda Delaney, treasurer, and Cheryl Dando, program chairman. Missing 
is Cheri Chiapella, publicity. 


Town Council participated in various activi- 
ties this year including a Thanksgiving project 
and Christmas caroling at the United Service Or- 

Meetings were held once a month with out- 
standing speakers such as Judge Kenneth Turner 
and Mrs. Emily Weathers, Town Council advi- 

Town Council, composed of women students 
at Memphis State University provided a repre- 
sentative voice in campus affairs for its mem- 
bers. Judge Kenneth Turner speaks to the girls in Town Council. 

Town Council officers make full use of their heads at a brain storming session. 

248 Organizations /Clubs 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Ron Dampier, Ron Hawkins, Ernest Harris and Jerry Joyner. Second row: Danny Lemmons, Robert 
Gandy, Joe Dark, Ron Jennings and Clay Hatten. Third row: Bill Weisner, Phillip Rubenstein, Wallace Perkins, president; Robert 
Haneburg, vice-president; Dee Dee Nelson, secretary; Dick Bellchamber, treasurer; David Kiihnl, Des Crane, Dr. Karl Krauskopf and 
Dr. Ray House, advisor. 

American Marketing Association 

The American Marketing Association, open 
to all students interested in the field of market- 
ing, brought a closer affiliation between market- 
ing students and the business community. 

Weekly meetings were held each semester 
with guest speakers from every realm of the mar- 
keting profession. The meetings served as a me- 
dium to encourage students to follow marketing 

The club also encouraged scholarships among 
its members and students seeking a degree in 

Future Secretaries 

The Future Secretaries Association, spon- 
sored by the Memphis Chapter of the National 
Secretaries Association, was open to women stu- 
dents who had completed one year in secretarial 

The club held monthly meetings with speak- 
ers who introduced members to the role of the 
professional secretary. The Future Secretaries 
also encouraged further education through work 
with those engaged in the secretarial profession. 

Officers are (I. to r.) Sandy Crowley, president; Mary Claire Watts, vice- 
president; Jody Sansone, secretary, and Vicki Koleas, treasurer. 

Organizations /Clubs 



Turtle Head Schingle 


Stud Stewart 


Choc. Joe Santomero 


Philly Dribble 


Marilyn Ex-Mill 


Sukey the Hat 


Stork Coles 


Carol Ducky 


Buzzy Belcher 


Storkwoman Higgins 


Jud Flannagan 


Froggy Carter 


Dale Stewart 


Cherry Came. 


Photo Coscia 


Zanthipany, the club for cracked journalists, 
each year has paid homage to its hero and leader 
David Sasuachwa. This year, in making the an- 
nual visit to David's shrine, some members made 
the journey fully while others were only partially 
present. However, the dis-membered members 
said they sent their complete spirits. 

The Zany club was too immersed in the tre- 
mendous quagmire that mere day to day exist- 
ence provided to run its most glorious elections 
of "Sex and Guts" and "Miss Eggplant." 

Zanthipany did form its crest and motto this 
year to be forever on display as a sign of its deep 
devotion to duty. 

Activities were concluded at a "Wallbanger" 
party with the many-splendored "Frog of the 
Year" award being passed to Miss Gayle Carter. 

250 Organizations/Clubs 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Ron Jennings, Gary Jewel, Allan Phillips, John Martin and Steve Solomon. Second row: Terry Cle- 
ments, Dick Bellchamber, Buddy Blackburn, Ron Coleman, Ray Butler, Larry Coyne and Richard Falls. Third row: Doug Dempsey, 
Bob Snogles, Bud Schult, Joe Poston, Don Wilhite, Dave Kiihnl and Steve Rowland. Not pictured are N. N. Lewis, John Mcintosh, Ben 
Brandl and Jim Carrol. 

Delta Sigma Pi 

Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business frater- 
nity, fostered the study of business in universi- 
ties and promoted closer affiliation between the 
commercial world and students in business. The 
fraternity achieved one of its main goals, scholar- 
ship, with an over-all average of 2.6. 

The fraternity offered a professional program 
that included tours and speakers from businesses 
in the Memphis area. Delta Sigma Pi also spon- 
sored annually programs of interest to the entire 
campus such as its Techniques of Interviewing 

clinic and its Mid-South Office Machines Show. 
It presented a scholarship key to the graduating 
male senior in business with the highest scholas- 
tic average. 

Delta Sig socialized with informal get- 
togethers on weekends, the Founders Day dance 
and the formal Rose Ball. 

Membership was open to those students who 
had completed 12 semester hours, three in busi- 
ness administration and who had at least a 2.0 
grade point average. 

Organizations/Professionals 251 

Paula Amrod 
Julie Combs 
Beverly Cox 
Harriet Dill 
Bette Eppes 

Sandra Folden 
Diana Sue Grogan 
Frances Guillermin 
Ceci Hudson 
Hillary Laybourn 

Cherie Miller 
Nan Page 
Sandra Stoker 
Becky Strong 
Laurie Thurman 

Diane Touliatos 
Shirley Turberville 
Patty Worley 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Sigma Alpha Iota, the only professional music 
fraternity for women on campus, was chartered 
at Memphis State University March 22, 1962. 
Membership in this organization required a good 
academic standing as well as ability in musical 

The 1969-70 national objectives of SAI were 
'Broadening Our Horizons." The members par- 
ticipated in many musical activities on campus as 
well as those in the community. Although the 
members had some social activities, their real 
purpose was to inspire a better appreciation for 
music by service and performance in the music 
field. They hosted receptions after musical 
events and ushered at the MSU Convocation Se- 


Diana Sue Grogan, Beverly Cox, Julie Combs and Nan Page wait for the 
pianist to practice a song for SAI. 

252 Organizations/Professionals 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: James Kastner, Dannie Middleton, Lyn Gresham, Raymond Goode, Diane Reed, Ray Alding- 
er, Steve Nemeth and Wade Raines. Second row: Joe Barnes, Randy Cole, Ronnel Burrage, Albert Siu, C. L. Williams, Bert 
Warbington and Tom Courtney. Third row: Talmadge Mock, Buddy Pattison, Jack Henson, Don Clark, Bill Murphree and Bill 
Huebner. Fourth row: Karlis Kiperts, Dan Acciani, August Kiperts, Richard Lee, Tom Hauser, Sam McKee, Nathan Weinzim- 
er and Bob Feasel. 

The Engineering Society offered students an 
opportunity to meet leaders of the engineering 
world and to become involved in engineering as 
a profession. 

Those students following a professional engi- 
neering program were eligible for membership. 

Activities included monthly meetings, partici- 
pation in National Engineers Week and the an- 
nual barbecue. 

Engineering Society 

Members are (I. to r.) Mel Walker, Danny Talkington, John Williams, Larry Dillard, Roy Prince, George King, Dr. Bruce 
Gunn, David Criner, Dr. Ray Robbins, Max Correll, Jim Chambers and David Columbia. 

Psi Alpha Kappa, a local business fraternity, 
fostered scientific research in the fields of com- 
merce, accounts and finance. They also promot- 
ed and advanced courses leading to degrees in 
business administration. 

Membership was restricted to students work- 
ing for degrees in business. 

Psi Alpha Kappa 

Organizations /Professionals 253 

Judy Assad 
Paulette Barbee 
Tommie Bigham 
Colleen Cash 
Rosemary Ciarmitaro 

Sandy Crowley 
Cvnthia Goodwin 
Donna Headley 
Janice Hendricks 
Lynda Johnson 

Vicki Koleas 
Susan Martello 
Deedi Nelson 
Vickie Parker 
Adron Robinson 

Jody Sansone 
Connie Smith 
Freda Smith 
Mary Lou Waters 
Brenda Williams 

Phi Gamma Nu 

Phi Gamma Nu, a professional sorority for 
women majoring or minoring in business, ac- 
quainted its members with different aspects of 
the business world. They held tours and pre- 
sented speakers throughout the year to promote 
professional achievement in business. 

The sorority held rush in the fall and also in 
the spring. Other activities for the year included 
a Christmas dance, fund raising events and the 
annual "Moonlight and Rose Ball" in the spring. 

Officers for 1969-70 were Janice Hendricks, 
president; Colleen Cash, first vice-president; 
Adron Robinson, secretary, and Vickie Parker, 

Jody Sansone, Janice Hendricks and Sandy Crowley water down a car in 
the annual car wash. 

254 Organizations/Professionals 

Members are (I. to r.) Ron Coleman, Mike Thomas, David Jolly, Lynn Rose, 
Chuck Holiday, Danny Taylor and John Winchester. 

Pi Sigma Epsilon 

Pi Sigma Epsilon, a national professional fra- 
ternity for undergraduate men, was organized to 
promote interest in marketing, sales manage- 
ment and selling as professions. The fraternity 
stimulated research and improved methods and 
techniques in these fields. It also instilled a high 
professional standard among its members. 

Meetings were held twice a week with fea- 
tured guest speakers and other programs. 

J..l_j.I-j. J_j. 

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic En- 
gineers, the professional organization for electri- 
cal and electronic engineers, and its student 
branch at Memphis State University focused 
attention on the dissemination of knowledge of 
the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical 
engineering. Electronics, radio, allied branches 
of engineering or related arts and sciences were 
also incorporated into the programs. 

Membership was open to those students who 
were studying a major course in electrical engi- 
neering or its allied branches. 

Members are (1. to r.) first row: E. Bone, M. Marcos, D. Acciani, L. Carney, W. Webb, M. Northern, C. Thweatt and T. 
Craig. Second row: S. Brown, R. Forster, R. Shaver, K. Kiperts, D. Hogan, H. Towles, J. Mullins, W. Lloyd, C. Egan, B. 
Shah, V. Ramanujam, J. Vick and Dr. T. D. Shodkley, advisor. 

Organizations /Professionals 255 

Members of CSC entertain some boys and girls at their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. 

Nancy Jeppe distributes presents at the party. 

Linda Witherspoon cuts pieces of cake for them. 


The Christian Student Center fostered interest 
in Biblical studies by offering several Bible 
courses each semester which were accredited by 
Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas. These 
courses were taught by Terry Smith, the full-time 
director of the student center. 

The students also had mid-day worship ser- 
vices. The sharing of fellowship and Christian 
ideals and the friendliness displayed, drew many 
Memphis State students to the CSC. 

256 Organizations/ Religious 

Members of the Executive Eoard are (I. to r.) Arlene Ratowe, Lauren Ratowe, Marilyn Levitch, Marty Kraar, Alan 
Kleiman, Arlene Weisberger and Sue Shendelman. 


Carol Newsom provides a lesson during the Service of Festival of Lessons and 

Hillel was established at the University of Illi- 
nois in 1923, and has since grown to more than 
240 chapters at various colleges. 

The Memphis State University chapter, which 
served as the focal point for Jewish interests on 
campus, was supported by National Hillel, B'nai 
B'rith and the Jewish Community Center. 

Hillel members conducted a traditional Oneg 
Shabbot every Friday afternoon and held din- 
ners twice a month. 

Barth House 

Barth House, the Episcopal Church's 
Chaplaincy to Memphis State University, was 
founded in 1958. 

By Sunday and week-day services, seminars 
and conferences, Barth House maintained the 
Church's tradition of liturgical worship, witness 
and work in the university. 

The chaplaincy sought to relate faith and rea- 
son, to promote interdisciplinary relationships 
and to hold a vision of academic excellence and 
service to mankind. 

Organizations /Religious 257 

Members are (I. to r.) first row: Carolyn Dixon, Blakey Dobbins, Betty Haun, Linda Clark, Chris Baldwin, Barbara Brown, Roy 
Stowers. Second row: Nancy Ellis, Angie Dagastino, Vicki Boyd, John Montgomery, Herb Kraehmer. Third row: Cindy Mitchell, 
Stan Bronson, Debbie Smith, Earnie Smith, Gail Stafford, John Jarratt, Andi Kraehmer, Bob Pennington. Fourth row: Woody 
Pierce, Mike Lyons, Rev. Donald Moorehead, Darlene Smith, Ruth Ross, Martha Gaddis, Hemansu Roy, Linda Wagner, Gary Bray. 

Wesley Foundation 

Wesley Foundation, a religious center open to 
all Memphis State University students, provided 
numerous facilities such as a lounge with televi- 
sion, stereo and magazines, a study room and a 
stage area. 

Wesley was governed by members who were 
active in and committed to a Christian Ministry 
through the foundation. The center's purpose 
was to relate the life and teachings of Jesus Christ 
to the present age and to the college community. 

Two "commuter noon dinners" each week 
were sponsored by the foundation. There was 
also a Sunday Chapel Service. 

The Wesley Foundation Chapel where Sunday Service is held each week 

258 Organizations /Religious 

Executive Council members are (I. to r.) seated: K. Frazier, noonday co-chairman; S. Peterson, noonday co-chairman; M. Dixon, 
student center chairman; B. Warren, summer missions chairman; B. Johnson, social committee representative; V. McDurmon, presi- 
dent; D. Grogan, music chairman; R. Blaylock and M. Yore. Standing: G. Jacody, co-community missions chairman; E. Startup, 
vice-president; B. Lee, V.T. BSU director; J. Watkins, devotion chairman, and A. DeWitt, athletics chairman. 

Vicki McDurmon provides leadership during a noonday announcement period. 

A new stereo in the pit brings students together for a time of fellowship. 

Student Union 

The Baptist Student Union operated this year 
without the guidance of a director. Much of the 
responsibility was shared by the Executive Coun- 
cil and other members of the BSU. 

In November, the state BSU convention was 
held in Memphis with approximately 800 stu- 
dents attending. Two Memphis State representa- 
tives were nominated to be state officers of the 
Tennessee Baptist Student Union, comprised of 
BSU's on 28 campuses. 

The local summer missions' goal of $2000 
was part of the state goal of $18,000 to send ded- 
icated BSU members all over the world to do 
mission work. 

It was the hope of the MSU Baptist Student 
Union to go outside the realm of regular BSU ac- 
tivities and to become deeply committed to the 
concerns of the college community. 

Organizations /Religious 259 


Editors, Mary Male 
Zed Kirksey 
Photographer, M&e Coseia 

The Greek Tradition . . . 

. . . pledging . . . 


262 Greeks /Essay 

264 Greeks /Essay 

spirit . . . 

Greeks /Essay 265 



266 Greeks/ 



Greeks /Essay 267 

Gamma Zeta Chapter 


Alpha Gamma Delta captured the first place 
trophy in DZ Follies for the second straight year. 

Alpha Gam started a tradition with "Parents 
Day." Other social events included the Winter 
Grub Party, the annual Crimson and Buff Cotil- 
lion and a pledge swap with Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Alpha Gam was well represented with mem- 
bers and officers in Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassel, 
Who's Who, Angel Flight, Freshman Counselers 
and UCPB Hostesses. Many Alpha Gams were 
active in Pikettes, Les Dames and ZBT Sweet- 
hearts. Individual honors included Town Coun- 
cil, president; Inter-Sorority Council, president; 
Tassel, president; First Alternate DeSoto Beauty 
Revue and First Alternate to Miss Memphis. 

Alpha Gam also received the Panhellenic 
Scholarship tray and bowl for the highest schol- 
arship average. Members of Alpha Gam had Hal- 
loween and Easter parties for Les Passes and 
joined with Sigma Phi Epsilon in giving a Christ- 
mas party for children from St. Peter's Orphan- 

1. Betsy Reitz 21. 

2. Emily Granstaff 22. 

3. Janie Granstaff 23. 

4. Roseanne Hargrove 24. 

5. Len Steward 25. 

6. Carol Kennon 26. 

7. Teresa Reynolds 27. 

8. Claudia Moore 28. 

9. Judy Deitz 29. 

10. Michelene Piot 30. 

11. Margaret Spain 31. 

12. Vicky Blom 32. 

13. Barbara linger 33. 

14. Sheron Evans 34. 

15. Pauline Weaver 35. 

16. Mary Hrymack 36. 

17. Ginger Hooven 37. 

18. Susie Holly 38. 

19. Marilyn Western 39. 

20. Sally Craig 40. 

Martha Eggleston 
Sherry Caldwell 
Martha Gaston 
Marcia James 
Linda Higgins 
Dana Lynch 
Jo Ann Ayers 
Jane Powers 
Debby Brady 
Pat Robinson 
Joan Graves 
Margaret Hall 
Sara Morris 
Patsy Maddox 
Linda Sampietro 
Elaine Anderson 
Alison Barton 
Nancy Lundy 
Sherry Allen 
Sue Crook 

268 Greeks /Sororities 

41. Ginger Cortese 

42. Mary Hale 

43. Kaye Hester 

44. Carol Johnson 

45. Nancy Dunlap 

46. Madeline McCune 

47. Carol Moody 

48. Donna Rhodes 

49. Kathy Waller 

50. Janice Enzor 

51. Pam Ytzen 

52. Irene Albright 

53. Betty Derrington 

54. Brenda Lott 

55. Karen Wright 

56. Gloria Cone 

Judy Askew 
Paulette Gresham 
Pam May 

Mary Jane Sanders 
Jan Ragsdale 

Greeks /Sororities 269 

Gamma Eta Chapter 


The fall semester began with excitement as 
Alpha Delta Pi won Sigma Chi Derby Day for the 
second consecutive time. Other highlights in- 
cluded the Big-Little Sis Retreat, fraternity 
Christmas Caroling, Halloween and Christmas 
parties, Philanthropic projects and a Christmas 
Devotion for Panhellenic. 

Individual honors that Alpha Delta Pi's were 
proud of included DeSoto Beauty Revue Queen, 
Miss Memphis, alternate to Homecoming 
Queen, cheerleaders and sweethearts of Pi 
Kappa Psi, Kappa Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon. Alpha Delta Pi's were members of Tassel, 
Angel Flight, Who's Who, Town Council and the 
University Center Program Board. 

Spring semester for ADPi included a newly 
decorated suite, Friendship Week and the annu- 
al Hearts and Flowers Formal. 


Linda Thompson 


Magaly Rubiera 
Jean Hooker 


Pat Maguire 
Carol Muse 



Brenda Payne 


Suzy Betzelburger 


Linda Biggs 


Carol West 


Mania Owens 


Cheryl Dando 


Carol Dando 


Ann Howell 


Kay Higgins 
Chris Akers 


270 Greeks /Sororities 

16. Sally Klank 

17. Bonnie Maxedon 

18. Brenda Allen 

19. Debbie Patterson 

20. Jamie Finnern 

21. Teri Bartlett 

22. Pat Treadway 

23. Betty Ann Hunt 

24. Vicki Garbarini 

25. Patty Matthews 

Susan Averv 
Becky Burge 
Carroll Burns 
Suzanne Cargill 
Teresa Crawford 

Phyllis De Angelis 
Ellie Dowling 
Deorenda Dye 
Vicki Farmer 
Erie Flint 
Elaine Ginn 
Ann Indegar 
Evienne Morton 
Ann McClester 
Marcia Owens 
Becky Balph 



Jackie Wadlington 
Barbara White 
Susan Wood 

Greeks /Sororities 271 

Beta Omega Chapter 

Alpha Xi Delta participated in many campus 
and community activities. The Memphis State 
faculty was entertained with the traditional 
Apple Polishing. The Boy's Optimist Club en- 
joyed the presents they received at the philan- 
thropy Christmas party. 

Beauty and personality aided in Alpha Xi's 
capturing the title of Miss Congeniality and plac- 
ing as a finalist in the DeSoto Beauty Revue. 

Scholarship played a leading role with Alpha 
Xi's in Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassel and on the 
Dean's List. Panhellenic presented Alpha Xi 
with the Most Improved Scholarship this year. 

SGA senators, All-Sing chairman and Panhel- 
lenic and individual club officers were just a few 
of the activities that gave Alpha Xi's a place in 
Who's Who. Alpha Xi Delta enjoyed working 
with the fraternities through membership in 
Crescents, Pikettes and ATO sweethearts clubs. 


Debbie Hart 



Cathy Foy 
Charlotte Zoccola 





Kathy Lenahan 



Sherri Clift 



Marcia Greenbill 



Rhonda Payne 



Sandy Smith 
Jan Hynch 





Debbie Crook 



Deborah Mitchell 



Lynn Chambers 



Pat Noonan 



Jean Hill 



Edith Hickman 



Pam Miller 


Susan Wood 
Elaine Speed 
Cathy Campbell 
Arlene Smith 
Esther Lasley 
Melinda Douglas 
Linda King 
Debbie Simone 
Bette Eppes 
Carol Phillips 
Melinda Douglas 
Lydia Gentry 
Teri Strickland 
Paula Perry 
Cissy Day 
Janet Johnson 

272 Greeks /Sororities 

.J iiii mini i ■ aq—nw 


33. Betty Crowe 

34. Francis Clark 

35. Diane Reed 

36. Belinda Pique 

37. Janice Casey 

38. Cheryl Pettijohn 

39. Susan Simone 

40. Mary Lynn Parry 

41. Peggy Williams 

42. Linda Wall 

43. Pris Branch 

44. Ellen Vor Der Bruegge 

45. Eileen Lock wood 

46. Diane Hart 

47. Ann Ray 

48. Sharon Mock 

Greeks /Sororities 273 



Vicki Campbell 



Pattv Craig 



Connie Grooms 



Evelyn Cook 



Judy Bertasi 



Debbie Camp 



Gail Shelton 






Debbie Littlejohn 



Anne Wilkerson 



Karen Turner 



Judy Garner 








Carol Tesson 



Sandra Andrews 



Cathie Harmon 



Barbara Winford 



Barbara Wallace 

Sarah Smith 
Lynn Lomax 
Patty Kiser 
Patty Rush 
Peggy Ellis 
Laura Darby 
Kathy Wallace 
Martha Dodd 
Ginger Miller 
Janice Nix 
Ellyn Bousman 
Sandra Fitts 
Raylene Sheppard 
Ronin Russell 
Beverly Eaton 
Jamie Ragsdale 
Jo AnneTavel 
Wendy Chase 

274 Greeks /Sororities 

37. Susan Wilkerson 

38. Elizabeth Belisomo 

39. Cathie Puckett 

40. Gail Graddy 

41. Judy English 

42. Kay Walker 

43. Libby Conway 

44. Barbara Hooper 

45. Donna Connerly 

46. JaneWilcheck ' 

47. Anne Svoboda 

48. Jo Anne Paschal 

49. Linda Baker 

Judy Botsch 
Sylvia Butler 
Jackie Hudson 
Jeannie Johnson 

Mary Ellen Jones 
Kathy Kiser 
Diane Moore 
Linda Oliver 
Audrey Shirley 
Susan Smith 
Teresa Sproul 
Ell ie Storob 
Susan Wilcheck 
Debbie Graves 
Cyndi Hamilton 
Carol Holcomb 
Merrye Johnson 
Peggy Kiser 
Barbara Storob 
Amy Weaver 

Delta Lambda Chapter 

Alpha Phi sponsored three main social func- 
tions during the year — a barn dance, a Christ- 
mas Dance and a spring formal and banquet. In- 
termediate dinners and banquets were held 
throughout the school year including one for the 
faculty, a standards dinner and a scholarship din- 

Pledge swaps and a semester pledge project 
rounded out extracurricular activities. 

Alpha Phi's philanthropic project, known 
throughout the Mid-South as an integral part of 
the Cotton Carnival, was a french sidewalk cafe 
with music and sketching artists — a complete 
atmosphere to raise money for the heart fund. 

Beauty titles, fraternity honors, scholarship 
honors and athletic intramural awards brought 
recognition to individual sisters. 

Alpha Phi's took special pride in the individu- 
ality of their sisters, each pursuing her own var- 
ied interests. Outwardly, this individuality was 
exemplified by their choice of uniform based on 
each girl's own variation of a basic style. 

Greeks /Sororities 275 

Gamma Alpha Chapter 


Gamma Phi Beta stressed the importance of 
philanthrophy this year by giving several parties, 
including a Christmas party with toys and candy 
for the underprivileged children around the po- 
lice Service Center on Hastings. Santa Claus was 
present to distribute the gifts. 

Social activities included the annual Pink Car- 
nation Ball at the Rivermont, a barn party at 
Hickory Hills, the Romeo Picnic, a kidnap 
breakfast, slumber parties and teas. 

Gamma Phi Beta boasted captain of the cheer- 
leaders, chairman of the UCPB Hostesses and an 
officer of Orchesis. Members were also named to 
Angel Flight, the Dean's List, Who's Who and 
various honoraries. 


■ ■: *.: 


1. Pam Eldred 

2. Lee Schoolar 

3. Terry Tatum 

4. Mary Agnes Welsh 

5. Paula Janis 

6. Carolyn Kearney 

7. Shirley Boutwell 

8. Linda Phillips 

9. Judy Reynolds 

10. Judy Moll 

11. Bettv Whitehead 

12. Linda Dabney 

13. Jan Thomas 

14. Linda Renn 

15. Peggy Goode 

16. Judy Forsythe 

17. Ginger Perry 

18. Carolyn Ogletree 

19. Diane Ward 

20. Cathy Woods 

21. Mickey Thornton 

22. Veronica Barrett 

23. Helen Stovall 

24. Camille Bizot 

25. Jackie Hardin 

26. Susan Hill 

27. Elaine Sledge 

28. Karen In man 

29. Debbie Wilkins 

30. Dukie Whittington 

31. Charlene Thron 

32. Mary Ann Flick 

33. Susie Sullivan 

34. Lynn Thompson 

35. Cathy Ewing 

276 Greeks /Sororities 

36. Linda Prudhomme 

37. Claudia Lancaster 

38. Judy Smithart 

39. Chrissie Hall 

40. Emily Gott 

41. Frances Green 

42. Debbie Moskal 

43. Gloria Keizer 

44. Nancy Huddleston 

45. Sandra Huddleston 

46. Cathy Pendergrast 

47. Lynn Sullivan 

48. Janie Tucker 

49. Janie Crain 

50. Helen 'Huckabv 

51. Brenda Coleman 

52. Linda Dodd 

Greeks /Sororities 277 


m ; 

- ■■;•>■ : > 

.-. '■':" '"'": '" ;'.:/'- 



j5\ > — 






fll\ \ 


' vO 

'30 J 

(tt\ : 

^~J 24 1) 

( 3I 

■f ' 2 % 

1 33 

1 M 

35 y - 

) n ( 

/ f 1 

jT ( 34 t~" 

( 43 ) / 

37 T"^ 

38 y* 


V 41 J 

1. Gwendy Fortune 16. 

2. Sheila Walker 17. 

3. Cindy Galloway 18. 

4. Debbie Clark 19. 

5. Lou Rose 20. 

6. Camise Cherry 21. 

7. Sue Johnson 22. 

8. Karen Nolle 23. 

9. Cindy Clampitt 24. 

10. Laney Dunn 25. 

11. Betsy Comer 26. 

12. Tony Johnson 27. 

13. Gail Lee 28. 

14. Sally Adams 29. 

15. Betsy Simpson 30. 

Beth Sojourner 
Beverly Mallette 
Barbara Ball 
Linda Logan 
Becky Reid 
Vicki Fulton 
Pam Totty 
Amanda Burnett 
Mary Lou Harston 
Ellen Donlon 
Susan Stokely 
Patsy Savage 
Kathy Presson 
Melinda Hayhes 
Melinda Higgins 

278 Greeks /Sororities 

-\WAtF / 


31. Suzie Podbevsek 

32. Cathi Brunskill 

33. Connie Rayfield 

34. Paula Waldman 

35. Linda Terhune 

36. Johyne Hamra 

37. Cherry Howell 

38. Cheryl Mastin 

39. Judy Crabtree 

40. Gayle Carter 

41. Charlotte McBrvde 

42. Becki Gary 

43. Pam Sauer 

Llewellyn Broek 
Brenda Coscia 
Chervl Douglas 

Linda Douglas 
Barbara Duck 
Kav Edington 
Lorraine Hall 
Ceci Hudson 
Linda Jones 
Judy Muir 
Beverlv Newbern 
Judi Whitaker 
Sandie Sturdivant 
Hilma Wright 
Marsha Eddins 
Linda Hardage 
Anita Robbins 
Debbie Shapplev 
Marv Spindler 
Maria Webb 

Delta Zeta Chapter 

Delta Zeta Chapter of Delta Gamma was 
proud to have three candidates nominated for 
Miss Memphis State. However, it made cam- 
paigning a little confusing with each DG sup- 
porting four candidates in a single election, but it 
was worth the work, for a Delta Gamma was se- 
lected as Miss Memphis State. 

The pledge class was given the award for Best 
Spirit at Sigma Chi Derby Day. Delta Gamma 
also participated in the Homecoming Float com- 
petition, All-Sing and won second place in May 

Among many campus activities Delta Gamma 
was represented in Tassel, UCPB Hostesses, 
Who's Who, Crescents, Golden Hearts, Les 
Dames, Ambassadors Board, DeSoto editor, 
SGA, dormitory officers and counselors and 

Greeks /Sororities 279 

Gamma Iota Chapter 

This year Delta Zeta boasted having Greek 
Goddess and Greek God, AFROTC Queen and 
first alternate, Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart 
and a finalist in the DeSoto Beauty Revue. DZ 
also placed in All-Sing, May Day, Homecoming 
Float competition and Women's Intramurals. 

Delta Zeta won first alternate for Sigma Chi 
Derby Doll and Miss Shape, the Most Outstand- 
ing Dancer Award and Tennessee's Tennis 
Championship. Other activities included the 
president and the secretary-treasurer of the 
Women's Residence Hall Association, chairmen 
two judicial boards, secretary and supreme court 
justice of the Student Government Association, 
president of Orchesis, members in Angel Flight, 
Alpha Lambda Delta and UCPB Hostesses. 

The climax of DZ's year was their annual pres- 
entation of DZ Follies, the proceeds of which 
were donated to the Memphis State Panhellenic- 
IFC Scholarship Fund. 

1. Kathy Wilhelm 22. 

2. Sally Rorex 23. 

3. Patti Tippen 24. 

4. Brenda Hughes 25. 

5. Pat Reinagel 26. 

6. Sandy Eubanks 27. 

7. Nancy Savage 28. 

8. Barbara Birch 29. 

9. Phyllis Howell 30. 

10. Pat Sullivan 31. 

11. Nancy Martin 32. 

12. Mary Ann Crosby 33. 

13. Tana Wehby 34. 

14. Cathy Hazen 35. 

15. Susan Lester 36. 

16. Donna Donner 37. 

17. Vicki Sowell 38. 

18. Becky Wood 39. 

19. Gloria Burrus 40. 

20. Wendy Wilson 41. 

21. Carol Graham 42. 


Susan Downing 
Marsha McClinton 
Patty Cabera 
Becky McClinton 
Wendy Jones 
Ronell Conner 
Pam Payne 
Cathy Jaynes 
Dian Wymer 
Carole Liner 
Lynda Esslinger 
Susan Hazen 
Meg Atkins 
Liz Cook 
Dolly Cernul 
Sandra Hughey 
Lynn Weber 
Karen Kubik 
Sherry Burnette 
Louise Murchison 
Donna Reed 
Sue McDonald 

280 Greeks /Sororities 

** *?. 


44. Kathy Stokes 

45. Jeannie Kilpatrick 

46. Gayla Ballard 

47. Nancy Moore 

48. Kathy Timm 

49. Judi Yott 

50. Debbie Johnson 

51. Sharon Storey 

52. Ramona Mcintosh 

53. Debbie Mawyer 

54. Karen Parsons 

Barbara Brunette 
Sharon McKean 
Peggy Kushner 
Gwynne Saunders 
Gayle Burns 
Carolyn Caldwell 
Francis Ann Smith 
Melinda Pate 

Greeks /Sororities 281 

Epsilon Kappa Chapter 


Delta Sigma Theta promoted high cultural, in- 
tellectual and moral standards among its mem- 
bers, for its own benefit and for that of the larger 
society in which it existed. These six young 
women saw the need for more black involvement 
at Memphis State University. 

The sorority prospered and gained many hon- 
ors this year. Among these were the first black 
elected member of SGA and the first black on 
the Executive Board of the UCPB. Delta Sigma 
Theta was the first black group to enter the DZ 
Follies and win first place in the poster competi- 
tion, and was the first to enter All-Sing. 

All Deltas looked forward to their Pepper- 
mint-Sweetheart Ball where they claimed their 
sweetheart for the year. 

1. Ella Pope 

2. Ava Williams 

3. Shirley Peace 

4. Dale Steverson 

5. Barbara Tabor 

6. Gloria Bridgeforth 

282 Greeks/Sororities 

Greeks/Sororities 283 

284 Greeks/Sororities 



1. Julia Earle 

2. Paulette Mason 

3. Essie Ford 

4. Bertha Delapp 

5. Bernice Hargraves 

6. Irma Davis 

7. Wilma Carson 

Rho Gamma Chapter 


Through the encouragement of the brothers of 
Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta was founded on 
the campus of Howard University in 1920. Zeta 
strived to carry out the ideals of scholarship, wo- 
manhood, character and service. 

Rho Gamma Chapter was established on the 
campus of Memphis State University in 1968. 
Rho Gamma had, for its fund raising project, the 
Blue Revue from which it gave scholarships, pro- 
vided eyeglasses for indignant children, and 
sponsored the "Books for Children" project. The 
members also taught handicrafts and verbal ex- 
pression to indignant children. The chapter fur- 
nished free transportation services for parents 
and children to view such places of interests as 
the Memphis Museum and the Brooks Memorial 
Art Gallery. 

This year, Rho Gamma was proud to have one 
of its members serve as the president of the Na- 
tional Panhellenic Council. 

Greeks/Sororities 285 


» i " V * 


i •■•■ -fe 

Mary Lu Pendergrass 
Jane Stanbaugh 
Marilyn Book 
Pam Jackson 
Tine Keller 
Glenda Gatelli 
Linda Venable 
Joyce Heckle 
Helen Luedtke 
Anna Yates 
Ginger Rodgers 
Mary Whitman 
Debbie Salter 
Jeannie Adams 
Dale Adams 
Barbara Hackney 
Ellen Smith 

286 Greeks /Sororities 

/ 4 

Sft?*^?*^ . We^ i m 



18. Carol Mulwee 

19. Libby Keller 

20. Jo Kerns 

21. Sherrie Mason 

22. Sandra Galtelli 

23. Annie Norris 

24. Linda Nerritt 

25. Gale Robison 

26. Nita Bennett 

27. Pat Borkert 

28. Cheryl Buchannan 

29. Carol David 

30. Nancy Jo Weeks 

31. Mimi Hall 

32. Kay Turner 

33. Jo Alexander 

Tennessee Delta Chapter 


The sisters of Pi Beta Phi, boasting members 
of Angel Flight, Who's Who, Alpha Lambda 
Delta and Tassel, were also avid participants in 
UCPB Hostesses, SNEA, Orchesis and Tiger- 
ettes. Several leaders of AWS committees, mem- 
bers of the Executive Judicial Council and offi- 
cers of the Womens' Residence Halls were also 
Pi Phi's. 

Along with its civic activities, members of Pi 
Beta Phi gathered together for pledge retreats, 
fraternity serenades, Derby Day, and intramural 
sports, where they captured the second place tro- 
phy for volleyball. A pledge swap with Pi Kappa 
Alpha fraternity was a highlight for the fall se- 
mester, and working together with Lambda Chi 
Alpha fraternity, the girls won second place in 
the Homecoming Float competition. A slumber 
party and the annual Wine Carnation Ball were 
very much enjoyed during the winter. 

Having beauty and talent as well as spirit, the 
sisters of Pi Beta Phi claimed Homecoming 
Queen, Greek Godess, two alternates to the De- 
Soto Beauty Revue, a Miss Liberty Bowl finalist 
and the regional Miss Wool. 

Greeks /Sororities 287 

Kappa Lambda Chapter 

Phi Mu sorority began an active fall semester 
with a dinner at the Passport Room for its pled- 
ges. Honors attained by Phi Mu's were Derby 
Doll, Miss Nashville, Sigma Chi Sweetheart and 
second place in DZ Follies. 

Phi Mu had members in Angel Flight, Tassel, 
Who's Who, SGA and Alpha Lambda Delta. The 
sorority also claimed places in sweetheart clubs 
and 1969 cheerleaders. 

This past year also saw a variety of projects for 
the chapter. Actives and pledges worked with 
Kappa Alpha fraternity in Homecoming Float 
competition, gave a party for the Memphis Deaf 
Children's School, held a Founder's Day lunch- 
eon and sponsored a scholarship dinner. 

Other activities included a weekend pledge 
swap with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a barn party 
and the annual Enchantress Ball. 

1. Charlotte Vigiletti 

2. Jane John 

3. Vicki McCullen 

4. Margaret Luce 

5. Gwynne McCullen 

6. Teresa Cooksey 

7. Linda Delaney 

8. Sharon Loveless 

9. Pam Bethay 

10. Dorothy Trautman 

11. Susan Eaton 

12. Beth Thomason 

13. Linda Rayho 

14. Debbie Kock 

15. Donna Blankenship 

16. Carol Smith 

17. Margie Sharp 

18. Jerri Jarvis 

19. Valerie Gamble 

20. Paula Mogridge 

21. Holly Hossel 

22. Vicki Griffin 

23. Teri Taylor 

24. Melanie Indorf 

25. Sylvia Birchfield 

26. Sue Burkitt 

27. Donna Mabry 

28. Carol Adkins 

29. Carol Trautman 

30. Patty O'Donnell 

31. Lucy Sayle 

32. Eden Ferguson 

33. Donna Jakes 

34. Judy Sartin 

288 Greeks/Sororities 

35. Beverly Becker 

36. Marsha McDonald 

37. Pam Potts 

38. Judy Dolan 

39. Leigh Prewitt 

40. Beverly Rutledge 

41. Glenda Chapman 

42. Judy Fowler 

43. Charlotte Vaughn 

44. Priscilla Williams 

45. Suzanne Berretta 

46. Cathy Gagliano 

47. Rene Robinson 
43. Robin Hall 

49. Sandy Buckner 

50. Anne Reed 

51. Ellen Jaggard 

Greeks /Sororities 289 

Alpha Phi Chapter 


Sigma Delta Tau was well represented by its 
actives and pledges in many campus activities, 
including Alpha Psi Omega, a supreme justice 
and co-chairman of All-Sing. 

Actives and pledges participated in Home- 
coming, a powder puff football game, a kidnap 
supper, a winter formal and a parent's brunch. 

290 Greeks /Sororities 

1. Debbie Miller 

2. Eva Lapides 

3. Pam Finebaum 

4. Ann Weil 

5. Gail Kirschner 

6. Lynn Hessdorffer 

7. Vicki Wurzburg 

8. Ellen Isaacman 

9. Ellen Groban 

10. Susan Levit 

11. Martha Rosemore 

Paula Karlin 

Greeks /Sororities 291 



1. Melody Kennon 20. 

2. Diane Horn 21. 

3. Betty McMillan 22. 

4. Larae Duckworth 23. 

5. Wanda Drashman 24. 

6. Martha Orr 25. 

7. Melissa Conyers 26. 

8. Kay McCarty 27. 

9. Cassie Gaines 28. 

10. Jane McClain 29. 

11. Linda Campbell 30. 

12. Linda Trobaugh 31. 

13. Terry Jacamino 32. 

14. Patty Ellis 33. 

15. Deborah Menendez 34. 

16. Donna Abernathy 35. 

17. RedaOrr 36. 

18. Jan Rutherford 37. 

19. Susan Mullinax 38. 

Sandra Beadle 
Sharon Fitzgerald 
Beverly Dowdy 
Martha Carden 
Carol Matey 
Gina Parrett 
Lee Arquitt 
Linda Kennon 
Vicki Hunt 
Linda Vann 
Joyce Higgs 
Pam Chapman 
Carol Carney 
Floy Mae Jennings 
Susie Johnson 
Melva Thompson 
Janice Price 
Cathy Wilbur 
Linda LeDuke 

292 Greeks /Sororities 

Beta XI Chapter 

Sigma Kappa was well-represented in all 
phases of campus activities, including members 
of Who's Who, Angel Flight, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Tassel and officers of dorms and clubs. 

Sigma Kappa social activities included the an- 
nual Crown Pearl Ball, fraternity serenading, 
barn parties, a Mother-Daughter tea, a Christmas 
Party and a kidnap breakfast. 

The close ties and true sistership developed 
between Sigma Kappas was best expressed 
through the open motto, "One heart, one way." 


Anne Miller 


Barbara Cox 


Pat McGowan 


Marilyn Yarbrough 


Martha Frank 


Pat Quinn 


Janet Eskew 


Debbie Ward 


Debbie Bejma 
Charlotte Ellis 



Linda Ellis 


Sharon Childress 


Sandy Tucker 


Debbie Glasscock 


Balynda Moore 


Brenda Mason 


Carolyn Hall 
Patti Teague 



Diane Parnell 

Greeks /Sororities 293 

294 Greeks /Sororities 


Sigma Gamma Chi Chapter 

Sigma Gamma Rho was organized in 1922 at 
Butler University. Symbolized by royal blue and 
gold, they strived to motivate youth to greater 
achievement, wholesome living, inspired actions 
and exploring new horizons. 

The Sigmas exhibited great spirit when at- 
tending their major events throughout the year. 
Founders' Day was celebrated in November with 
excitement, as well as the "Blue and Gold Ball" 
in January. 

The "Boule," a great gathering of all the chap- 
ters of Sigma, was a most rewarding and unfor- 
gettable week of joy. Gamma Chi's annual tea 
and fashion show was inspirational and en- 

But the greatest joy was experienced when 
Sigma Gamma Rho contributed to the children 
of St. Jude Hospital. 

1. Ann Banks 

2. Anne Cook 

3. Vieda Bowen 

4. Stancie Turner 

Loretta Cornes 
Pat White 

1. Zelma Brown 

2. Cheryl William 

3. Gwendolyn 

4. Shirley Little 

5. Carolyn Douglas 

6. Berneta Farmer 

7. Joyce Ragland 

8. Earline 

9. Lula Wright 

10. Dell Edwards 

11. Vernita Fields 

12. Elizabeth 


Epsilon Epsilon Chapter 

The sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha found many 
community projects to include along with their 
annual social projects. Besides looking forward 
to the sorority's semi-annual dances, AKA had 
two goodwill projects during the school year and 
worked with the national NAACP-AKA project 
with the Memphis NAACP. The new pledge 
class decided to make the sorority's Cleveland 
Job Corp project a part of their program. 

The sorors enjoyed a close relationship and 
worked very hard with members from other 
chapters. In spring the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, 
along with other Memphis chapters, acted as offi- 
cial hostesses for the sorority's Southeastern Re- 
gional Conference in Memphis. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha maintained the highest 
scholastic average of the National Panhellenic 
Council at Memphis State. 

Greeks /Sororities 295 

. . . pole walk . . . yard and a half . . . Den- | 
ise Foyle . . . Mayor Loeb . . . 

fc.i?-*",;^;.. -'*: 


' rl 









"* / 

"m -•< 1 


296 Greeks /Derby Day 

Expressions Reflect 
Derby Day Competition 

Expression may tell a story without the aid of 
words, but that expression must have a source, or 
what one might call a stimulus. Derby Day of 
1969-70 was definitely a day of sufficient stimuli 
to yield a quantity of expression as demonstrated 
by these photographs. 

Derby Day is a highlight of Greek activity on 
the MSU campus and is sponsored by the Sigma 
Chi Fraternity. Festivities include races and 
games performed by sorority pledges and a 
Derby Day dance that night. 

Pledges compete in all the events of Derby 
Day, hopefully to win a trophy for their sorority. 
Also, each sorority chooses a pledge to enter the 
"Derby Doll" and "Miss Shape" contests. These 
activities are climaxed by the Derby Day Dance, 
where the winners of all events are announced. 

Alpha Delta Pi won the novelty events for the 
second consecutive year. Derby Doll was Pricilla 
Williams of Phi Mu, and Teri Strickland of 
Alpha Phi was Miss Shape of Sigma Chi Frater- 
nity for 1969-70. 

Greeks /Derby Day 297 

DZ Follies 

Broadway came to Memphis State through 
skits presented by fraternities, sororities and in- 
dividuals in the 1969 DZ Follies. 

First place for sororities went to Alpha 
Gamma Delta with their presentation of "Fiction 
Is Often More Fascinating." Pi Kappa Alpha 
won first place for the fraternity division with 
"Camel Hair." 

Other unusual entries included Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon's "Bugville on Broadway" which placed 
second in fraternity competition and Phi Mus 
entry on contemporary events which took sec- 
ond place in the sorority division. 

"A Song for All Seasons" was the theme for 
the 1969 All-Sing, co-sponsored by the IFC and 
Panhellenic Council. Raincoat-clad Lambda Chi 
Alpha earned first place with a medley of "Rain" 
songs, while Sigma Phi Epsilon placed second. 

Delta Zeta won top honors in sorority compe- 
tition with a "Roses" theme and Alpha Delta Pi 
took second. 

Proceeds from All-Sing and DZ Follies went 
to IFC and Panhellenic Council scholarship 

298 Greeks /Follies — All-Sing 




Greeks /Follies — All-Sing 299 

Memphis State Chapter 


While striving for academic excellence, the 
brothers of Acacia still found time for a full so- 
cial program. The fall semester brought the tradi- 
tional Black and Gold Formal. Spring was the 
season for the costume ball "Nite on the Nile," 
"White Wabbit Party" and the sweetheart ball. 
Barbara Edminston of Alpha Gamma Delta was 
Acacia's sweetheart. 

Various special projects included a Christmas 
visit to underprivileged children with the Zaman 
Gotto Organization, which exemplified Acacia's 
motto of human service. 

Acacians participated in the Southern Region 
Softball Tournament at the University of Geor- 
gia in the spring. 


£ rJ*~s 











John Meeks 
Larry Brown 
Don Smith 
Benny Harrison 
Bob Frazier 
Steve Perrett 
Billy West 
Dave King 
Jim Stoddard 
Jerry Murdock 
Wade Tigerett 

300 Greeks /Fraternities 

Greeks /Fraternities 301 

Mu Sigma Chapter 


Scholarship, a hallmark of Alpha Epsilon Pi 
fraternity endeavor, was the main effort during 
the 1969-70 school year. Climaxing their scho- 
lastic drive AEPi had an unprecedented number 
of members selected for ODK, Senators, and 
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- 

Aside from AEPi's scholastic movement they 
also made time for an active social program. This 
included parties after the Memphis State football 
games and extra parties throughout the year. 

On campus AEPi had members in positions in 
the Student Government Association, Inter- 
Fraternity Council, University Center Program 
Board and The Tiger Rag. 




Howard Rubenfield 



Dale Shubert 



Bill Monroe 



David Fleishner 



Alan Breedow 



Judy Kosofsky 
Ted Glahn 





Phill Walter 



Harold Freedman 



Art Schiffman 



Barbara Shapiro 



Steve Kesselman 



Ron Wochner 


Don Kasen 
Harry Tedtman 
Barry Freedman 
Nancy Williams 
Milton Less 
Marten Lazar 
Stephen Goldstein 
Bill Mervis 
Herbie Green 
Steve Kaplan 
Harris Nagelberg 
David Feinberg 
Dennis Fleetwood 

302 Greeks /Fraternities 

Greeks /Fraternities 303 

Zeta Rho Chapter 

During the year, Alpha Tau Omega participat- 
ed in All-Sing, placed high in intramural compe- 
tition and finished third in May Day. 

ATO held top positions in the Student 
Government Association and other campus orga- 
nizations. Among these were president of Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa, SCA Social Activities direc- 
tor and chairman of Homecoming Committee. 

The community service project was the refur- 
nishing of a Police Community Relations Bu- 

The highlight of the year was the annual 
White Tea Rose Formal. Diane Horn was 
crowned Sweetheart of ATO and Fred Massa 
was given the traditional gavel as outgoing presi- 

The Taus are anxiously awaiting completion 
of their new $360,000 house located on the new 
Fraternity Park. The completion date is set for 
June, 1970. 






Danny Sealand 28. 

Dan Breckenridge 29. 

Bob Biggins 30. 

Warde Jones 31. 

Jack Shannon 32. 

Santa - Dick NuckoUs 33. 

Al Echols 34. 

Bob Bishop 35. 

George Colian 36. 

PaulPalazola 37. 

Bandy Stewart 38. 

Jim Beedle 39. 

Wayne Bagwell 40. 

Sid Hatcher 41. 

David Bogers 42. 

Fred Sawyer 43. 

Brad King 44. 

David McElroy 45. 

Carl Indrisand 46. 

Jim Holzemer 47. 

Keith Casper 48. 

John Dunker 49. 

George Snyder 50. 

Tommy Houghney 51. 

Bill Greene 52. 

Denny Donato 53. 

Denny Powers 54. 

Bill Phillips 
Bert Hogue 
Mike Bickman 
Tim Brothers 
Eb Thomas 
Charles Lutz 
Alan Yancev 
Charlie Bye 
Sparky Duffy 
John Mansfield 
Bill Key 
Pete Burky 
T.C. Crawford 
Bob Daniel 
Gary Myers 
Greg Petty 
Ace Eilert 
Joe Garrigan 
Mark Osmundson 
Bob Abney 
Cotton Tarpley 
Billy Mallette 
Jon Hornyak 
Tom Coop 
Doug Bother 
Bill Lufkin 
Sam Watts 

304 Greeks /Fraternities 

55. Fred Massa 

56. Steve Edmondson 

57. Paul Benjamin 

58. Dave Goodman 

59. Ed Ragsdale 

60. Jim Player 

61. Victor Schingle 

62. Johnny Armstrong 

Mike Edmundson 
Greg Thomas 
Robert Chumney 
Stew Lewis 
Mike Donato 
Gary Burner 
Rip Crain 
Ed McAteer 
Mike Brotherton 
Larry Camp 
Dave Brotherton 
Rick Rogers 
Jim Murphy 
George Duzanne 
Dave Tierryman 
Joe McCrady 
Buster Weber 

Greeks /Fraternities 305 

^i wWif 


Gamma Mu Chapter 


The Gamma Mu Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau 
boasted of IFC president, Elections Commission- 
er and Civil Service Commissioner among their 

The Zebes were well represented in such 
honoraries as Omicron Delta Kappa, Arnold Air 
Society, Sigma Alpha Eta and Pi Sigma Epsilon. 
They also held positions on the Student Supreme 
Court and participated in the SGA Senate. Zeta 
Beta Tau was also proud of its members selected 
for Who's Who. 

Fifteen new little sisters were initiated to 
serve as an auxiliary organization for the frater- 
nity. Charter members were chosen by the ac- 
tives and pledges. 

Besides participation in such campus events 
as the St. Jude Blood Drive, ZBT and Delta 
Gamma worked together on their Homecoming 

306 Greeks /Fraternities 

1. Hal Price 

2. Gil Schulman 

3. Marc Engleberg 

4. Barry Kroos 

5. King Hodges 

6. Richard Klein 

7. Rusty Goldstein 

8. Harry Friedman 

9. Mark Estomin 

10. Randy Delanaro 

11. Mike Handleman 

12. Larre Lipman 

13. Barry Sitverstein 

14. Mai Schwartz 

15. Jim Lipkin 

16. Ron Lavin 

17. Alan Perlman 

18. Elliot Franklin 

19. Steve Weiner 

20. Mike Dortch 

21. Hal Jaffe 

22. Dicky Molasky 

23. Murray Canton 

24. Allen Lubin 

25. Steve Gilson 

26. Sammy Zalowitz 

27. Skip Suter 

28. Russel Haas 

29. Nathan Weinzimmer 

30. Harold Walkowsky 

31. Sonny White 

32. Larry Price 

33. Robert Kretzmer 

34. Brian Bendersky 

35. Al Owings 

36. Don Klotwog 

37. Dan Green 

38. Bob Levin 

Gary Zimmerman 
Abe Plough 
David Krause 
Jim McClaim 
Bob Boensch 
Joe Winterrowd 
Jeff Baraban 
Sam Bascherig 
Sturat Rotheberg 

Greeks /Fraternities 307 

Gamma Gamma Chapter 

The Gamma Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha 
Order again assumed positions on the Memphis 
State campus. The KA's abilities were utilized in 
such organizations as the IFC, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Senators, Student Government Associa- 
tion and other organizations. 

The pledge class participated in several chari- 
ty drives and community projects, while the 
chapter competed in intramurals this year. 

The brothers of Kappa Alpha took pride in 
their weekend parties, the Old South Ball in De- 
cember and the Black and White Formal in the 
spring. Activities included extending invitations, 
the Slave Party on Friday, sipping mint juleps on 
Saturday afternoon and the ball Saturday night. 
The Black and White weekend was climaxed 
with a skiing trip to Pickwick Dam. 

1. Joe Key 

2. Tom Jacks 

3. John Potts 

4. Dale Polley 

5. Jeff Hayne 

6. Steve Miller 

7. Kenny Capps 

8. Bobby Turner 

9. Jim King 

10. Jack Young 

11. Bill Caldwell 

12. Walter High 

13. Roger Cole 

14. Ronnie Poe 

15. Randy Holcomb 

16. Brad Martin 

17. Don Helms 

18. David Moses 

19. Jeff Perkins 

308 Greeks /Fraternities 







I i 




:"»« .:, 






- 5 ; ** 

■ ■c 




20. John Clark 

21. Mike McCartie 

22. Bob Glenn 

23. Dave Jones 

24. Bob Love 

25. Ronnie Clark 

26. Ron Gardino 

27. David Blackburn 

28. David Looney 

29. Rick Colter 

30. Jim Perkins 

31. Sam Bartholomew 

32. Burt Warbington 

33. David Pittman 

34. Jim Richardson 

35. Roy Trafdon 

36. Rick Handwerker 

37. Jim Burns 

38. Richard Fitzhugh 

39. Tommy Reed 

40. Jerry Fratini 

41. Pete Goodwin 

42. Bob Black 

43. Bobby Russell 

44. Clark Sims 

45. Rob Uhlmon 

46. Jim Neel 

47. Buzz Young 

48. Captain Franklin 

49. Brent Moody 

50. Tom Pacello 

51. Murphy Appling 

52. Al Harvey 

53. Jack Brakefield 

54. Miller Loosier 

55. Bob Barksdale 

56. Greg Paule 

57. Bill McDowell 

Greeks /Fraternities 309 

Epsilon Pi Chapter 

In the year 1869 the first Kappa Sigma Chap- 
ter was established at the University of Virginia. 
From one chapter Kappa Sigma developed into 
164 chapters and five colonies in the United 
States and Canada. Epsilon Pi was part of this 

The Fall Semester started with a Rush which 
fielded many pledges. The chapter, along with 
Delta Zeta sorority, won first place in the Home- 
coming Float Contest. 

The pledges, showing great spirit, won the 
Pledge May Day track meet and helped win sec- 
ond place in the Thanksgiving "Turkey Trot." 


Ray Driggers 


Karl Danckwerth 


Tom Merriam 


Milford Buchanan 


Gene Caudle 


Rick Anderson 


Tom Lee 


Guy Yoe 


Mickie Smith 


Barry Higgins 


Stan Jensen 


Larry Forbes 


Nolan Hendrix 


Tom Day 
Dan Pollard 


Pat Callaway 



Keith Caudle 


Justin Adler 


Terry Jerden 


Scotty Bringhurst 
Art Seay 


Jimmy Mann 



George Clinard 


John Snow 


Butch Clinton 


Pat Thompson 


Ben Stoghill 


Bob Henley 


Ted Stuckenschneider 


Chris Adler 


Felix Bean 

310 Greeks /Fraternities 

32. Steve Henley 

33. Gene Archer 

34. Ken Edmundson 

35. Jack Cantrell 

36. Elton Robinson 

37. Bill Watson 

38. Greg Surratt 

39. Tyce Pearson 

40. Dick Ketehum 

41. Barry Harrison 

42. Glenn Carr 

43. Bill Nelson 

Greeks /Fraternities 311 

1. Bobby Trautman 19. 

2. Duke Martin 20. 

3. Andre Nagoski 21. 

4. Dave Suitor 22. 

5. Rick Fuller 23. 

6. Kevin Wilkinson 24. 

7. Terry Orman 25. 

8. Danny Deloach 26. 

9. Gary Shipley 27. 

10. Bill Arnold 28. 

11. Tommy Bell 29. 

12. Bruce Janis 30. 

13. Steve Brown 31. 

14. Tommy Hines 32. 

15. Eric Williams 33. 

16. Jim Dunkel 34. 

17. Bob Blow 35. 

18. Terry Rhoades 36. 

Ron Coles 
Rich Scheer 
Gary Dixon 
Mike Fulton 
John Haynes 
Steve Doerflein 
Jerry Britton 
Alfred Gordon 
Lester Hayes 
Barry Turner 
Ozzie Davis 
Lucian Cotton 
Sonny Eilert 
Ricky Linder 
Larry Brower 
Chip Edwards 
Jerry Housley 
Duane Baker 


Sandra Hughey 


Merl Becker 


Brad White 


John Kay 
Willie Hall 



Don Schultz 


Lee McLemore 


Mom Hill 


Keith Dugger 


Terry Eleazer 


Joe Flanagan 


Doug Hunt 
Charles Pertuit 



Marc Bowen 


Bill Morat 


Wade Tucker 


Bobby Peeples 
Jim West 


312 Greeks /Fraternities 

EJ --.•,.• - 




Jimmy Pope 
Dale Little 



Jim Horlacher 


Paul McNabb 


Joe Santomero 


Dennis Walker 


Glenn Miller 


Bill Blank 


Tim Williams 


Daniel O'Connor 


Tom Church 


Chris Luhrs 


Bill Belcher 


Jim Summers 


Tommy Walters 
Bob Alsobrook 



Terry Raney 

ifc" j, , 

J ' ■ 

l#> > t^j 

Greg Barlow 

Howard Lasley 

Paul Calvert 

Tommy Quinn 

Brackie Carter 

Rob Robertson 

Ed Eleazer 

Bennie Seward 

Ron Gentry 

Mike Smith 

Ed Hans 

Bob Westbrook 

Fernando Heros 

Bill Wheat 

Richard Hill 

Johnny Wright 

Jack Holloway 

Bill Clark 

Bill Huddleston 

Bill Dooley 

Tony Hughey 

David Eble 

Jimmy Jansen 

Dave Edgeworth 

Bev Johns 

Frank Novitzki 

Eddie Key 

Carter Massie 

Dickie Lane 

Tom Coury 

John Larmer 

Zeta Theta Chapter 


During the past year, Lambda Chi Alpha suc- 
ceeded in the fields of intramurals, scholarship, 
campus leadership and community service. 

The finishing in intramurals last spring with a 
first in badminton, a third in swimming and a 
first in May Day gave Lambda Chi second place 
in overall intramurals. The fall was equally suc- 
cessful with a second in softball and firsts in ping 
pong and cross-country. 

Lambda Chi's also held the campus leadership 
positions of Mr. Memphis State and SGA admin- 
istrative vice-president. There were also Lambda 
Chi's serving on the DeSoto, The Tiger Rag, the 
IFC and UCPB staffs as well as members of Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa, Senators, Who's Who, Pi 
Delta Epsilon and Arnold Air Society. 

Philanthropic projects included programs 
with the March of Dimes, the Kidney Founda- 
tion and the Mile-O-Dimes. They also assisted 
with the Cancer Drive and co-sponsored the Ford 
Punt, Pass, and Kick Contest. 

During the spring Lambda Chi finalized their 
plans for moving into a new fraternity house, 
part of the Fraternity Park complex scheduled 
for completion in 1970. 

Greeks /Fraternities 313 

' ' > -- ** ' «t*-r ■ 'juf. - ft 

r55»:\ -■<#.* •♦'.-'i »■ '•• -■■■■■■* ■' 

, t -. -• * •-'■ t«'5' ! . ,'; -■■.*..•' -'-ijf * i 'J? v ■• • ' ■ . 

> *. ^1^' 

»*<5? . JiMitf.^L **/« 

V!?">^>'' ■• *^' . wage'' 2i!a^^'*'-» '■ ,^»to.-.; 1? ,/'•-«' 


Charlie Portis 


Aubrey Cox 


Mike Marshall 


Alan Hokanson 


Mike Hall 


Rich Juliano 


Wayne Gaia 


Wayne Atkinson 


Wayne McDonald 


Glenn Frix 


Mike Spurlock 
Bill Tybor 
Kim Burstyne 




Ken Wilde 


Charlie Irvine 


Joe Cerrito 


Bill Carkeet 
Don Laughlin 
Howard Nixon 
Byron Carson 
Johnny Barnes 
Don McGory 
Ben Walker 
Jim Glanville 
Bruce Ogilvie 
Tim Hnedak 
Wally Bacon 
Joe Ganguzza 
Tom Brown 
Mike Accardi 
Lynn Biter 
Jimmy Turnage 

3 1 4 Greeks / Fraternities 

'*"»• *>»*%..*- 

'^S> •' I 

*m*'- jK 



sjf- # ■*. 

■-ti •*■ 




■ f 


34. Bobby Pugh 

35. Dee Cole 

36. Danny Rhea 

37. Gary Keene 

38. Johnny Lee 

39. Ken Webb 

40. Raymond Skidmore 

41. Johnny Meyers 

42. Billy Wilson 

43. Ron Perroti 

44. Jim Carson 

45. Tom Wright 

46. Chuck Thompson 

47. Eugene Collins 

48. Jerry Dunn 

49. Mike Harder 

50. Bobby Hathcock 

51. Curt Taylor 

52. Yogi Fredricks 

53. Bobby Stewart 

54. Fire Engine 

55. Larry Hollingsworth 

56. Ron Ross 

57. Bobby Archer 

58. Dan Neely 

59. Henry Posey 

60. Larkin Head 

61. Jerry Bishop 

62. Neal Frazier 

63. Fred Durham 

64. Jack Dulmer 

65. Pat Neely 

Delta Zeta Chapter 


Pi Kappa Alpha was host to the National Fra- 
ternity Leadership School this year. Delta Zeta's 
chapter house was the setting for a 250-man ban- 
quet during the Leadership School. 

Pi Kappa Alpha continued its campus leader- 
ship by holding high offices in the SGA, IFC, 
Omicron Delta Kappa and various other campus 
organizations. Along with their first place victory 
in the DZ Follies, Pi Kappa Alpha also captured 
first place in intramurals softball. 

The spring was highlighted by Pi Kappa Al- 
pha's "Dream Girl" Ball where Barbara Essary 
was crowned Dream Girl for 1969-70. 

The Delta Zeta Pikes were anxiously awaiting 
the completion of their new house located in the 
center of Memphis State University's new frater- 
nity park. 

Greeks / Fraternities 3 1 5 

1. John Russotto 

2. David Lowery 

3. Gary Vanasek 

4. Jimmy Brister 

5. Tommy Appleton 

6. Bobby Ferguson 

7. Steve Quinn 

8. Tommy Hamm 

9. Ed Savage 

10. Brad Fenton 

11. Jamie Belew 

12. John Helm 

13. Jimmy Johnson 

14. AllenPrice 

15. Robert Fudge 

16. Ken Bridges 


Jim Williams 


Calvin Flowers 


Larry Bradshaw 


Mike Perkins 


Gary Smith 


Mike Harris 


Allen Vazquez 


Chuck Ziemba 


Ronnie Maddox 


Lance Russell 


David Merritt 


Ray Newby 


Linda Markham 



David Britton 


Ken Walsh 

316 Greeks /Fraternities 



32. Ernie Youree 

33. Herb Blow 

34. Woody Woodward 

35. Rich Franklin 

36. Jim Patterson 

37. Gary Heien 

38. Ed Hill 

39. Bvron Coleman 

40. Mike Brady 

Bill Thorn 
Wayne Douglas 
Bob Montgomery 
Jimmy Weeks 
Bill Wheeler 

Gamma Delta Chapter 


Pi Kappa Phi was quite active this year with 
representatives in a number of campus organiza- 
tions. Honors included the treasurer of the Inter- 
fraternity Council, members of the Order of 
Omega, the president of the Spanish Club and 
members of various scholastic honoraries. Of- 
fices in the Student Government Association in- 
cluded the attorney general and chairmen of 
Curriculum Committees. Several brothers parti- 
cipated in the staging of "Hair." 

Scholastically, the fraternity was proud of its 
brothers on the Dean's List and in the IFC 4.0 

In intramural competition Pi Kappa Phi 
placed first in horseshoes and second place in 
table tennis. Ken Walsh received the MSU 
Homecoming Golf Tournament Trophy. The 
brothers were proud of Herb Blow, who was cho- 
sen Most Outstanding Athlete in the Intramural 

The brothers participated in various service 
projects, including the March of Dimes Drive. 

The highlight of the fall semester was Pi 
Kappa Phi's successful pledge swap with Alpha 
Phi. They also joined together to produce an out- 
standing Homecoming float, which received 
Honorable Mention. 

Greeks /Fraternities 317 

Tennessee Sigma Chapter 


SAE captured it's fifth consecutive All- 
Intramural Trophy and the first All-University 
Trophy. Highlights included first place in soft- 
ball, basketball, volleyball, billiards, handball 
and golf. 

Off the athletic field SAE was particularly ac- 
tive in the Student Government Association, 
Inter-fraternity Council and ODK. SAE was 
especially pleased with high offices in each of 
these important areas of student involvement. 

Socially, SAE again proved that college life is 
not all books and studies. The annual Sweetheart 
Party, Christmas Party and Spring Weekend at 
Heber Springs, Arkansas were especially suc- 
cessful this year. 

SAE, proud of its work in community rela- 
tions, added many rewarding times for both 
themselves and a group of retarded children at a 
Memphis school. 

1. Fred George 21. 

2. Tommy Gaughn 22. 

3. RayMets 23. 

4. Lee Walker 24. 

5. Steve Boyd 25. 

6. Dave McDermott 26. 

7. Phil Schuyler 27. 

8. Stan Sellers 28. 

9. Bill Farris 29. 

10. Jim Holt 30. 

11. Dent Williams 31. 

12. Phil Coble 32. 

13. Bill Ellis 33. 

14. Dick Faulk 34. 

15. Jim Armbruster 35. 

16. Jack Flannigan 36. 

17. Scott Burnett 37. 

18. Mickey Small 38. 

19. Robin Hadaway 39. 

20. Leonard Texiara 40. 

Biz Bisanozo 
Paul Winters 
Gary Craney 
Rod Gosney 
Ben Bewley 
Neugent Tredwell 
Milton Rodgers 
Frank Clement 
Larry Frandenback 
Cary Mulwee 
Steve Boswell 
Bobby Barbour 
Craig Williams 
Gary Bryant 
Andy Rambo 
Tommy James 
Brad Leyhee 
Phil Babcock 
Skeeter Keltner 
Mike Jones 

318 Greeks /Fraternities 




Mark Milton 

61. Sam Milton 


Rick Schmid 

62. Jack Kersh 


Bill Jeter 

63. Louis Jenkins 


Fred Nichol 

64. Ted Kirksey 


David Voorhies 

65. C.B. Watridge 


Barry White 
Jim Cowen 


Lee Saunders 


Hal Noble 

Noble DeVotie 


Rick Thurow 

Wade Foster 


David Briggs 

Ernie Pyle 


Pete Blumenfield 

Bill Brock 


Don Shelton 

Doug Dickey 


Ricky Briggs 
Jim King 

John Davidson 


C.B. Baker 


Dick Cockrell 

Stephen Smith 


Bob Holman 

Chuck Whitford 


Bob McKirnan 

Howard Calhoun 


Allie "Mom" Prescott 

Buzzy Belcher 


Jim Jones 

Cecil Pigford 
Pete Gifcchrist 


Mont Smith 

Greeks / Fraternities 3 1 9 

™ JBL...J1 Ml 


Pat Bran no n 


Kirk Eddins 


Richard Kolar 


Greg Winterburn 


George Morris 


Bob Brannon 


Robert Shipman 


Jimmy Lester 

. r ). 

Gary Orem 


Jerry Crain 


Bob McCrory 


Bill Bates 


Ray Baskette 


John Vanlandingham 


Jerdan English 


Keith Davidson 


Lewie Webb 


Gary Leonard 


Louis Leibovich 


Rie Richardson 


Chuch Valadie 


Chad Scott 


John Piermattei 


John McDaniel 


Phillip Bryce 
Don Antrim 


Jeff Stratton 



Gray Tuber ville 
Jed Whiteside 


Don Suteh 



Jimmy Parrish 
Don Eder 


Russ Livingston 



Rob Cooper 

320 Greeks /Fraternities 




Glen Donahoe 
Bob Schobert 
Ronnie Ray 
Jack Hunter 
Jim Reeves 
Bill Throne 
Jim Baker 
Wayne Dabbs 
Glen Thomas 
Joe Delozier 
Danny Johnston 
Bill Morgan 
Barry Bishop 
Ric Gers 
John Rounsavall 
John Patterson 
Ric de la Houssaye 

Tennessee Beta Chapter 


The Tennessee Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon began the fall semester by winning the 
SGA Spirit Trophy for displaying the greatest 
group spirit on campus. 

Scholastically, SPE received the Sigma Chi 
Traveling Trophy for the most improved scholar- 
ship on campus. Sig Ep also placed two brothers 
on the Dean's List, with fourteen other brothers 
compiling a 3.0 or better. 

In campus activities, Tennessee Beta received 
a color television set for collecting the most 
money on campus for the LeBonheur Children's 
Hospital Drive. SPE placed second in All-Sing 
and in intramural swimming, tennis and turkey 

Alpha Gamma Delta and SPE held their annu- 
al Christmas party for underprivileged children 
and also participated in a pledge swap with Delta 
Zeta. Ramona Mcintosh of DZ was named as the 
Sig Ep Diamond Princess at the annual pledge 
class formal. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon was represented by the 
president of the IFC and by the Greek God. Sig 
Eps also participated in Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Senators and the Cheerleaders. 

Greeks / Fraternities 32 1 

Epsilon Kappa Chapter 

Sigma Chi fraternity again brought a weekend 
of fun and festivity to Memphis State Universi- 
ty's campus with its annual Derby Day. The 
event which was sponsored for sorority pledges 
was highlighted by a visit from Mayor Henry 
Loeb of Memphis and climaxed by the annual 
Derby Day Dance and crowning of the Sigma 
Chi Derby Doll. 

Sigma Chi was represented in many areas of 
campus activity with brothers in IFC, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Who's Who, Arnold Air Society, 
The Tiger Rag and Young Republicans. 

The fraternity had a full social calender with 
outstanding functions following MSU football 
games and mixers held for each of the sororities 
on campus. The annual Christmas party and 
Sweetheart Ball were highlights of the year. 

The real climax of the fall season came when 
the fraternity house burned. 

1. Bobby Crocker 

2. Charlie Summers 

3. Lloyd Rowland 

4. Jack Payne 

5. Tommy Kirk 

6. Billy Owens 

7. Joe Fallin 

8. Ken Stratton 

9. Jerry Maness 

10. Corky Eperson 

11. Don Wilson 

12. Tommy Pappas 

13. Mike Logan 

14. Shelly Rice 

15. Jim Madison 

16. Bob Brown 

322 Greeks /Fraternities 

17. Jim Bland 

18. Rob Robinson 

19. Mike Gad 

20. Hugh Peterson 

21. Billy Drumm 

22. Grady Grimstead 

23. Tom Jones 

24. Bobby Maness 

25. Don Anderson 

26. Phil Lynch 

27. Bill Deaton 

28. David Hogan 

29. Ron Taoker 

30. Bobby Howard 

31. Mike Drewe 

32. Walter Allen 

33. Joe Akin 

34. Billy Hamilton 

35. Matt Gianini 

36. Mike Mingea 

Davey Weakes 
Mike Richmond 
Wayne Brown 
Ken Moore 
Al Madison 
Larry Arnett 
Jeff Corbett 
Jeff Gavrety 
Stan Tibadoux 
Mike Thomas 

Greeks /Fraternities 323 

Tennessee Zeta Colony 

The Tennessee Zeta Colony of Phi Kappa Psi 
has grown to become an active part of the Mem- 
phis State campus. Phi Kappa Psi doubled its 
size during the year and planned to move into a 
new house. 

The colony participated in all Interfraternity 
projects as well as sponsoring several of its own. 

This year Phi Psi participated in intramurals, 
IFC activities and the Homecoming yard dis- 
plays. Also, the brothers took a very active part 
in the spring SGA elections. 

The colony was fully represented in clubs and 
organizations on campus. Brothers were mem- 
bers of the Pre-legal Society, the History Club, 
Student Government Association and other or- 

The Phi Psi's highlighted their year again with 
a dinner for the sorority presidents and a spring 
formal. The dinner was held to honor the presi- 
dents for their contributions to Memphis State 










Don Leppert 
Paul Maum 
Doug Winters 
Frank Mund 
Scott Dew 
Mike Hannah 
Randv Darnell 
Cliff Swan n 
John Ridgway 
Steve Maupin 
Mike Sutton 

324 Greeks /Fraternities 

12. John Porter 

13. Lloyd Bearden 

14. Vernice Haines 

15. Gregg Jones 

16. JimUnderwood 

17. Mike Evans 

18. Alan Hall 

19. Wayne Naro 

20. Ollar Fuller 

21. Don Holeomb 

22. Jim Pass 

Greeks /Fraternities 325 


Clem Weinrich 



Ronny Crizer 



Alan Coursar 



Harry Shumate 



Riehard Troutt 



Charley Russell 



Neil Lawrence 



Bill Vradow 



John Turner 



Mike McCarty 



Larrv Pipkin 



Larry Chrostowski 



Ken Cammack 



Bernie Krock 


Louis Tibbs 
Sam Lynn 
Larry Latham 
Bill Sudekum 
Larry Doss 
Chuck Berends 
Bill Johnson 
Chip Reed 
Jim Turner 
Paul Anderson 
Tom Hoback 
Joe Birts 
Clark Neal 
Bill Ross 

326 Greeks /Fraternities 

Psi Pentaton Chapter 


The brothers of the Psi Pentaton Chapter of 
Phi Sigma Kappa received their charter in May 
of 1969 and since that time succeeded in reach- 
ing a prominent position at Memphis State Uni- 

Efforts have reached in several directions over 
the past year. After remodeling the interior of 
the house in the summer, Phi Sig enjoyed a high- 
ly successful fall rush resulting in the largest 
number of men to pledge Phi Sig on this campus. 
Actives and pledges worked together to take 
third place in Homecoming Float competition. 

The high point of the year was the National 
Convention of Phi Sigma Kappa which was held 
in Memphis in August. 

29. David Holland 

30. Dwight Adams 

3 1 . Ted Reams 

Larry Allen 
David Burns 
Ken Eaton 
Dennis Hinson 
John Johnson 
Frank McCain 
Mike Nail 
Randy Phillips 
Ricky Rich 
Vic Suvillaga 

Greeks /Fraternities 327 


. . , . ..,, :-». 


Delta Nu Chapter 

In the fall of 1963, Phi Beta Sigma's first 
pledge class was initiated from the Lemoyne 
Chapter. In the spring of 1966, it was established 
as a colony, and in February of 1969, the frater- 
nity house was secured. Phi Beta Sigma was na- 
tionally recognized as a chapter in May, 1969 
and was called Delta Nu. Memphis State's ad- 
ministration awarded chapter status on January 
9, 1970. 

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma highlighted 
their year by a number of philanthropies includ- 
ing a Boys' Club project and a Christmas party 
for crippled children. 

The fraternity gathered together for Brother- 
hood Workshop and participated in Homecom- 
ing Weekend. 

This spring they were honored by being cho- 
sen as the site for the Regional Conference of Phi 
Beta Sigma. 

1. Thomas Malone 

2. Otis Clark 

3. J.B. Payne 

4. Henry Neal 

5. James Perkins 

6. Thomas Keys 

7. Theopolis Holeman 

8. Elbert Grimes 

9. Michael Paige 
10. James Abbott 

Bennie King 
Clarence Cleaves 
Alonza Pinali 
Lonnie Wilson 
Samuel Ware 
Harold Hendricks 
Palmer Gordon 
Albert Holmes 

328 Greeks /Fraternities 

Fraternity Sweethearts 

Linda Markham Phi Kappa Psi 

Anne Ribbcck Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Erie Flint Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Barbara Essary Pi Kappa Alpha 

Sandra Huey Lambda Chi Alpha 

Brenda Payne Kappa Alpha Order 

Greeks /Fraternities 329 


Sditor, <judy Jlannigan 

Adams, Herman 
Aikens, Beane 
Aims, Bernard 
Allison, Roger 
Armstrong, Bondie 
Austin, Merrill 

Barton, Frank 
Benson, Barbara 
Blanchard, Major 
Blitstein, Charles 
Bond, Leola 
Box, Allen 

Brandberry, Pearline 
Brannon, John 
Brogan, Ann 
Brown, Bernard 
Brown, Stephen 
Brumley, Jimmy 

Bryan, William 
Bryant, Faylene 
Bueno, Olga 
Burns, Monte 
Burrow, Susan 
Burrus, Luther 

Byrd, Joan 
Byzet, Ferdinand 
Callicutt, Wade 
Carter, Edward 
Chenoweth, Mary 
Cherry, Mack 

Churchill, Thomas 
Cole, Vashti 
Collins, Edward 
Daniel, Leslie 
Demieville, Micheline 
Despain, Ben 

Dong, Alice 
Doten, David 
Douglas, Jerry 
Downey, Maurietta 
Dunn, Janice 
Dunstan, Richard 

Elam, Emmett 
England, Ronald 
Eubanks, Joe 
Ferguson, Danny 
Fish, Roger 
Flick, Harry 

332 Classes /Graduate Students 

Flowers, Martha 

Flynn, Richard 

Ford, William 

Garnett, Robert 

Gay, Joe 

Ghadanfav, Mouhamed 

Gilbert, Walter 

Glason, Yvonne 

Godwin, Donald 

Gordin, Wayne 

Grant, William 

Greer, Ray 

Hall, Barbara 

Harris, Henry 

Hegwood, Verna 

Hester, Preston 

Kill, James 

Holmes, Glenda 

Holmes, Louis 

Hough, John 

Howick, Frances 

Inghram, John 

Jackson, Florine 

Jacobson, Howard 

Jones, Jackson 
Jordan, Joseph 
Kelly, Michael 

King, Betsy 
King, Robert 

Knight, Jan 

Labovitz, N. A. 

Lambert, David 

Ledbetter, Michael 

Lowe, Harriet 

Lunamand, William 

Maddox, William 

Malone, John 

Manning, Dorothv 

Masserano, John 

. ,v 

Classes /Graduate Students 333 

McArthur, Leston 
McDaniel, Thomas 
Miller, William 
Montgomery, Thomas 
Montgomery, Thomas 
Moore, William 

Ogaard, Alan 
Osborne, Robert 
Page, Emma 
Parks, Ralph 
Parrish, Donald 
Patel, Manu 

Perkins, Judy 
Patterson, Frank 
Peel, Edward 
Pickett, Faye 
Pierce, Woodrow 
Platania, Sam 

Polk, Samuel 
Ponce, Margarita 
Poole, Samuel 
Prichard, Mary 
Rainey, Maurice 
Ray, Barry 

Rhodes, Marv 
Rill, Judith J 
Roberts, Glen 
Rogers, Donald 
Ruffin, Betty 
Sackstein, Eric 

Savage, Mabel 
Sawyer, William 
Scanlon, John 

Schick, William 
Scott, J. H. 
Seward, Mauddean 

Shah, Bhailal 
Shah, Kirti 
Shah, Mahesh 

334 Classes /Graduate Students 

Shah, Manilal 
Shepard, James 
Shepard, Willie 
Shih, Po-Tsung 

Stewart, John 

Suvillaga, Victor 

Tahiliani, Jamnu 

Thomas, Richard 

Thomasson, Donna 

Thompson, Daniel 

Thompson, William 

Tolbert, Delores 

Towson, Alice 

Vaught, Iola 

Weatherall, Broadus 

Webb, Nancy 

Whitlock, Harold 

Williams, Florence 

Williams, Patrice 

Wilson, Russell 

Winn, Larry 

Woodward, Ronald 

Yacoubian, Nubar 

Young, Evelyn 

Young, Josephine 

Classes /Graduate Students 335 

Abrams, Barbara 
Acciani, Daniel 
Ainsworth, Anita 
Alabaster, Steven 
Albritton, Melvin 
Aldinger, Raymond 

Allman, Betty 
Amyx, Cheryl 
Anderson, Geraldine 
Anderson, Joseph 
Anderson, Marcia 
Anderson, Paul J. 

Annaratone, Thomas 
Aquilino, Vincent 
Archie, David 
Armstrong, Ruth 
Arnett, Paul 
Arnold, Susan 

Arnoult, Ellen Marie 
Arquitt, Frances Lee 
Ashe, Albert 
Askew, Ira 
Atkinson, Pamela 
Baddley, Margaret 

Baker, Carolyn 
Baker, David 
Baker, Nancy 
Baker, Vanna 
Ball, Elizabeth 
Ballenger, Nora 

Balzen, Carol 
Bandelin, Mary 
Banner, Susan 
Barker, Kenneth 
Barnes, Sarah 
Barnes, William 

Barrett, Donald 
Bates, Cynthia 
Bates, Toni 
Baust, Joseph 
Baxter, Mary 
Bean, Clyde 

Bean, Felix 
Beasley, Don 
Beaudoin, William 
Bellchamber, Dick 
Bentley, Thomas 
Berry, Judy 

336 Classes /Seniors 

Berry, Robert 

Betz, Elizabeth Ann 

Binion, Ozzie 

Birchler, Steven 

Bisanzo, Thomas 

Bisio, Norma Jean 

Bitner, Martha 

Black, Sylvia 

Blackburn, Joseph 

Blanton, James 

Bloesch, Judy 

Blom, Vicki 

Boals, Van 

Boatwright, Ed 

Bond, Beverly 

Bonner, Barbara 

Bosse, David 

Bostic, Deanna 

Bostick, Olen 

Boston, George 

Bouldin, Betty 

Boulware, Charlotte 

Boutwell, Shirley 

Bowdon, Judith 

Bowen, Carolyn 

Bowen, Veida 

Boydstun, Charles 

Bradick, William 

Bradley, Dan 

Bradley, Mary 

Bradley, Richard 

Branch, Margaret 

Branyan, Charles 

Breslow, Susan 

Briggs, Susan 

Britt, Albert 

Classes /Seniors 337 

Britt, Nancy 
Broome, Bill 
Brotherton, Brenda 
Brown, Gilbert 
Brown, James 
Brown, Lois 

Brown, Phillip 
Brown, Robert 
Brozak, Elizabeth 
Bruce, Joseph 
Bruce, Robert 
Brunette, Barbara 

Bryant, David 
Bryson, Jeannine 
Buckbee, Virginia 
Bugbee, Margaret 
Bumpus, Mary 
Burk, Kenneth 

Burkholder, James 
Burnett, William 
Burns, Gayle 
Burrage, Ronnel 
Burroughs, Frank 
Busby, Gloria 

Byrd, Cecilia 
Byrd, James 
Byrd, Mary 
Cadden, Kathleen 
Cagle, Martin 
Callow, Bette 

Calvert, Ross 
Campbell, Linda 
Campbell, Vicki 
Camper, Charlotte 
Campodonico, Paul 
Canaday, Ronald 

Candler, Nancy 
Cantwell, Charlotte 
Capon, Thomas 
Carman, James 
Carrigan, Sue 
Carter, Ben 

Carter, Elroy 
Carter, Gayle 
Carter, Gene 
Carter, Joanne 
Carter, Joe 
Cartwright, Beverly 

338 Classes /Seniors 

Cassiday, Oakley 

Castleberry, Elsie 

Cate, Mary 

Cecil, Terry 

Ceisel, Helen 

Chambers, David 

Chambers, Diana 

Chambers, James 

Chapman, James 

Chapman, Paula 

Childers, Edward 

Christian, Geraldean 

Church, Thomas 

Ciaramitaro, Rosemary 

Clark, Don 

Clark, Ivon 

Clayburn, Frances 

Cleaves, Clarence 

Cockrell, Richard 

Cole, Randy 

Coleman, James 

Coleman, Ronald 

Collins, Robert 

Collins, Thomas 

Collinsworth, Emmett 

Cook, Carolyn 

Cook, Evelyn 

Cothran, John 

Coulter, Bonnie 

Cournoyer, Robert 

Courtney, Thomas 

Cox, Beverly 

Cox, James 

Crawford, Sandra 

Crawford, Teresa 

Crowder, William 

Crowley, Sandra 

Cunningham, Ruthie 

Cupples, Douglas 

Czerwinski, Robert 

Daly, Walter 

Dampier, Ronald 

Damron, Jessie 

Dando, Cheryl 

Davidson, Tony 

Davis, Danny 

Dawson, Paul 

Day, David 

Classes /Seniors 339 

Dean, Norman 
DeLapp, Bertha 
Deming, William 

Dempsey, Douglas 
DeSierra, Susan 
Diaz, Dimas 

Dickey, Winston 
Dickson, Mary 
Dismukes, William 

Dixon, Edward 
Dixon, James 
Dobbins, Sara 

Dodson, William 
Dorris, Michael 
Douglas, Robert 

Downen, Jerry 
Dows, Anne 
Dozier, Mark 

Draiman, Sharon 
Drozdowski, John 
Drucker, Robert 
Duckworth, Carol 
Duffy, Edward 
Dumire, John 

Dunavant, Calvin 
Dunavant, Larry 
Dunaway, Jean 
Dunstan, C. E. 
Durham, Robert 
Dye, David 

340 Classes /Seniors 

Earle, Charles 

Earle, Julia 

Easley, Marvin 

Easley, Tyrone 

Eason, James 

Ebert, Bruce 

Echols, Charles 

Edwards, James 

Edwards, Norval 

Edwards, Rebecca 

Eilert, Sonny 

Elam, Shirlev 

Elliot, Deborah 

Eng, Gene 

Enkema, Patricia 

Eppes, Bette 

Erskine, Mary 

Estes, Lujayne 

Etheridge, Larry 

Eubanks, Alice 

Evans, Sheron 

Everitt, Wanda 

Fallin, Joseph 

Farmer, Vicki 

Farrell, Craig 

Farshee, Louis 

Feasel, Robert 

Feig, Barry 

Feldman, Jesse 

Feldman, Mark 

Fenley, Gail 

Fierra, Samuel 

Findley, Elizabeth 

Fong, George 

Fish, Frances 

Fitzpatrick, Alan 

Flanagan, Bobbv 

Flatt, Carter 

Fleming, Judv 

Ford, Essie 

Foster, Phillip 

Fowler, Judith 

Fox, Garrad 

Fox, Jerry 

Francis, Mark 

Frankenbach, Larrv 

Franklin, Clara 

Franklin, Judy 

Classes /Seniors 341 

Frazier, Rebecca 
Freedman, Harold 
Fugh, Clement 

Fulgham, Bobby 
Fuller, Sandra 
Furr, Richard 

Galtelli, Glenda 
Gandy, Robert 
Garner, Nea 

Garthtight, James 
Gaylord, James 
Gelman, Norma 
Gers, Robert 
Getz, Virginia 
Ghent, Peggy 

Gibbs, Don 
Gibson, Beverly 
Glassman, Helene 
Goetz, Paul 
Goldeng, Charles 
Gooch, Nancy 

Goodroe, Brit 
Goodwin, Cynthia 
Gordon, Winston 
Graham, Newton 
Graves, Guy 
Graves, Joan 

Graves, Mary 
Graves, Nancy 
Green, Susan 
Greene, Boyd 
Greene, William 
Greer, Richard 

Gresham, Paula 
Griffin, John 
Griffith, Deborah 
Guibao, Patrick 
Guillermin, Frances 
Guyton, Terry 

342 Classes /Seniors 

Haas, Margaret 

Haddon, Dennis 

Hadley, Judy 

Hale, Stephen 

Haley, Herbert 

Halik, Robert 

Hall, Betty 

Hall, Carl 

Hall, Jimmy 

Hall, Margaret 

Halper, Edward 

Hamby, Patricia 

Hamilton, William 

Hamm, Rex 

Hampton, Joan 

Hancock, Marian 

Hand, Robert 

Haneberg, Robert 

Hankins, Gary 

Hanna, Edward 

Harmon, Cathie 

Harms, Terry 

Harris, Yvonne 

Hart, Joe 

Hartline, Robert 

Haun, Bettv 

Haynes, George 

Hazen, Susan 

Head, Mike 

Heil, Roy 

Heilich, Roger 

Heimansohn, Jeanette 

Helt, Robert 

Heneisen, Jack 

Henson, Marvin 

Hepburn, James 

Herring, Duane 

Herring, Virginia 

Hicks, Charles 

Higgins, Linda 

Higgs, Joyce 

Highsmith, John 

Hill, Barbae 

Hill, Charles 

Hill, Evelyn 

Hill, Helen 

Hill, John 

Himes, Margaret 

Classes/Seniors 343 

Hire, Donald 
Hoffman, Gail 
Hoffman, Martin 
Holland, George 
Holloway, Marjorie 
Holmes, Linda 

Holzemer, Wayne 
Horton, Donna 
House, Milton 
Howard, Sandra 
Howell, John 
Hoyt, Jon 

Hrymak, Mary 
Hubbell, Ralph 
Hudson, Diane 
Hudson, Mary 
Hudson, Walker 
Hudson, William 

Huff, Ralph 
Hughes, Brenda 
Hughes, Sherry 
Hughett, Cheryl 
Huie, Judy 
Hulett, Marion 

Hung, Eddie 
Hunter, Dale 
Hurst, Dianna 
Hutton, Lydia 
Hyman, Andrew 
Isom, Susan 

Jackman, Linda 
Jackson, Betty 
Jackson, Charlie 
Jackson, Richard 
Jackson, Sylvia 
Jacomino, Theresa 

Jaggard, Stephen 
Jarratt, John 
Jeneff, Martin 
Jenkins, Robert 
Jenkins, Sherry 
Jennings, Ronald 

Jennings, Sue 
Jewel, Gary 
Johns, Bev 
Johnson, Carol 
Johnson, Carol 
Johnson, David 

344 Classes /Seniors 

Johnson, George 

Johnson, Glenda 

Johnson, Kay 

Johnson, Lynda 

Johnson, Sue 

Johnson, Thomas 

Johnston, Sidney 

Jones, Charles 

Jones, John 

Jones, Mary 

Jones, Phyllis 

Jones, Robert 

Jones, Sheila 

Jones, Terry 

Jones, Thomas 

Jordan, Dorothy 

Just, Diane 

Just, Ronald 

Karuzas, Dennis 

Kasen, Donald 

Kastner, James 

Kee, Stella 

Kendall, Camille 
Kennon, Linda 

Kennon, Melody 

Keshishian, Asdghik 

Kesler, Stanley 

Key, Kieran 

Key, William 

Kiely, Edward 

Kimery, John 

Kinchen, Sandra 

King, Addie 

King, Edward 

King, George 

King, Linda 

Kiperts, Karlis 

Kirsch, Susan 

Klotwog, Don 

Koeller, Barbara 

Koleas, Vicki 

Koslowski, Frank 

Kozel, Richard 

Krebs, Stephen 

Krieger, Michael 

Krieger, Susan 

Lacrouts, Raymond 

LaManna, Kathleen 

Classes/Seniors 345 

Lane, Loyd 
Langfur, Roseann 
Lanier, Elizabeth 
Lashbrook, Margaret 
Lapish, Marian 
Lashlee, William 

Latham, M. James 
Lawrence, Jerry 
Laws, Terry 
Layton, Timothy 
Leake, Conelia 
Lee, Ruth 

Leen, David 

Leigh, Marilyn 
Leoncavallo, John 
Levy, Sterling 
Lewis, Charles 
Lewis, Glenda 

Liapis, George 
Liebling, Gary 
Light, Carolyn 
Lilak, John 
Linebaugh, Joni 
Little, Bedford 

Little, Rebecca 
Lloyd, William 
Loden, Ronald 
Long, Charles 
Losi, Robert 
Love, Charles 

Lovejoy, Michael 
Lucas, Jerry 
Lust, Barbara 

Lutes, Roger 
Lynch, Marilynn 
Madison, Ronald 

Magliacane, James 
Malone, Cynthia 
Malone, Judye 

346 Classes /Seniors 

Mann, Paul 

Manning, Wayne 

Mansfield, John 

Marley, Lawrence 

Marr, Welborn 

Marshall, Susan 

Martello, Toni 

Martin, Edna 

Martin, Elizabeth 

Martin, George 

Martin, Marilyn 

Martin, Pattv 

Marton, Carolyn 

Mask, Billie Jean 

Matlock, Mary 

Matthews, Larry 

McAteer, Edward 

McCain, Frank 

McClintock, Emily 

McClinton, Marsha 

McComas, Nancy 

McCommon, Linda 

McCoy, Norman 

McCracken, Sue 

McCrary, Virginia 

McCune, Madeline 

McDaniel, Hope 

McDaniel, Louis 

McDermott, David 

McDonald, Ruth 

McGee, Diane 

McGee y , Richard 

McGlasson, Charles 

Mcintosh, John 

Mclntyre, Pamela 

McLain, Eva 

McLaurine, Bonnie 

McPherson, Malcolm 

McVeigh. Hugh 

Mendoza, Deborah 

Merryman, Clifford 

Meservey, Kathleen 

Mestemacher, Julia 

Middlecoff, Linda 

Middlecoff, Richard 

Middleton, Dannie 

Middleton, Margaret 

Miller, Anne 

Classes/Seniors 347 

Miller, Booker 
Miller, Bruce 
Miller, John 
Miller, Louis 
Miller, William 
Milstead, Paul 

Mingea, Michael 
Mitchell, Jerry 
Mitchell, Mary 
Mitchell, Robb 
Mock, Talmadge 
Moll, Kathryn 

Montgomery, Allen 
Moore, Jerry 
Moore, Tyrone 
Morris, Dorothy 
Morris, George 
Morris, Ronnie 

Morrisey, Thomas 
Muir, Judy 
Mullins, Raymond 
Mullins, Robert 
Mund, Frank 
Nail, Patsy 

Naro, Wayne 
Neal, Clark 
Nelson, Jack 
Nelson, John 
Nelson, Velma 
Neusse, Richard 

Nevfeld, Steven 
Newby, Dorothy 
Nichols, Sylvia 
Norton, Nancy 
Nowlin, Billy 
Norwood, Donna 

Ochsner, Diana 
Oglesby, James 
Olmsted, Andrew 
Osborn, Nella 
Oxford, Retha 
Oziransky, Michelle 

Pacello, Thomas 
Pacini, Darlene 
Palazold, Jerry 
Paltrowitz, Steven 
Parham, Betty 
Parker, Candace 

348 Classes /Seniors 

Parker, James 

Parker, Nick 

Parlow, Josephine 

Parks, Michael 

Parnell, Dan 

Parrett, Virginia 

Parrish, Robert 

Pate, Danny 

Patterson, Mary 

Patterson, Phyllis 

Pattison, Warren 

Paxenos, Adrienne 

Payne, Elsie 

Peczi, Joe 

Pennington, Robbie 

Peppers, Clara 

Perkins, Gary 

Perkins, Wallace 

Perry, Suzanne 

Peterson, Thomas 

Philip, John 

Phillips, Daisy 

Phillips, Zelma 

Piasczyk, Henry 

Pigue, Belinda 

Pike, Barbara 

Pill, Harriett 

Pinkston, Beverly 

Pinner, Cheryl 

Pipkin, William 

Piatt, Michael 

Plunk, Sheila 

Pope, Ella 

Poston, Joseph 

Potts, Timothy 

Powell, Wilson 

Prince, Barbara 

Pritchard, Joe 

Priver, Frances 

Classes/Seniors 349 

Quails, Clifton 
Rabb, Mildred 
Raby, Robert 
Ragan, Lenora 
Raines, Jean 
Raines, Wade 

Rauehle, Glenn 
Rauchle, Judith 
Rav, Robert 
Rayho, Linda 
Reams, Joe 
Redditt, Benjamin 

Reed, Judy 
Reed, Riehard 
Renn, Linda 
Reynolds, Brenda 
Reynolds, Don 
Rhyne, Sarah 

Ribbeck, Ann 
Rich, Lonnie 
Richardson, Mary 
Rickman, Mike 
Riddick, Gary 
Riggs, Laura 

Riley, Preston 
Riley, Ronald 
Robert, Steven 
Roberts, Grady 
Robertson, Herman 
Robertson, Mable 

Robinson, Adron 
Robinson, Johnny 
Robinson, Shirley 
Rogers, Audrey 
Rogers, Daniel 
Roland, Eugene 

Rose, Linda 
Rosenkrans, Betty 
Ross, William 
Rothman, James 
Rounsavall, Johnny 
Rowe, Earle 

Rowland, Delaney 
Rowland, J. M. 
Rubenstein, Phillip 
Rucker, Jerry 
Rutherford, Jan 
Rye, Charlie 

350 Classes /Seniors 

Sager, Anne 

Sain, Frank 

Sampietro, Linda 

Samuels, Thomas 

Sanders, Jeffrey 

Sanders, Paula 

Sanford, Michael 

Sano, Gerald 

Santomero, Joe 

Santulli, George 

Saunders, Elizabeth 

Sayle, Lucy 

Scarbrough, Richard 

Scheuerman, Eugene 

Schiffman, Arthur 

Schingle, Barbara 

Schneider, Walter 

Schriner, Frank 

Schultz, Lann 

Schutt, James 

Schwartz, Malcolm 

Schwartz, Timothv 

Scott, Sims 

Scruggs, Marv 

Sebree, Jackie 

Seiler, William 

Seward, Linda 

Shears, Michael 

Shipp. Arlena 

Shirm, Donald 

Shoup, Kenneth 

Shuba, Richard 

Sieben, Marilyn 

Silber, Hinda 

Simmons, Sharron 

Sims, Daniel 

Classes /Seniors 351 

Sizemore, Sue 
Skeen, Martha 
Slaughter, Robert 
Slowey, Michael 
Smith, Charles 
Smith, Edward 

Smith, Gary 
Smith, John 
Smith, Mary 
Smith, Micke 
Smith, Neville 
Smith, Phillip 

Smith, Wayman 
Snelgrove, Susan 
Snodgrass, Danny 
Snyder, George 
Sordinas, Sally 
Speck, Richard 

Speer, Cecil 
Spinola, Barbara 
Sproul, Teresa 
Stafford, Ida 
Stafford, James 
Stafford, Melissa 

Staggs, Judith 
Star, Alexander 
Starnes, Gail 
Startup, Ernest 
Stawick, Lawrence 
Stegman, Nancy 

Stephenson, Richard 
Stern, Rose 
Stevens, Marcia 
Stevens, Richard 
Stevenson, Delois 
Steverson, Dale 

Stewart, Bonnie 
Stewart, Robert 
Stewart, Dale 
Stockwell, Barbara 
Stolerick, Robert 
Stratton, Kenneth 

Stone, Gary 
Stuckenschneider, Ted 
Sutton, Betty 
Sutton, Michael 
Suwata, Stanley 
Swann, Clift 

352 Classes /Seniors 

Swift, Glenn 

Swift, William 

Swindle, David 

Tabor, Barbara 

Tallant, Peggy 

Tamboli, William 

Taro, Nichols 

Tassinario, Natale 

Taylor, Aaron 

Taylor, Donald 

Teague, Larry 

Teague, William 

Thomason, Martha 

Thompson, Samuel 

Thornton, William 

Thron, Elizabeth 

Thurow, Richard 

Thweatt, Carlisle 

Tibbels, John 

Tice, Doris 

Tingle, Paula 

Tipton, Bob 

Tittle, Michael 

Todd, Jerry 

Trautman, Bob 

Tribble, Diana 

Trobaugh, Linda 

Trosko, Beverly 

Tucker, Leola 

Turberville, Shirley 

Turner, Carole 

Turner, John 

Upegui, Jose 

Valvoda, Donna 

Varner, Sharon 

Vaughn, Charlotte 

Vaughters, James 

Venditte, John 

Vick, Jimmy 

Vinson, ^Michael 

Vinson, Roger 

Wages, William 

Walden, Patricia 

Walker, Anita 

Walker, Kay 

Waller, Arthur 

Walsh, Phillip 

Ward, Diane 

Classes /Seniors 353 

Ward, Patsy 
Warren, Kathryn 
Warren, Rex 

Watson, Celia 
Watson, Leonard 
Watts, Katherine 

Weaver, Charles 
Webb, Donna 
Webb, Everett 

Weidenbaum, Carol 
Weigel, John 
Welsh, Mary Agnus 
Werner, Diana 
Wertz, Janet 
Wesner, Terry 

Westbrook, James 
Whaley, Wanda 
Whitaker, Andrew 
Whitbourne, Diana 
White, Carolyn 
White, Cecil 

White, Nancy 
Whitehorn, Elizabeth 
Whitfield, Mary 
Whitt, Danny 
Whitten, Paula 
Wiggins, Dennis 

Wiley, Elizabeth 
Wilhite, Don 
Williams, David 
Williams, Jean 
Williams, Joseph 
Williams, Marshall 

Williams, Richard 
Williams, Robert 
Williams, Steve 
Williams, Wendell 
Willis, Frances 
Wilson, Jacquelyn 

354 Classes /Seniors 

Wilson, Robert 
Winchester, John 

Winkler, R. A. 

Winston, Paula 
Wolfe, Darrell 
Wolfe, Sharon 

Wong, Frank 

Woods, Bruce 

Woods, Marvin 

Woodward, Marilyn 

Worley, Patricia 

Wright, Janice 

Yaffe, Sherwin 

Yager, Michael 

Yager, Sharon 

Yarbrough, Elizabeth 

Yetman, William 

Young, Douglas 

Young, Earl 

Young, Jere 

Young, Linda 

Youngblood, Pamela 

Zanone, Lynn 

Zboyan, Michael 

Zehntner, Richard 

Zeip, Karen 

Zelenak, Pat 

Zoccola, Charlotte 

Zunt, Nancy 

Fitzpatrick, David 

Johnson, Asa 
Shannon, Jack 

Stuart, June 
Jones, Vernon 

Carter, Marjorie 

Classes/Seniors 355 

Accardi, Mike 
Adams, Sara 
Adelman, John 
Albright, Irene 
Allen, Beverly 
Allen, Sharon 
Anderson, Clinton 
Arnold, Kathy 

Aycock, Leavell 
Bacurin, Linda 
Baker, Joseph 
Baker, Mary Ann 
Ball, Barbara 
Banks, Daniel 
Banks, Ann 
Barr, Robert 

Barton, Laura 
Barton, Linda 
Baum, Richard 
Beard, Linda 
Belew, Charlotte 
Bell, Robert 
Benbrook, Barbara 
Benson, Linda 

Bethel, Harry 
Birdwell, Daniel 
Bishop, Linda 
Blackburn, Jerry 
Blackman, Sandra 
Blanton, John 
Bowers, Judy 
Bowles, Rebecca 

Bradley, Carolyn 
Brassel, John 
Briggs, Sarah 
Brock, Llewellyn 
Brown, Bet tie 
Buckley, Margaret 
Burden, Mary 
Burden, Mary 

Burks, Louise 
Burns, Kenneth 
Butler, Nancy 
Bynum, Ellen 
Bynum, Glen 
Byzet, Ronald 
Camp, Deborah 
Canaday, Stephen 

Carney, Carol 
Carson, Jon 
Chapman, Suzann 
Carter, John 
Childers, Brenda 
Chu, Sharon 
Clark, Charles 
Clements, Terry 

Clifton, Laurel 
Clouse, Eugene 
Coker, Patricia 
Colclasure, Martha 
Collier, Judith 
Comer, Elizabeth 
Connor, Doris 
Cook, Elizabeth 

Cooke, Ralph 
Cooksey, Martha 
Coop, Lula 
Correll, Mac 
Cotten, Wilma 
Cox, Robert 
Cozart, Mary 
Crawford, George 

Creasy, Gary 
Crouse, Micnael 
Dague, Barbara 
Daniel, Robert 
Daniels, Allen 
Daniels, Doy 
Davis, Christene 
Davk, Donna 

356 Classes /Juniors 

Davis, Rebecca 

Dickerson, Rebecca 

Dickey, Melba 

Donaldson, Michael 

Downing, Susan 

Durr, John 

Eagar, Martha 

Easum, Thomas 

Eilert, Arland 

Ellis, Peggy 

Essary, Barbara 

Evensky, Maury 

Falls, Richard 

Ferguson, Pamela 

Ferguson, Rod 

Few, Nancy 

Finney, Terry 

Fleming, Susan 

Flowers, Ernest 

Fones, Fred 

Forbes, Maybelline 

Fox, Jim 

Foy, Cathy 

Franks, Thomas 

Frazier, Anita 

Frazier, Daniel 

Freeman, Elendra 

Freeman, James 

French, Ann 

Garrett, Carl 

Gaston, Martha 

Gates, Patricia 

Gay, William 

Giaccaglini, Linda 

Goldstein, Lynette 

Graham, Patricia 

Grear, Clarence 

Green, Martha 

Gunn, Samuel 

Hadaway, Robin 

Hale, Mary 

Hamm, Jennifer 

Hannah, Michael 

Harber, Wanda 

Harrell, Jean 

Harris, Ruth 

Hawkins, Robert 

Herring, John 

Hicks, Daniel 

Hill, Henry 

Hill, Janice 

Hiller, Richard 

Hoffman, Robert 

Holland, Nancy 

Hood, Rebecca 

Hooper, Henry 

Hornyak, Jon 

Horton, Eddie 

Horton, Marvin 

Hughes, Mvrtle 

Indorf, Melanie 

Jackson, Edward 

Jackson, Mary 

Jean, Linda 

Jenkins, Donald 

Jerrolds, David 

Johnson, Joan 

Johnson, Toni 

Jones, Cecil 

Jones, Corine 

Jones, Freddie 

Jones, Mary 

Jones, Mahon 

Kail, David 

Kam, James 

Kee, Linda 

Kerzner, Edward 

Ketchum, William 

Killebrew, Patricia 

King, Annette 

Classes /Juniors 357 

Kins, Susanne 
Kitchen, David 
Koch, Debbie 
Kornegay, Sidney 
Kroll, Gregory 
Lam, Tak 
Laster, Mary 
Lawrence, Russell 

Lee, Fay 
Lee, Rosella 
Lee, Yiu 
Levitch, Marilyn 
Lewis, Robin 
Lione, Anthony 
Loftin, Shirley 
Lough, Gary 

Lovell, Linda 
Luce, Margaret 
Lynch, Joe 
MacKenzie, Susanne 
Mallette, Beverly 
Maness, Roger 
Manley, Michael 
Marchbanks, Thomas 

Markham, Linda 
Marr, Marilyn 
Martin, Nancy 
Mason, Priscilla 
Masterson, David 
Mathis, James 
Mattli, Peter 
Maxey, Joe 

Mayes, Daniel 
Mayo, Judy 
McAfee, Sherry 
McClain, Jane 
McClanahan, Doris 
McCullar, Betty 
McCullar, Robert 
McDaniel, Michael 

McDurmon, Vicki 
Mcintosh, Paul 
McKenzie, Larry 
Meeks, John 

Messner, Susan 
Meyers, David 
Migliaccio, Patricia 
Miller, Lee 

Miller, Mary 
Mitchell, Cynthia 
Moody, Suzanne 
Moore, Linda 

Moore, Wayne 
Mosca, Edward 
Moser, Karen 
Mosley, James 

Mudd, Arthur 
Nabors, Donna 
Nelms, Joyce 
Nichols, Joe 

358 Classes /Juniors 

Nichols, Karen 

Nolen, Clifford 

Noonan, Pat 

Oakley, Carol 

O'Connell, Kathleen 

Ogle, Dewev 

O'Leary, Gaye 

Oliver, Terry 

Parker, Thomas 

Parrish, Mary Jo 

Parson, Joyce 

Patton, Jeff 

Payne, J. B. 

Petrilli, George 

Phillips, William 

Pickard, Robert 

Piedrahita, Eduardo 

Pierce, William 

Pigford, Donald 

ripkin, Larrv 

Polsky, Sharon 

Powell, Janice 

Powler, Stephen 

Previti, Lawrence 

Prewitt, Frances 

Pritchett, Bennv 

Proffer, Alfred 

Quintana, Pedro 

Raines, Richard 

Ratowe, Lauren 

Ray, Barbara 

Reed, Marsha 

Reeves, James 

Remaklus, Carole 

Reymann, Susan 

Rhea, Dannv 

Richardson, Ralph 

Riley, Don 

Robel, Joan 

Roberson, James 

Roberts, Sammv 

Rogers, Ben 

Rogers, Glenn 

Ross, David 

Roten, Donna 

Rushing, Rann 

Rutschman, George 

Ryan, Alan 

Sabin, Dwight 

Sailer, Max 

Sehortemever, Karen 

Shassere, Kathv 

Shedlock, Carl 

Slade, Dennis 

Smith, Gary 

Smith, Harrv 

Smith, Ralph 

Solomito, Melanie 

Spitzer, Charles 

Springer, Larrv 

Stambaugh, Jane 

Stanlev, Sammv 

Stephens, Walter 

Stepherson, Mary 

Stokes, Katherine 

Stone, Paul 

Stowe, Edward 

Streich, Margaret 

Sullivan, Imogene 

Summers, Charles 

Taylor, Marcus 

Taylor, Mvrtis 

Tavlor, Rheban 

Taylor, Richard 

Templeton. Terrv 

Terwilliger, Charles 

Thomas, Calvin 

Thomas, Dortha 

Thomas, Emily 

Tool, Joseph 

Classes /Juniors 359 

Trim, Kay 
Truesdale, George 
Tucker, Deronda 
Vanlandingham, John 
Waddell, Willie 
Wafler, Mary 
Walker, Julia 
Walker, Mark 

Walker, Mary 
Walker, Suzanne 
Ward, Debbie 
Watson, William 
Weaver, Pauline 
Weber, Lynn 
Weinand, Gary 
Wheat, Wendell 

Whitaker, Vicki 
White, Janice 
Whitehurst, Sandra 
Whitington, Martha 
Whitney, Richard 
Williams, Brenda 
Williams, Cheryl 
Williamson, Steven 

Willoughby, Lenore 
Wofford, Don 
Woolsey, Joyce 
Wright, Deborah 
Wright, Hilma 
Wright, John 
Wyatt, Sherry 
Yahola, Martha 

Yancey, James 
Young, Jacqueline 
Ytzen, Pam 
Zouheir, Jabase 

360 Classes /Juniors 

Abernathy, Frances 

Acred, Robert 

Allen, Kathryn 

Arrowsmith, Linda 

Asbury, Cynthia 

Aven, William 

Babb, Sharon 

Bailey, Robert 

Baker, James 

Baker, Linda 

Barnett, Kathy 

Barnett, Rickev 

Bateman, Charles 

Bartliff, William 

Basham, Robert 

Bauer, Charlotte 

Bearden, Kenneth 

Belcher, Bill 

Bengel, Virginia 

Bennett, Gary 

Black, Mozella 

Bland, James 

Blatt, John 

Boyd, Steve 

Classes /Sophomores 361 

Branch, Connie 
Branch, Pamela 
Branum, Brent 
Bredow, Brenda 
Brewer, Willie 
Brotherton, Patricia 
Broussard, Meryl 
Bruce, Barbara 

Brunson, Nancy 
Burgess, Charles 
Burnett, Amanda 
Butler, Larry 
Butner, Billy 
Byrd, Anthony 
Carter, Lynda 
Cathcart, Claudia 

Cernosek, Pauline 
Cherry, Georgia 
Chesner, Sharon 
Clark, Alvin 
Clark, Dennis 
Coles, Ron 
Cook, Charmaine 
Cooper, David 

Costa, Charles 
Craig, Patricia 
Crawford, Shannon 
Crocker, Barbara 
Crosby, Mary 
Curley, Celene 
Dacus, Mai 
Damron, Bobby 

Daniels, Evelyn 
Darlington, Peggy 
Davidson, Trisna 
Davis, Linda 

Davis, Marilyn 
De Maya, Yaly 
Dempsey, Eddie 
Dernngton, Betty 

Despain, Betty 
Dietz, Judith 
Dinapoli, Rocco 
Dobbins, James 

Dobbs, Gloria 
Dodd, Martha 
Dolan, Judy 
Donaldson, Lois 

Dorna, Gerald 
Dougan, Neta 
Douglas, Linda 
Droke, Judy 

Droke, Melinda 
Echols, Bertis 
Edwards, James 
Elam, Jan 

362 Classes /Sophomores 

Eng, James 

Escue, Joyce 

Evans, Ray 

Faulkner, Lenora 

Ferguson, James 

Finkelstein, Sam 

Flanagan, Judy 

Fagans, Barbara 

Folden, Sandra 

Forkum, Donald 

Forsythe, Kerry 

Foster, Marvin 

Fry, Stephen 

Fuller, Ollar 

Fyfe, Margaret 

Gant, Brenda 

Gary, Rebecca 

Gay, Benjamin 

Gentry, Keland 

Gibson, Robert 

Gionti, Paul 

Giovanetti, Lawrence 

Goode, Linda 

Goldsby, Mary 

Graham, Daniel 

Gray, Van Hugh 

Green, Kevin 

Greene, Christopher 

Gurley, Orlene 

Hall, Robin 

Haralson, Larry 

Hargrove, Bette 

Harris, Teresa 

Hartsfield, Leona 

Hartway, Frank 

Hawks, Sandra 

Heflin, Barbara 

Henson, Bonice 

Herring, Janice 

Herrington, Betty 

Hogan, Carl 

Holley, Suzie 

Holloway, Marrion 

Howland, Harrv 

Hughes, James 

Hunt, Charles 

Hutkin, Anne 

Hyrka, Michael 

Jablonski, Stephen 

Jarrell, Linda 

Johnson, Charles 

Johnson, Karen 

Johnson, Joe 

Johnson, Steve 

Johnson, Teresa 

Johnson, Willard 

Johnston, Philip 

Jones, Brenda 

Jones, Michele 

Jones, Ruth 

Jordan, Gail 

Keas, Teri 

Keefe, Bonita 

Kellar, Dixie 

Keltner, Cathy 

Kemp, Linda 

Kilpatrick, Sharon 

Kimball, Bettv 

King, Guv 

Kirk, Rebecca 

Knight, Janet 

Ladyman, Henrv 

Lansky, Cheryl 

Laskaris, Alexander 

Lazure, Deborah 

Leach, Sherry 

Leffler, Rosemary 

Lenoir, Pennington 

Lester, Susan 

Lewis, Theresa 

Classes /Sophomores 363 

Linebaugh, Sandra 
Lo, Hing Ip 
Lofton, William 
Lollar, Martha 
Long, Dorothy 
Long, Michael 
Lovelace, Linda 
Lyons, Daniel 

Marascio, Louis 
Martin, Donna 
Martin, Pattie 
Mason, Linda 
McBride, David 
McBryde, Charlotte 
McDermott, Mary 
McKinney, Pam 

McKnight, Jerry 
McNalley, Ronald 
McGuire, Beverly 
Mcintosh, Allyson 
Meacham, Garrott 
Meadows, Danny 
Miller, Glenn 
Miller, Kathryn 

Mills, James 
Minton, Marilyn 
Montesi, Joseph 
Mooney, Larry 
Moore, Sandra 
Morris, Barbara 
Morris, Sarah 
Moskal, Debra 

Moxley, Ernest 
Murdock, Anthony 
Murphy, Julia 
Neligan, Margaret 

Nevels, Kerry 
Nipper, Skip 
Northcott, Donna 
Norvell, John 

O'Rear, Michael 
Orr, Martha 
Owings, Ricky 
Padawer, Melvin 

Page, Cristine 
Parks, Donna 
Peel, Sandra 
Petitprez, Christiane 

Pettijohn, Cheryl 
Pettefer, Mary 
Petty, Thomas 
Phillips, Marion 

Plesa, Deborah 
Porter, Robert 
Potts, John 
Powell, Bobbie 

364 Classes /Sophomores 

Powell, Rosanne 

Price, Janice 

Pridgen, Lundy 

Pund, Bettye 

Quinn, Patricia 

Quinn, Tommy 

Quint, Linda 

Ragland, Gary 

Ramage, Jimmy 

Rankin, Ben 

Ratowe, Arlene 

Rebich, Janice 

Reed, Steven 

Reynolds, Ramona 

Richards, Robert 

Richardson, Rita 

Richie, Donna 

Robison, Gale 

Rogers, William 

Rosemore, Martha 

Rosenbloom, Doris 

Salter, Debbie 

Schell, Michael 

Schmitt, David 

Schutt, Charles 

Schutt, Dennis 

Scruggs, James 

Sealy, Jerry 

Seavers, Carol 

Shepard, Sandra 

Shorter, Susan 

Shtatman, Patricia 

Sih, Henry 

Sims, David 

Sisk, John 

Smith, Betty 

Smith, David 

Smith, Patricia 

Smith, Paul 

Smith, Terry 

Classes /Sophomores 365 

Spera, Theresa 
Spinks, Donna 
Stacy, Joseph 
Standberry, Ella 
Stanton, Donna 
Steele, John 
Stephens, Kathy 
Stephenson, Linda 

Stoker, Ronald 
Stukenboq* Rita 
Summers, Donna 
Sutton, Riki 
Swift, Susan 
Swoboda, Carl 
Talbot, Tom 
Tanner, Rubelyn 

Tapp, Rosemary 
Tatum, Linda 
Tatum, Terry 
Taylor, Betty 
Tenkhoff, Lynn 
Thies, Wayne 
Thomas, Christopher 
Thompson, Barbara 

Thompson, Linda 
Thraikill, Valerie 
Thron, William 
Thurman, James 
Till, Glenn 
Tippen, Patricia 
Traylor, Bobby 
Treadway, Patricia 

Tucker, Robert 
Turner, Doristein 
Turner, Ginni 
Uselton, John 
Vinson, Larry 
Wadlington, Constance 
Wadsworth, Mary 
Wagner, Linda 

Walker, Ella 
Walker, Faires 
Wallace, Judith 
Waller, Kathryn 
Waller, Mary 
Walton, Mary 
Walters, Anna 
Watermeier, Mary 

Waters, Mary 
Weatherspoon, Harry 
Weatherall, Lillian 
Wehby, Tana 
Weir, James 
Wells, Brian 
White, Peggy 
Whittemore, Lawrence 










Williams, Walter 
Williamson, Linda 
Williamson, Lynda 
Wilson, Anita 
Wilson, Cynthia 
Wilson, Eunice 
Winbush, Donald 

Winn, David 
Winters, Douglas 
Wolfe, Teresa 
Wright, Cindy 
Wright, Lloyd 
Wright, Sara 
Young, Elizabeth 
Young, Mary 

366 Classes /Sophomores 

Young, Russel 

Zoccola, Linda 

Abernathy, Rose 

Achelpohl, John 

Adams, Carl 

Albonetti, Anita 

Allen, John 

Allison, Florence 

Altfeld, Toby 

Altman, Jim 

Amagliani, Catherine 

Ayers, Joanne 

Aylor, Anne 

Baird, Cynthia 

Baites, Shellie 

Baker, Beverly 

Baldwin, Christine 

Barbee, Martha 

Barrett, Veronica 

Barrios, Susan 

Baty, Karen 

Beard, Lee 

Bearden, Kenleta 

Beatty, Diane 

Becton, M. C. 

Bee, Karen 

Beeson, Susan 

Bell, Thomas 

Bengal, Susan 

Bennett, Phillip 

Bensley, Sharon 

Benton, Johnny 

Bevington, Sarah 

Bernard, Patricia 

Bertasi, Raymond 

Birchfield, Leslie 

Blackwelder, Sandra 

Bland, Melvin 

Bledsoe, Tom 

Bogle, Brenda 

Bolding, Peggy 

Boley, James 

Bondurant, Shirley 

Bone, Patricia 

Booth, Linda 

Booze, Ronnie 

Bouie, Bernice 

Bowen, Charlotte 

Bradford, Jennie 

Bradley, Fred 

Bradley, Mark 

Brady, Janet 

Bragg, Kenneth 

Braswell, Thomas 

Brawley, Garv 

Bridges, Charlotte 

Bridges, David 

Briggs, James 

Britton, David 

Brooks, Glenda 

Broussard, Charles 

Brown, Jean 

Brown, Sandra 

Broyles, Lee 

Bryan, Catherine 

Brvant, Carol 

Bryant, Donna 

Buck, Ronald 

Bullard, Brenda 

Burgess, Gary 

Burns, Richard 

Butrum, Donna 

Cannon, James 

Cantin, Mark 

Carlsen, Tom 

Carney, Nancy 

Carrigan, Conway 

Carroll, Edward 

Cartwright, James 

Casha. Suzi 

Classes /Freshmen 367 

Chapman, Pamela 
Childress, Sharon 
Childs, Herbert 
Chin v David 
Chism, Paul 
Ciaramitaro, Sarah 
Cisne, Nanette 
Clark, Deborah 

Clark, Jerry 
Clarkson, Ronald 
Clay, Helon 
Clemons, Barbara 
Clift, Sharon 
Clinard, George 
Coats, Gregory 
Coletta, Marilyn 

Collins, Becky 
Colston, Linda 
Conyers, Melissa 
Cook, James 
Cortese, Virginia 
Counce, Philip 
Coursey, Linda 
Cox, Ann 

Cox, Frances 
Cox, Thomas 
Cox, Virginia 
Crabtree, Judy 
Craven, Nancy 
Crawford, Toni 
Creasy, David 
Criswell, Linda 

Crook, Deborah 
Dando, Carol 
Daniel, Jerry 
Darling, Harold 
Darnell, Randy 
Davis, Barbara 
Davis, Debra 
Davis, Linda 

Davison, Marjorie 
Day, Thomas 
Dearmey, Deborah 
Deason, Howard 
DeField, Robert 
Delgado, Alejandro 
DeMeirleir, Kenny 
Dennis, Ruth 

Dick, Stephen 
Dishion, Lynne 
Doggett, Jonetta 
Dold, Janice 
Doss, Dianne 
Doss, Larry 
Douglas, Frank 
Doyle, Robert 

Dryden, Ann 
Dutton, Elizabeth 
Earley, Paul 
Easley, Bobby 
Eaton, Beverly 
Eder, Deborah 
Edgin, Nancy 
Edwards, Kathy 

Edwards, Mary 
Ellis, Linda 
English, Judy 
Escue, Samuel 
Evans, Bill 
Evans, Constance 
Evans, Stacy 
Everett, Nikki 

Ewing, Mary 
Facelli, Anne 
Fann, Phyllis 
Faught, Ann 
Faulkner, Deborah 
Fayne, Regenia 
Fields, Sidney 
Fike, Betty 

368 Classes /Freshmen 

Fite, Marilyn 

Fortner, Gary 

Foust, Georgia 

Fristick, LawTence 

Frix, David 

Furr, Sharon 

Gale, Richard 

Gallini, Tricia 

Gamble, Valerie 

Gann, Phyllis 

Gardner, Bonnie 

Gardner, Joyce 

Garrison, Jimmy 

Gay, Robert 

George, Gary 

Gilbreath, Glenda 

Gillespie, Linda 

Glass, Jennifer 

Glenn, Robert 

Goode, Peggy 

Goodgame, Marsha 

Gordon, Paulette 

Gorham, Gregory 

Goza, Sheila 

Granderson, Clyde 

Grant, Donald 

Green, Catherine 

Green, Frances 

Greene, Davis 

Gregory, Bobby 

Griffin, Deborah 

Griffin, Janie 

Grobe, Patricia 
Guydon, Denise 
Hale, Henry 
Hall, Barbara 
Hamilton, Mary- 
Hardy, Martha 
Hardy, Mary 
Harris, Shirley 


Classes /Freshmen 369 

Harston, Mary 
Harris, Steven 
Hart, Paul 
Hartman, Nancy 
Hatley, Joyce 
Hays, Arthur 
Headley, Donna 
Hedden, Charles 

Heidelberg, Alan 
Helm, John 
Hendrix, Jeanette 
Herrin, Kathy 
Hessler, Stephen 
Hickerson, Rita 
Hickman, Edith 
Hicks, Linda 

Hicks, Nancy 
Higdon, Cliff 
Hill, Sharon 
Hodge, Patricia 
Hodges, Betty 
Hoffman, Nancy 
Holden, Robert 
Hollenbeck, Susan 

Holt, Donald 
Holt, Jack 
Holt, Kathleen 
Honea, James 
Hooker, Terri 
Hopkins, Mary 
Horn, Kathy 
Horn, Linda 

Horner, Nancy 
Horton, Cynthia 
Howell, Samuel 
Hubbard, Sarah 
Huckaby, Helen 
Hughey, Wyvonia 
Hulme, Carole 
Hunt, Ann 

Hurley, Marsha 
Hurley, Wanda 
Hurst, Rebecca 
Hussung, Robert 
Hutcherson, Linda 
Hutchins, Marion 
Hutson, Jane 
Hyde, Raymond 

370 Classes /Freshmen 

Inderbitzen, Lawrence 

Irving, Mae 

Jacks, Warren 

Jackson, Martha 

Jackson, Pamela 

Jaggard, Ellen 

James, Charles 

Jeffries, Bevelyn 

Jennings, Linda 

Jerome, Lawrence 

Jeter, Richard 

Joe, Tommy 

Johnson, Charles 

Johnson, David 

Johnson, Dorrie 

Johnson, Kay 

Johnson, Theresa 
Jones, Margo 
Jones, Michael 
Jones, Raymond 
Jones, Robert 
Jones, Robert 
Jones, Robert 

Jubinville, Peggv 

Kalick, Sheila 

Kallaher, Marv 

Kenner, Frances 

King, Randall 

Kinnamon, Carolyn 

Kissling, Laurie 

Knepper, Danny 

Kraehmer, Karen 

Krahenbill, Jennifer 

Kretitef, Kathye 

Landers, Audrev 

Lanier, Brenda 

Lawrence, Kathy 

Leach, Emilv 

Leaks, Wilfred 

Classes /Freshmen 371 

Lear, Juanita 
Lee, Barbara 
Lee, Gail 
Lekerson, Oliver 
Levit, Susan 
Lewis, Ronnestine 
Light, Linda 
Lindsev, Margaret 

Ling, [Catherine 
Ling, Morgan 
Liston, Kevin 
Luckey, Glenda 
Lum, Kin Hong 
Lynch, Catherine 
Lynch, Mary 
Man ley, Carol 

Mann, Casper 
Manning, Sharon 
Martin, Linda 
Mascari, Ceciha 
Massey, John 
Masters, Angela 
Matthews, Patty 
Maxwell, Cathy 

Maynor, Tommye 
Mcafee, Kathy 
McCain, Jo Ann 
McCann, Francis 
McClinton, Becky 
McClusky, Mary 
McCord, Elaine 
McDaniel, Gayle 

McDonald, William 
McDow, Phillip 
McGinness, Donald 
McGregor, Richard 
McKinney, Lawanna 
Mead, Ross 
Mehall, Mary 
Metzger, Nancy 

Millen, Lainey 
Miller, Michael 
Miller, Winston 
Mitchell, Brian 
Mitchell, Cathy 
Moody, Brent 
Moore, Claudia 
Moore, Theresa 

372 Classes /Freshmen 

Moore, Thomas 

Morat, William 

Morphis, Paula 

Mosby, Richard 

Moseley, Joseph 

Moseley, Roy 

Moss, Marilyn 

Mowry, Deborah 

Mulwee, Carol 

Murchison, Patricia 

Murrell, Frank 

Napier, Lana 

Nasn, Marsha 

Nazer, Paul 

Neal, Emmett 

Neese, David 

Nichols, Chris 

Nichols, Pamela 

Nickerson, Patti 

Nilsen, Ronald 

Niter, Shirley 

Noland, Ellis 

Nolte, Karen 

O'Connor, Joseph 

Odiorne, Kathleen 

Pace, Theresa 

Paris, Anna 

Parker, Debora 

Parkinson, Linda 

Parry, Mary 

Pate, Marvin 

Pate, Melinda 

Paulus, Patricia 

Peeples, Jeanette 

Pender, Jeannine 

Pennington, Bruce 

Permenter, Sandra 

Perrin, Mary 

Perry, Franklin 

Perry, Virginia 

Peters, Gerard 

Peterson, Flovd 

Philips, Katnv 

Phillips, Sheila 

Philpot, Stephanie 

Pickering, Boyce 

Pike, Francis 

Pinkston, Jimmv 

Piot, Michelene 

Player, James 

Porter, Gracie 

Potts, Donald 

Powell, Deborah 

Powers, Fred 

Powers, Marv 

Price, Christopher 

Prince, Dannie 
Prince, Virginia 

Privett, Joseph 

Pyron, Patricia 
Quails, Sherrv 

Raiteri, Robert 
Randle, Ralph 
Reaves, Helen 

Record, Marv Jo 

Reed, Beth 

Reed, John 

Reed, Marv 

Reintjis, Sarah 

Reppond, Nancv 

Reynolds, Rodgie 

Rinella, Patricia 

Ritter, Eleanor 

Rivera, Julie 

Roach, Kenneth 

Robbins, Carol 

Roberts, Debra 

Robertson, Beverly 

Robison, Patricia 

Rodgers, Joyce 

Classes / Freshmen 3 73 

Russell, Shirley 
Sacks, Ilene 
Sartor, Melba 
Saule, Debra 
Scallions, Linda 
Schuier, Joe 
Scott, Joannie 
Scott, Michael 

Self, Ray 
Selph, Paul 
Sharpe, Tommy 
Shaw, Philip 
Sheets, Linda 
Shivers, Raymon 
Shuemaker, Loarna 
Sims, Phyllis 

Sims, Russell 
Siu, Man Ching 
Smith, Charlotte 
Smith, David T. 
Smith, David W. 
Smith, Deborah 
Smith, Donald E. 
Smith, Donald L. 

Smith, Freda 
Smith, Michael 
Smith, Rickey 
Sneed, Thresea 
Snow, Carol 
Sowell, Vicki 
Sparks, Barbara 
Suggs, Thomas 

Sullivan, Frances 
Summers, Joan 
Stewart, Lenora 
Stout, Barbara 
Stout, Dorice 
Strawbridge, Richard 
Strayhorn, Johnny 
Stroup, Jesse 

Swatley, Teresa 
Terry, Darlene 

Thomas, Jebby 
Thompson, Janet 

Thompson, Larry 
Thorne, William 

Thorsen, Sonja 
Thron, John 

Thurmer, Carl 
Tidwell, Clay 

374 Classes /Freshmen 

Timmons, Nita 

Tobev, Neal 

Todd, t)onald 

Toney, Harold 

Totty, Pamela 

Towery, Janice 

Tucker, Robert 

Tunstall, Robert 

Turner, Judv 

Twomblv, Mark 

Twombly, Priscilla 

Valdez, Nasario 

Vanasek, Garv 

Vaught, Marie 

Volmer, Patricia 

Volz, Denise 

Wadlington, L. Edward 

Wadlington, Peggv 

Waggoner, Terry 

Wahl, Linda 

Walker, Mary A. 

Wallace, Kathrvn 

Walter, Philip 

Washcalus, John 

Watts, Samuel 

Weatherall, Bessie 

Weaver, Amy 

Webb, Linda 

Western, Marilvn 

Westmorland, Don 

White, Allison 

White, David 

White, Sandra 

Whitehorn, Patsv 

Whitman, Marv 

Whittington, Alice 

Wieronski, Sharon 

Wilbanks, V. Lee 

Wilder, Barbara 

Wilkes, Baron 

Wilkinson, Gerald 

Wilkinson, Larrv 

Williams, Linda 

Williams, Sandra 

Williams, Thomas 

Wilson, Dorothy 

Wilson, Edward 

Wilterding, Charles 

Winston, Russell 
Witt, Lora 
Wlodawski, Harry 
Wofford, Joan 
Wong, Man Kong 
Wood, Rebecca 
Woods, Cathy- 
Woods, Redonna 

Woodward, Marva 

Wright, Robert 

Wvninegar, Susan 

Yarbrougn, Marilvn 

Yott. Judith 

Young, Karen 

Young, Robert 

Classes /Freshmen 375 

Senior Credits 

ABRAMS, BARBARA SIEGEL, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education, Phi Mu, Tiger Rag. 
Electrical Engineering, Engineering Society, IEEE, 

ALABASTER, STEVEN L„ Memphis, Tenn., Biology, 
Dean's List, Biology Club. 

General Business Management, Alpha Delta Sigma. 
Secondary Education. 

ANDERSON, PAUL JOSEPH, Somerset, N.J., Psychol- 
ogy, Psychology Club, Phi Sigma Kappa. 
Geology, Geology Club. 

Recreation, Rho Epsilon Chi, Tiger Rag, WTGR. 
ARMSTRONG, RUTH ANN, Pensacola, Fla., Second- 
ary Education. 

ARNETT, PAUL N., Memphis, Tenn., Accounting, Ac- 
counting Club. 

ARNOLD, SUSAN LEE, Nashville, Tenn., Biology. 
ARNOULT, ELLEN MARIE, Memphis, Tenn., Sociolo- 

ARQUITT, FRANCES LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Elemen- 
tary Education, UCPB Hostesses, Sigma Kappa, Panhel- 
lenic Council. 

ASKEW, IRA LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Economics, State 
Board Scholarship, Delta Mu Delta, Dean's List. 


BAKER, CAROLYN LYNN, Memphis, Tenn., Second- 
ary Education, MSU Band. 


BANDELIN, MARY JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., Psycholo- 
gy, Psi Chi. 

BARKER, KENNETH SIDNEY, Robbinsville, N.C., 
Education, Dean's List. 

BARNES, SARAH JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., Personnel 

BARNES, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Memphis, Tenn., Me- 
chanical Engineering, Air Force Scholarship, Arnold Air 
Society, Memphis State Aero Club, Engineering Society. 
Personnel Management, Sigma Chi. 
BATES, CYNTHIA S., Rantoul, 111., Elementary Educa- 

BAUST, JOSEPH AUGUST, Memphis, Tenn., Elemen- 
tary Education, SNEA. 

BAXTER, MARY TERESA, Memphis, Tenn., Sculp- 
ture, Sigma Kappa. 

BEAN, CLYDE R., Memphis, Tenn., Accounting, Ac- 
counting Club. 

BEAN, FELIX HOWARD, Memphis, Tenn., Econom- 
ics, Kappa Sigma, IFC. 

BEASLEY, DON, Memphis, Tenn., History and Politi- 
cal Science. 

Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, AMA, SAM, Young Republi- 
cans, ABO, Alpha Delta Sigma. 

BERRY, ROBERT WARREN, Washington, D.C., Rec- 
reation, Rho Epsilon Chi. 

BINION, OZZIE LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Graphic De- 
sign, Track Team, WKNO-TV. 

BITNER, MARY MARTHA, Jackson, Tenn., Educa- 
tion, Majorette, Feature Twirler. 
BLACK, SYLVIA MARIE, Memphis, Tenn., Political 
Science, Russian Club. WTGR. 

General Business Management, Dean's List, AMA, 
SAM, Delta Sigma Pi. 

BLITSTEIN, CHARLES D., Cape Girardeau, Mo., Law, 
Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Sigma Epsilon, 
AMA, Student Bar Association, Moot Court, Delta Theta 

BOALS, VAN EMERSON, Memphis, Tenn., Engineer- 
ing Technology, Tennis, Golf, Pi Kappa Alpha. 
Journalism (Advertising), Sigma Delta Chi, Photography 
Club, Tiger Rag Business Manager. 
BOND, BEVERLY JO, Brownsville, Tenn., Psychology. 
BONNER, BARBARA YOUNG, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
entary Education. 

BOSSE, DAVID ROSS, University City, Mo., Law, 
Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. 

BOSTIC, DEANNA, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary Edu- 
cation, SNEA. 

BOULDIN, BETTY PUTMAN, McKenzie, Tenn., Sec- 
ondary Education, SNEA. 

Tenn., Health and Physical Education, P.E. Majors Club. 
BOWEN, VEIDA JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., Nursing, 
TASN, Sigma Gamma Rho. 

BRADICK, WILLIAM LENOT, Memphis, Tenn., Man- 
agement, Pi Kappa Alpha. 

BRADLEY, DAN FREDERICK, Memphis, Tenn., An- 

Tenn., Personnel Management, Delta Mu Delta. 
BRITT, ALBERT L., Memphis, Tenn., Advertising, 

BRITT, NANCY TOBIN, Maine, Minn., Elementary 
Education, Delta Gamma. 

Personnel and Labor Relation Management. 
BROWN, JAMES H., Memphis, Tenn., Management, 
Religious Council, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Glee Club and Ora- 

BROWN, PHILLIP BRUCE, Little, Rock, Ark., Psy- 
chology and Sociology. 

BROWN, ROBERT RUSSELL, Memphis, Tenn., Biolo- 

Mathematics, Who's Who, Angel Flight, Little Sisters of 
Minerva, Delta Zeta, SGA Supreme Court Justice. 
mentary Education. 

Tenn., Secondary Education. 

BUMPUS, MARY MARGARET, Atwood, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education, SNEA. 

Tenn., Geology, Geology Club. 

BURNS, GAYLE ESTILL, Memphis, Tenn., Biologv, 
Orchesis, Biology Club, Delta Zeta, SGA, UCPB. 
BURRAGE, RONNEL JOE, Camden, Tenn., Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Engineering Society. 
BUSBY, GLORIA JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., Biology. 
BYRD, JAMES AUGN, Hillsboro, Ohio, Marketing. 
BYRD, MARY CORINNE, Memphis, Tenn., Elementa- 
ry Education, SNEA, Alpha Xi Delta. 
BYRD, ZONA CECILIA, Fayetteville, Tenn., Elementa- 
ry Education, SNEA. 

CALLOW, BETTE RAY, Memphis, Tenn., Spanish 
Club, Barth House. 

ness Management. 

Radio-TV-Film, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WTGR. 
CARMAN, JAMES RICHARD, Memphis, Tenn., Ac- 

counting, Accounting Club. 

CARTER, AUTUM GAYLE, Signal Mountain, Tenn., 
French, Who's Who, Miss MSU, Pi Delta Epsilon, 
Young Republicans, Delta Gamma, DeSoto Editor- 
in-Chief, SGA, WRHA. 

CARTER, BEN EDWARD, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology, 
Young Democrats, Wesley Foundation, Pi Kappa Alpha. 
CARTER, ELROY, Memphis, Tenn., Art Education. 
CARTER, GENE LEONARD, Memphis, Tenn., Biolo- 
gy, Kappa Alpha. 

CARTER, JOE MORRIS, Huntingdon, Tenn., Account- 
ing, Accounting Club. 

Tenn., Drafting and Design. 

CASTLEBERRY, ELSIE K., Memphis, Tenn., Business 
and Secretarial Science, Future Secretaries Association. 
CATE, MARY KATHELENE, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education, SNEA, Alpha Delta Pi. 
CECIL, TERRY CURTIS, Forrest City, Ark., Personnel 
Management, AFROTC Scholarship, Arnold Air Socie- 
ty, SAM, Aero Club. 

CHAMBERS, DIANA C, Memphis, Tenn., Spanish. 
CHAMBERS, JAMES L., Morristown, Tenn., Personnel 
Administration and Industrial Relations, SAM, Psi 
Alpha Kappa. 


CLARK, DON ROBERTS, Plymouth, Mich., Engineer- 
ing, Engineering Society. 

CLARK, IVON VALERIA, Memphis, Tenn., Home Ec- 
onomics and Dietetics. 

Biology, Naturalist Society. 

English, SNEA, Young Democrats, Phi Beta Sigma, 
Tiger Rag, Phoenix, IFC. 

Marketing, Football Team, Pi Sigma Epsilon, AMA, 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

COLE, RANDY MORRIS, Columbia, Tenn., Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Engineering Society. 
COLEMAN, JAMES ROBERT, Memphis, Tenn., Man- 
agement, Sigma Chi. 

COLLINS, THOMAS REEDY, Tupelo, Miss., Graphic 

Tenn., Manufacturing Technology, Sigma Gamma Pi, 
Engineers Club, Math Club, ASCET. 
COX, JAMES WILLIAM, Memphis, Tenn., Secondary 

CRAWFORD, TERESA ANN, Memphis, Tenn., 
Music-Piano, Tassel, SNEA, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Mu 
Alpha Sweetheart, SGA, Panhellenic Council. 
CUPPLES, DOUGLAS WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Po- 
litical Science. 

CZERWINSKI, ROBERT LEO, Memphis, Tenn., Sales, 
Kappa Sigma, IFC. 


DAMPIER, RONALD WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., In- 
dustrial Marketing and Logistics, AMA. 
DAY, DAVID ALBERT, Memphis, Tenn., Art, Art 

Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club, AMA. 
DIAZ, DIMAS, Memphis, Tenn., History. 
DICKSON, MARY T., Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 
Education, SNEA, BSU. 

DIXON, EDWARD GERALD, Memphis, Tenn., Man- 

DIXON, JAMES M., Memphis, Tenn., General Market- 
ing, AMA, Pi Sigma Epsilon. 
DOBBINS, SARA BLAKEY, Gallatin, Tenn., Elemen- 


tary Education, Wesley Foundation. 
DODSON, WILLIAM BERRY, Memphis, Tenn., Archi- 
tectural Technology, Student Personnel Staff. 
DOTEN, DAVID COLE, Memphis, Tenn., Law, Who's 
Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, Delta 
Theta Phi, Debate Team, Msu Bar Association, SGA. 
DOUGLAS, ROBERT DEE, Memphis, Tenn., 
Construction Technology. 

French, La Rive Gauche. 

DUCKWORTH, CAROL SUE, Memphis, Tenn., Histo- 
ry, Phi Alpha Theta, Young Republicans, SNEA, History 
Club, DeSoto, UCPB. 

DUFFY EDWARD R„ Lancaster, Penn., Secondary 
Education, SCEC. 

DUMIRE, JOHN PAUL, Huntsville, Ala., Radio and 
Television, WTGR, MSU Band. 
DUNAVANT, LARRY R., Decaturville, Tenn., Biology. 
DUNAWAY, JEAN FROST, Memphis, Tenn., Educa- 
tion, SNEA, Delta Zeta. 


EASLEY, MARVIN L., Memphis, Tenn., Journalism, 

EASLEY, TYRONE RONER, Memphis, Tenn., Busi- 
ness (Personnel Management.) 


Mathematics, Dean's List, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mathematics 

EDWARDS, JAMES H., Memphis, Tenn., General 
Business Management. 

EDWARDS, NORVAL CURTIS, Jackson, Tenn., Busi- 
ness, Who's Who, J. Wayne Johnson Award, Mr. MSU., 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Senators, Omicron Delta Kappa, 

EDWARDS, REBECCA ANN, Whitehaven, Tenn., 
Recreation, Rho Epsilon Chi, P.E. Majors Club, WRHA, 
Barth House, Intercollegiate Volleyball, Basketball and 
Badminton Teams, Alpha Xi Delta. 
EPPES, BETTE P., Memphis, Tenn., Elementary Edu- 
cation, Who's Who, Dean's List, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma 
Alpha Iota, SNEA, Wesley Foundation, Alpha Xi Delta, 
All-Sing Chairman. 

ERSKINE, MARY FORBES, Memphis, Tenn., Nurs- 

ETHERIDGE, LARRY NEAL, Selmer, Tenn., Indus- 
trial Arts Education. 

FARRELL, CRAIG THOMAS, Emmetsburg, Iowa, 
General Marketing, AMA. 

FARSHEE, LOUIS MICHAEL, Memphis, Tenn., Man- 

FEIG, BARRY S., Bronx, N.Y., Journalism, Hillel, 
Alpha Epsilon Pi, Tiger Rag. 

FELDMAN, JESSE DAVID, New York, N.Y., Second- 
ary Education, Hillel, Inter-Faith Council. 
FELDMAN, MARK STEWART, Queens, N.Y., Public 
Accounting, Dean's List. 

FIERRA, SAMUEL, West Orange, N.J., Secondary 
Education, Men's Intramurals, SNEA, Phi Kappa Theta. 
Personnel Administration, Tennis Team. 
FISH, ROGER DUDLEY, Nashville, Tenn., Law, Delta 
Theta Phi, Student Bar Association. 
FLATT, CARTER JORDAN, Memphis, Tenn., Eco- 

FORD, ESSIE L., Memphis, Tenn., Elementary Educa- 
tion, Zeta Phi Beta. 

FOWLER, JUDITH ANNE, Memphis, Tenn., Mathe- 
matics, Who's Who, Dean's List, Tassel, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Chi Beta Phi, Liberal Arts Honor 

Society, Math Club, AWS, Phi Mu, SGA. 
FOX, GARRAD LEE, Cairo, 111., Finance, Insurance 

FOX, JERRY WAYNE, Nashville, Tenn., Finance. 
FRANCIS, MARK DECATEUR, Memphis, Tenn., His- 

English, National Panhellenic Council, ISC, Zeta Phi 

FRANKLIN, JUDY SABIN, Memphis, Tenn., Educa- 
tion, SNEA. 

FREEDMAN, HAROLD G., Jackson, Tenn., Industrial 
Marketing and Logistics, AMA, Alpha Epsilon Pi. 
FULLER, SANDRA, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., English. 

GALTELLI, GLENDA JOYCE, Memphis, Tenn., Eng- 
lish, Who's Who, Honor Roll, Tassel, Town Council, 
Biology Club, Pi Beta Phi, Tiger Rag, Panhellenic Coun- 
cil, AWS, SGA. 

GANDY, ROBERT EIKNER, Memphis, Tenn., Mar- 
keting Communications, AMA. 
GARNER, NEAL WAYNE, Dexter, Mo., Biology. 
GAYLORD, JAMES E., Urbana, 111., Economics, Liber- 
al Club, Young Democrats, Human Relations Club, Aca- 
cia, Tiger Rag. 

GETZ, VIRGINIA ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology 
and Secondary Education. 

GHENT, PEGGY CAROL, Heber Springs, Ark., 
Speech Pathology, Sigma Alpha Eta. 
Music History, Opera Chorus, Chorale, Hillel. 
GOOCH, NANCY ELLEN, Memphis, Tenn., Elementa- 
ry Education. 

GOODWIN, CYNTHIA J., Memphis, Tenn., Office Ad- 
ministration, Phi Gamma Nu. 

GRAHAM, NEWTON FORD, Memphis, Tenn., Mar- 
keting, AMA, Kappa Alpha Order. 
GRAVES, GUY GEORGE, Memphis, Tenn., Market- 
ing, AMA. 

GRAVES, JOAN FLOYE, Memphis, Tenn., Psycholo- 
gy, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassel, Dean's List, Town 
Council, La Rive Gauche, Alpha Gamma Delta, UCPB. 
GRAVES, NANCY JO, Memphis, Tenn., Secondary 
Education, SNEA. 

GREENE, BOYD CLINTON, Bryson City, N.C., Pro- 
duction Management, Delta Mu Delta, AMA, Alpha 
Kappa Psi. 

GRESHAM, PAULA ELLIS, Memphis, Tenn., Elemen- 
tary Education, SNEA, Town Council. 
GRIFFIN, JOHN THOMAS, Memphis, Tenn., History. 
GUIBAO, PATRICK JOHN, Memphis, Tenn., Journal- 
ism, Sigma Delta Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Tiger Rag, 
Public Information Director, SGA. 


HAAS, MARGARET ELAINE, Eldorado, Ark., Radio, 
Television, and Film, Alpha Epsilon Rho, WTGR. 
HADLEY, JUDY ELAINE, Bolivar, Tenn., Elementary 
Education, SNEA, BSU. 

Secondary Education. 

HALIK, ROBERT JOHN, Clifton, N.J., Mathematics. 
HALL, BETTY ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Biology. 
HALL, JIMMY DOUGLAS, Ripley, Tenn., Psychology 
and Sociology, MSU Band, Stage Band, Phi Mu Alpha. 
HALL, MARGARET J., Memphis, Tenn., History, Lit- 
tle Sisters of ZBT, Town Council, SNEA, SGA, Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Executive Judicial Board-Residence Hall. 

HALPER, EDWARD MARC, Springfield, N.J., Ac- 

HAMM, REX KIMBRELL, Memphis, Tenn., History 
and Political Science, Dean's List, Who's Who, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Senators, Pre Legal Society, Sigma Chi, 

HAMPTON, MARGARET JOAN, Scotts Hill, Tenn.. 
Mathematics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, 
Dean's List, Math Club, SNEA. 

HANEBERG, ROBERT LYNNE, Salina, Kan., Market- 
ing (Salas), AMA, Pi Sigma Epsilon. 
HANNA, EDWARD MANESS, Memphis, Tenn., Ar- 
chitectural Technology. 

HARRIS, YVONNE ZENETA, Lebanon, Tenn.. Mar- 
keting, Little Sisters of Minerva. 

HART, JOE RICHARD. Memphis, Tenn.. Political 
Science, Arnold Air Society, Memphis State Aero Club, 

HAUN, BETTY DALE. Memphis, Tenn., Secondary 
Education, Dean's List, Kappa Delta PL Wesley Founda- 

HEAD, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Madison. Tenn., Ac- 
counting, Dean's List, Insurance Club, Pi Sigma Epsilon, 
Accounting Club. 

HEIL, ROY, Huntington Sta., N.Y., Industrial Technol- 
ogy, Industrial Arts Club. 

Tenn., Fashion Merchandising, Home Economics Club. 
AMA, Future Secretaries Association, Hillel. 
HELT, ROBERT ALLEN, Memphis, Tenn., Psychology 
and Philosophy Club, K-Club. 

HENEISEN, JACK DAVID, Memphis, Tenn., Physics, 
Dean's List, Sigma Pi Sigma, Society of Physic Students. 
HESTER, JAMES PRESTON, Memphis, Tenn.. Man- 
agement, Dean's List, Distinguished Military Cadet 
Award, Omicron Delta Kappa. Order of Omega, Arnold 
Air Society, AMA, Commander — 785th AFROTC Air 
Division, Kappa Alpha. Fraternity Affairs Conference 
Handbook Editor. IFC. 

HIGGINS, LINDA KAY, Memphis. Tenn.. English, 
Who's Who, Tassel, Campus Crusade for Christ. Alpha 
Gamma Delta, DeSoto, SGA, UCPB. 
HIGGS, JOYCE ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Mathematics, 
SNEA, Math Club, Panhellenic Council, Sigma Kappa. 
Dorm Judicial Board. 

HILL, BARBARA LOU, Ripley, Miss.. Marketing, 

HILL, JAMES BURNEY, Memphis. Tenn.. Manage- 
ment, Pi Kappa Alpha. 

HILL, JOHN BILL. Memphis, Tenn., Mathematics. 
Sigma Pi Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon, Society of Physics Stu- 

French, Alpha Lambda Delta. 

HOLMES, LINDA LEVORN, Memphis. Tenn.. Person- 
nel Manageient. 


French, SNEA, French Club, DeSoto. 
HOUSE, MILTON J., Memphis, Tenn., Industrial Tech- 

HOWARD, SANDRA W.. Bolivar. Tenn.. Elementary 


HUBBELL. RALPH GILL, Arcadia. Calif. Personnel 
Management. Dean's List. Arnold Air Society. 
HUDSON, WALKER MARSH. Memphis. Tenn., 
Voice, Chorale, Opera Orchestra, Brass Ensemble Opera 
Chorus, Phi Mu Alpha. Alpha Phi Omega. 
HUGHES. BRENDA LOUISE. Nashville. Tenn.. Jour- 
nalism, Delta Zeta. 

HUGHES. SHERRY JOYCE. Memphis. Tenn.. Chem- 
istry, Dean's List. Chi Beta Phi. American Chemical So- 

HUGHETT. CHERYL LYNNE, Batesviile. Ark.. An- 
thropology. German Honorary. Sweetheart Club of 
Kappa Sigma. 

HULETT, MARION HOUSTON, Charleston, Miss., 
Secondary Education. 

Philosophy Club, BSA. 



JACKSON, BETTY JO, Tustin, Calif., Elementary Edu- 
cation, SNEA. 


JACOMINO, THERESA NANCY, Chattanooga, Tenn., 
Biology, Who's Who, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Tassel, Biology Club, AWS, Lambda Chi Alpha Cres- 
cents, Sigma Kappa. WRHA. 

Personnel Administration, All MVC Academic Team. 
JENEFF, MARTIN WILBUR, Clarksdale, Miss., Draft- 
ing and Design. 

JENKINS, ROBERT WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Chem- 
istry, American Chemical Society. 
Marketing (Advertising), Young Republicans, AMA, 
SAM, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Delta Sigma. 
JENNINGS, SUE ELLEN, Humboldt, Tenn., Secondary 
Education, SNEA. 

JEWEL, GARY LEROY, Winter Park, Fla., Account- 
ing, Senators, Mitchell Aerospace, Dean's List, Account- 
ing Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Pre-Legal Society, ISU Band. 
Management, Delta Sigma Pi, AMA, BSU, Hambda Chi 

JOHNSON, CAROL ANN, Arlington, Tenn., Psycholo- 
gy, BSA. 

JOHNSON, DAVID GARY, Oil City, Penn., Industrial 

JOHNSON. GEORGE THOMAS, Scotts Hill, Tenn., 
Accounting, Delta Mu Delta, Accounting Club. 
JOHNSON, GLENDA DIANE, Humboldt, Tenn., Fash- 
ion Merchandise, Delta Sigma Theta. 
JOHNSON, JAMES ASA, Memphis, Tenn., Commercial 
Art, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mitchell Aerospace, Art 
Club, BSU, PIO. 

JOHNSON, KAY CAROL, Henderson, Tenn., Sociolo- 
gy, Sociologv Club. 

JOHNSON, LYNDA CLAIRE, Dyersburg, Tenn., Eco- 
nomics, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Gamma 
Nu, La Rive Gauche. 

JOHNSON, SUE CAROL, Millington. Tenn., Sociology, 
SNEA. Sigma Kappa, DeSoto. 

General Management. 

Advertising and Public Relations. 
JONES, CHARLES ROBERT, Arlington, Tenn., Pro- 
dqction Management. 

JONES, PHYLLIS ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Office Ad- 
ministration, Zeta Phi Beta. 

JONES, ROBERT BUTLER, Grand Junction, Tenn., 
English, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Spanish 
Club, SNEA, Human Relations Club, UCPB, MRHA, 

JONES. SHELIA PRESLEY, Memphis, Tenn., Educa- 

JONES, TERRY JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 

JUST, DIANE TERESA, Memphis, Tenn., Special Edu- 
cation, Dean's List, SNEA, SCEC. 
JUST, RONALD EUGENE, Memphis, Tenn., Biology, 
Dean's List, Sociology Club, Biology Club, Physics Club. 


KASEN, DONALD MICHAEL, So. Orange, N.J., Pro- 
duction Management, Alpha Epsilon Pi, IFC. 
KASTNER, JAMES BOYD, Milan, Tenn., Mechanical 

KENNON, LINDA SUE, Huntingdon, Tenn.. Office 
Administration, Alpha Lambda Delta, Crescents, Future 
Secretaries Assn., Sigma Kappa. 

KESHISHIAM, ASTGHIK 0., Damascus, Syria, Biolo- 
gy, Phys. Science. 

KESLER, STANLEY LOUIS, Memphis, Tenn., Psy- 
chology, BSU. 

KEY, KIERAN JOSEPH, Lebanon, Tenn., Biology and 

Physical Science, Omicron Delta Kappa. 
KEY, WILLIAM NEELY, Memphis, Tenn., Biology, 
Alpha Tau Omega, SGA. 

KIELY, EDWARD JAMES, Milan, 111., Marketing 
Sales, AMA, MRHA Senator, Resident Advisor Central 

KIMERY, JOHN KENNETH, Nashville, Tenn., Public 
Accounting, Accounting Club, Insurance Club, SGA. 
KINCHEN, SANDRA SUE, Hollywood, Mo., Second- 
ary Education, Koinonia Club, P.E. Majors Club. 
KING, EDWARD LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Biology, 
Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Biology Club, Natu- 
ralist Society, UCPB, MRHA Judiciary Board. 
KING, GEORGE R., Memphis, Tenn., Advertising, 
AMA, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

KING, LINDA ANN, Madison, Tenn., Interior Design, 
Who's Who, AID, Alpha Xi Delta, Panhellenic Council, 

KIPERTS, KARLIS DAVID, Memphis, Tenn., Electri- 
cal Engineering, IEEE, Engineering Society. 
KLOTWOG, DON SHERMAN, Memphis, Tenn., Mar- 
keting, Dean.'s List, Who's Who, AMA, Hillel, Sigma 
Delta Chi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Zeta Beta Tau, Tiger Rag, 


fice Administration, Phi Gamma Nu, SAM, Future 
Secretaries Association, Beta Sigma Phi, AWS. 
KOZEL, RICHARD, Clifton, N.J.. Marketing. 
KREBS, STEPHEN KENT, Memphis, Tenn., Second- 
ary Education. 

KRIEGER, MICHAEL M., Brooklyn, N.Y., Psycholo- 
KRIEGER, SUSAN H., New York, N.Y., Education. 

Market Advertising. 

LANE, LOYD DELANA, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 

LAPISH, MARIAN ALMEDA, Memphis, Tenn., Secre- 
tarial Science. 

Secondary Education, Dean's List. BSU. 
LATHAM, M. JAMES, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. 
LAWRENCE, JERRY WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Ac- 
counting, Dean's List, Accounting Club. 
LEEN, DAVID JEFFREY, Irvington, N.J., History. 
Manufacturing Technology, Newman Club. 
LEVY, STERLING HOWARD, St. Louis, Mo., Journal- 
ism, Student Independent Association, MRHA. 
LEWIS, GLENDA KAY, Nashville, Tenn., Economics, 
Delta Mu Delta. 

LIAPIS, GEORGE STEVEN, Washington, D.C., Mar- 
keting, Zeta Beta Tau, MRHA Executive Council. 
LINEBAUGH, DOROTHY JOAN, Jacksonville, 111., 
Speech and Drama, Sock and Buskin, Forensic Team. 
LITTLE, BEDFORD EUGENE, West Memphis, Ark., 
General Business Management. 

LITTLE, REBECCA ANN, North Little Rock, Ark., 
Fashion Merchandising, Crescents, American Home Ec- 
onomics Association. \ 
LLOYD, WILLIAM VICTOR, Memphis, Tenn.\ Electri- 
cal Engineering, IEEE. 

LONG, CHARLES R., Memphis, Tenn., Sacred Music. 
LOSI, ROBERT LOUIS, Yonkers, N.Y., Production 
Management, Certificate of Law Enforcement. 
LOVEJOY, MICHAEL P., New Orleans, La., Manage- 
ment, AMA. 

LUST, BARBARA JOYCE, Memphis, Tenn., English, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassel, German Honorary, Chem- 
istry Club, Biology Club. 

LUTES, ROGER JAMES, Allentown, Penn., Manage- 


MULLINS, ROBERT OTIS, Nashville, Tenn., Produc- 
tion Management, ROTC Achievement Bar. 
MADISON, RONALD JAY, Clifton, N.J., Psychology, 
Psi Chi. 

chology, Psi Chi, Newman Foundation. 
MALONE, JUDYE ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Education, 
History Club, Fencing Club, Delta Zeta, SGA. 
Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Pi Kappa Phi. 
MANSFIELD, JOHN ROBERT, East Brunswick, N.J., 
Health and Physical Education, Honor Roll, Dean's List, 
P.E. Majors Club, Alpha Tau Omega. 
MARLEY, LAWRENCE E., Memphis, Tenn., Elemen- 
tary Education. 

MARTELLO, TONI VICTORIA, Memphis, Tenn., Biol- 
ogy, Biology Club, Naturalist Society. 
MARTIN, ELIZABETH ANNE, Pine Bluff, Ark., Sec- 
ondary Education, Wesley Foundation, SNEA, Home 
Economics Club. 

MARTON, CAROLYN NAOMI, Memphis, Tenn., Sec- 
ondary Education, Student Council for Exceptional Chil- 

MATLOCK, MARY OLIVIA, Allentown, Penn., Ele- 
mentary Education. 

MCCAIN, FRANKLIN GLEN, Memphis, Tenn., Retail 
Marketing, Phi Sigma Kappa. 

English, Pi Mu Epsilon, SNEA. 
MCCLINTON, MARSHA GALE, Nashville, Tenn., 
Journalism Advertising, Delta Zeta. 
MCCOMMON, LINDA JOAN, Memphis, Tenn., Physi- 
cal Education. 

MCCRACKEN, SUE ELLEN, Memphis, Tenn., Office 
Administration, BSU. 

Biology, UCPB Hostesses, Town Council, Golden 
Hearts, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sga. 
MCGEE, DIANNE, Fayetteville, Tenn., English, Alpha 
Lambda Delta. 

Secondary Education. 

MCINTOSH, JOHN WILLIAM, Dearborn, Mich., Mar- 
keting, AMA, Delta Sigma Pi, SGA. 
English. Pi Delta Phi, Town Council, Phi Mu. 
MCVEIGH, HUGH ROBERT, Memphis, Tenn., Indus- 
trial Technology. 

Elementary Education. 


MESERVEY, KATHLEEN, Marshall, Mich., Health 
and Physical Education, Women's Gymnastic Team, 
P.E. Majors Club. 

MESTEMACHER, JULIA V., Memphis, Tenn., Speech 
Pathology, Sigma Alpha Eta, Alpha Psi Omega. 
Tenn., Elementary Education, Dean's List, SNEA. 
Tenn., Marketing, Dean's List, Senators, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Arnold Air Society, Lambda Chi Alpha. 
Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Society, Intramu- 
rals, Dean's List. 

MILLER, BRUCE L., Memphis, Tenn., Drafting and 

MILLER, LOUIS JAMES, Memphis, Tenn., Personnel 
Administration and Industrial Relations. 
MITCHELL, MARY NORTON, Memphis, Tenn., Psy- 
chology, Psi Chi. 

MITCHELL, ROBB HENRI, Memphis, Tenn., Journal- 
ism — News Editorial, Pi Delta Epsilon, Barth House, 
Sigma Delta Chi, Tiger Rag Editor-in-Chief, DeSoto, Re- 
ligious Council, Photo Service, UCPB, SGA. 
MOCK, TALMADGE WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Civil 
Engineering, Engineering Society. 
MOLL, KATHRYN ANNE, Memphis, Tenn., Elemen- 


tary Education. 


MOORE, TYRONE, Memphis, Tenn., Business Man- 
agement, Intramurals, BSA. 

111., Management. 

MULLINS, RAYMOND LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Radio- 
TV-Film, Alpha Epsilon Rho. 

MUND, FRANK BERGMANN, Memphis, Tenn., Ar- 
chitectural Technology, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Kappa 

MUIR, JUDY ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary Edu- 
cation, SNEA, Delta Gamma, DeSoto. 


NAIL, PATSY ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology. 

NARO, WAYNE EDWIN, Memphis, Tenn., History, 

Pre-Legal Society, Phi Kappa Psi. 

NEVFELD, STEVEN C, New York, N.Y., Personnel 

Administration, MRHA Judiciary Council. 

NORTON, NANCY JEAN, Memphis, Tenn., English, 


NOWLIN, BILLY GERALD, Memphis, Tenn., Market- 


OXFORD, RETHA JOYCE, Memphis, Tenn., Nursing, 



Health and Physical Education, P.E. Majors Club. 

Business Administration, Newman Club, Kappa Alpha 

PACINI, DARLENE DELORIS, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education, SNEA, Newman Foundation. 
PALAZOLO, JERRY S., Memphis, Tenn., Marketing, 
Kappa Alpha Order. 

PARIIAM, BETTY MORGAN, Jackson, Tenn., Health 
and Physical Education, P.E. Majors Club. 
PARKER, JAMES HOWARD, Memphis, Tenn., Music. 
PARKER, NICK C, Memphis, Tenn., Biology, Biology 

PARKS, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Memphis, Tenn., Per- 
sonnel Management, Pi Kappa Alpha. 
PARRETT, VIRGINIA ANN, Memphis,Tenn., Elemen- 
tary Education, Town Council, SNEA, Sigma Kappa. 
PARRISH, ROBERT ALAN, Knoxville, Tenn., Mathe- 

PATTERSON, MARY BROWN, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education. 

PATTERSON, PHYLLIS GAIL, Chattanooga, Tenn., 
Home Economics Education, Little Sisters of Minerva, 
SNEA, Home Economics Club. 

PAXENOS, ADRIENNE, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 
Education, Dean's List, SNEA, Town Council, Alpha 
Phi, DeSoto. 

PECZI, JOSEPH GERARD, Memphis, Tenn., Theatre, 
Who's Who, Alpha Psi Omega, Sock and Buskin, Phi Mu 
Alpha, Kappa Sigma, UCPB. 

PEEL, SANDRA DENISE, Miami, Fla., Elementary 
Education, SNEA. 

PEPPERS, CLARA ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Spanish. 
PERKINS, GARY W., Memphis, Tenn., Chemistry, 
AMA, Pi Sigma Epsilon, BSU. 

PERKINS, WALLACE G., Memphis, Tenn., Industrial 
Marketing, Dean's List, Pi Sigma Epsilon, AMA. 

PHILLIPS, DAISY HODGES, Memphis, Tenn., Eng- 

Secondary Education, Young Republicans. 

PIPKIN, WILLIAM LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Mathemat- 

Sales, Baseball, AMA. 

PLUNK, SHEILA RAE, Memphis, Tenn., Secondary 

POPE, ELLA LOUISE, Memphis, Tenn., Biology, Delta 
Sigma Theta, ISC. 

POTTS, TIMOTHY WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Sales, 
MSU Mascot, Kappa Sigma. 

PRIEUR, FRANCES GROVE, Memphis, Tenn., Sec- 
ondary Education, Future Secretaries Association, Stu- 
dent Business Education Association. 
PRINCE, BARBARA CAROL, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education, SNEA, DeSoto. 


RABB, MILDRED VIRGINIA, Memphis, Tenn., Span- 
ish, Dean's List, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club. 
RAINES, WADE ASHLEY, Memphis, Tenn., Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Dean's List, Engineering Society, SGA. 
RAY, ROBERT CHARLES, Memphis, Tenn., Sales, 
AMA, Phi Sigma Epsilon. 

RAYHO, LINDA KATHY, Stamford, Conn., Architec- 
tural Technology, Phi Mu, Residence Halls Judicial 

REED, RICHARD ALTON, Memphis, Tenn., Commer- 
cial Art, Alpha Delta Sigma, Art Club. 
REYNOLDS, BRENDA N., Memphis, Tenn., Spanish, 
Los Picaros. 

RIBBECK, ANNE MARIE, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology, 
Golden Hearts, Alpha Delta Pi. 

RICH, LONNIE CHARLES, Memphis, Tenn., History 
and Political Science. 

Secondary Education. 

Geography, Arnold Air Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, 
Alpha Tau Omega. 

ROBERTSON, HERMAN GRAY, Millington, Tenn., 
Business Administration, Delta Mu Delta. 
Electronic Technology. 

ROGERS, AUDREY JANE, South Pittsburg, Tenn., So- 

ROGERS, DANIEL WAYNE, Westport, Tenn., Micro- 

ROSENKRANS, BETTY KAY, Memphis, Tenn., His- 
tory, Latin, Phi Alpha Theta. 

ROUNSAVALL, JOHN RALPH, Blytheville, Ark., Ac- 
counting, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of 
Omega, Accounting Club, Arnold Air Society, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, IFC President. 

Tenn., General Business Management, Barth House, 
Canterbury Club. 

Genera] Marketing, AMA, Hillel. 
Iowa, Secondary Education, English, Pi Delta Epsilon, 
Sigma Kappa, Tiger Rag, DeSoto, SGA. 

SAGER, ANNE MARIE, Memphis, Tenn., Geography, 
Sociology Club, Newman Club, SNEA, Deutscher Ver- 

SAIN, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Nashville, Tenn., Pro 
duction Management, Sociology Club, Pi Kappa Alpha 
mentary Education, Who's Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Tassel 
Town Council, UCPB, Alpha Gamma Delta, SGA, Pan 
hellenic Council, AWS. 

SAMUELS, THOMAS EDWARD, Memphis, Tenn., In- 
surance, Golf Team, Insurance Club. 
Radio-TV-Film, WTGR, Intramurals. 

SAYLE, LUCY MARILYNN, Memphis, Tenn., Ele- 
mentary Education, Who's Who, Angel Flight, Town 
Council, Panhellenic Council, Phi Mu. 
Industrial Safety, Insurance Club, Math Club. 
SCHIFFMAN, ARTHUR BRUCE, Cheltenham, Penn., 
Marketing Retailing, AMA, Alpha Epsilon Pi. 
Political Science, Dean's List, Pi Delta Epsilon, Chi Delta 
Sigma, Tiger Rag, SGA, DeSoto. 
SCHNEIDER, WALTER N., Swanton, Ohio., Person- 
nel Administration. 

Management, Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi 
Sigma Epsilon, AMA, Young Democrats, Pi Kappa 
Alpha, SGA. 

SCHUTT, JAMES ROBERT, Memphis, Tenn., Real Es- 
tate, Newman Club, Phi Kappa Theta. 
SCOTT, SIMS CLIFF, Memphis, Tenn., Marketing, Pi 
Sigma Epsilon, Phi Kappa Theta. 
SCRUGGS, MARY ANNE, Memphis, Tenn., Art 
Graphics, Art Club. 

SHANNON, JACK CANADA, Memphis, Tenn., Biolo- 
gy, Ambassadors Board, Dean's List, Honor Roll, Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa, Chi Beta Phi, Biology Club, Young 
Republicans, Alpha Tau Omega, SGA. 
SHEARS, MICHAEL GRAHAM, Memphis, Tenn.. Ad- 
vertising, Young Democrats, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tiger Rag. 

SHEDLOCK, CARL ANDREW, Memphis, Tenn.. Gen- 
eral Marketing, Delta Mu Delta, AMA. 
SHIPP, ARLENA L., Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 

SHIRM, DONALD JOSEPH, Trenton, N.J., Health and 
Physical Education. 

SHOUP, KENNETH N., Memphis, Tenn., Business 
Management, Gymnastic Team. 

SHUBA, RICHARD MELVIN, Memphis, Tenn., Health 
and Physical Education. 

SIEBEN, MARILYN ANN, Skokie, III, Secondary Edu- 
cation, Dean's List, SNEA. 

SILBER, HINDA, Memphis, Tenn., English. Art Club, 

SIMS, DANIEL BRYANT, Memphis. Tenn., Speech 
and Drama, WTGR. 

SKEEN, MARTHA N., Memphis, Tenn., Accounting, 
Delta Mu Delta, Accounting Club. 
SLOWEY, ROBERT MICHAEL, Nashville, Tenn.. 

SPEER, CECIL EARL, Memphis, Tenn., Radio- 

SMITH, EDWARD LEE, Memphis, Tenn., Secondary 

General Business Management, SAM. 
SMITH, PATRICIA PARISH, Huntingdon, Tenn.. Ac- 
counting and Historv, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta. 
Accounting Club, Sigma Kappa. 
SNELGROVE, SUSAN LOUISE, Cookeville, Tenn.. 
Music, Phi Mu Epsilon. 

SPECK, RICHARD GARY, Memphis. Tenn., Biology, 
Phi Mu Alpha. 

SPROUL. TERESA MARIA, Memphis, Tenn.. English. 
Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Liberal Arts Honor 
Society, Tassel, Snea, Alpha Phi. UCPB. 
STAFFORD, IDA GAIL, Oak Ridge. Tenn.. English, 
SNEA, Wesley Foundation. 

Drafting and Design Technology. 
STAFFORD, MELISSA JAN, Memphis, Tenn.. Eng- 

STAGGS, JUDITH ACUFF, Memphis, Tenn., Home 
Economics, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Economics Club. 
STANTON, DONNA LONG, Atlanta, Ga., Spanish. 

STARC. ALEX JOHN, North Bergen, NJ„ Secondary 
Education, SNEA. 

STAWICK, LAWRENCE ALBERT, Joliet, 111., Geogra- 


Term.. Marketing and Retail Management. 
STERN, ROSE-LINDA, Flushing N.Y., Psychology, Psi 
Chi, Film Club, Sock and Buskin. 
STEVENS, RICHARD NEIL, Memphis, Term., Indus- 
trial Arts Education. 

STEVENSON, DELOIS. Memphis, Tenn., Economics. 
STEWART. BONNIE CAROL. Memphis, Tenn., Sec- 
ondary Education, Dean's List, SNEA. 
STEWART, ROBERT CARL, Memphis, Tenn., Geog- 
raphy — Latin, Pi Delta Epsilon, Zanthipany, Biology 
Club, Naturalist Society, DeSoto Business Manager. 
STEWART. ROBERT DALE, Memphis, Tenn., Biolo- 
gy, Dean's List, Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Zan- 
thipany, Biology Club, Naturalist Society, DeSoto Associ- 
ate Editor. 

History. Phi Alpha Theta. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma 
Chi, SGA, Cheerleader. 

STUART, JUNE SWIFT, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 

SUWATA, STANLEY J., North Haledon, N.J., Manage- 
ment, Sigma Chi. MRHA, SGA. 

SWIFT, GLENN DUAINE, Memphis, Tenn., Finance. 
SWIFT, WILLIAM RICHARD, Chiton, N.J., Manage- 
ment, Baseball Team. 

TALLANT, PEGGY J., Selma, Ala., Secondary Educa- 
tion, Angel Flight, SNEA. 

Management, SAM, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Chi. 
French, Amici D'ltalia, La Rive Gauche. 
TAYLOR, AARON JACKSON, Memphis, Tenn., Man- 
ufacturing Technology. 

TAYLOR, DONALD WAYNE. Memphis, Tenn., Ac- 
counting, Accounting Club. 

TEAGUE, LARRY STANLEY, Fisk. Mo., Marketing, 
Tennis, Golf, AMA. 

Marketing, Dean's List, Veteran's Club, Phi Sigma Epsi- 

Elementary Education, Dean's List, Who's Who, UCPB 
Hostesses, SNEA, Town Council, AWS Board, Gamma 
Phi Beta, Panhellenic Council, ISC. SGA. 
THWEATT, CARLISLE, Memphis, Tenn., Electrical 
Engineering, IEEE. 

TICE, DORIS SANDERS, Memphis, Tenn., Fashion 

TIPTON, ROBERT L., Memphis, Tenn., Economics, 
Who's Who. Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Mu Delta, Ar- 
nold Air Society, Phi Mu Alpha. 
TODD, JERRY WAYNE, Heber Springs, Ark., Man- 
agement, Football Team, All Conference (MVC) Foot- 
ball. Dean's List. 

Vertebrate Zoology, Baseball Team, Missouri Valley 
Honor Roll, Omicron Delta Kappa, Biology Club, Span- 
ish Club, Lambda Chi Alpha. 

TRIBBLE, DIANNA, Memphis, Tenn., Secondary Edu- 
cation, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Phi, Dean's 

TROBAUGH, LINDA ELLEN, Memphis, Tenn., Ac- 
counting, Dean's List, Delta Mu Delta, Accounting Club, 
Alpha Tau Omega Sweethearts Club, Sigma Kappa. 

Marketing, AMA. 

TUCKER, LEOLA RUTH, Memphis, Tenn., Vocational 
Home Economics. 

Music, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha 
Iota, Wesley Foundation. 

TURNER, JOHN LAWRENCE, Atlanta, Ga.. Math, Ec- 
onomics, Dean's List, Phi Sigma Kappa. 

VANCE, LINDA CAROL, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary 
Education, BSU. 

VARNER, SHARON LYNN, Miami Springs, Fla., Ele- 
mentary Education. Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Little Sisters of Minerva, SNEA. 
Manufacturing Technology. 

nomics, Honor Roll, Delta Mu Delta. 
nomic Theory. 

VINSON, ROGER WILLIAM, Akron, Ohio, Personnel 
and Industrial Relations. 


WALDEN, PATRICIA ANNE, Memphis, Tenn., An- 

WALLER, ARTHUR EARL, Jacksonville. Fla., Per- 
sonnel Management. 

WALSH, PHILLIP MICHAEL, Memphis, Tenn., Mar- 
keting, Baseball. 

WARD, PATRICIA ANN, Memphis, Tenn., English, 
Chi Alpha, Religious Council, Spanish Club. 
WATTS, KATHERINE KING, Memphis, Tenn., home 
Economics, Home Economics Club, Town Council, 
Alpha Xi Delta. 

Marketing (Advertising), AMA. 

WEBB, DONNA J., Memphis, Tenn., Accounting, Ac- 
counting Club. 

Sociology, SGA. 

WEIGEL, JOHN RICHARD, Memphis, Tenn., Eco- 
nomics, Delta Mu Delta, Liberal Arts Honor Society, Pi 
Mu Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, Chi Beta Phi, Omicron 
Delta Kappa. 

WELSH, MARY AGNES, Memphis, Tenn., Journalism, 
DeSoto Beauty Revue Director, J. Wayne Johnson 
Award, Dean's List, Who's Who, Student Ambassadors 
Board, Pi Delta Phi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Chi Delta Sigma, Tassel, La Rive Gauche, UCPB, 
Town Council, Newman Club, Gamma Phi Beta, Tiger 
Rag Editor-in-Chief, SGA. 

WERTZ, JANET G., Memphis, Tenn., Secondary Edu- 
cation, Debate Team, SNEA. 

WESNER, TERRY HAROLD, La Grange, 111., Math, 
Biology, Biology Club, Delta Sigma Phi. 
WESTBROOK; JAMES L., Paragould, Ark., Personnel 
Administration and Industrial Relations. 
WHALEY, WANDA BISHOP, Middleton, Tenn., Eng- 

Education, Dean's List, SNEA. 

Home Economics. 
WHITE, CAROLYN JANE, Memphis, Tenn.. Journal- 

ism, Tassel, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, Town 
Council, Chi Delta Sigma, Pi Beta Phi, Statesman, Tiger 
Rag, SGA, Panhellenic Council. 

WHITE, CECIL EUGENE, Memphis, Tenn., Account- 

WHITE, JANICE ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Nursing, 

WHITE. NANCY WAGNER, Memphis, Tenn., Chemis- 
try, Dean's List, Tassel, Chi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Society. 
WHITFIELD, MARY CLARE, Columbus, Miss., Eng- 
lish, Spanish Club, BSU, Delta Gamma. WRHA. 
WHITT. DANNY WAYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Manage- 
ment, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC Professional Officer 
Corps, Aero Club, Pi Kappa Alpha. 
agement, Arnold Air Society. 

WILEY, ELISABETH HARDY, Maastricht, Holland, 

General Business Management. 

WILLIAMS, JEAN MOSS, Memphis, Tenn., Elementa- 
ry Education, Young Democrats, BSA, SNEA. 
Biology, Dean's List, Biology Club. 
WILLIAMS, RICHARD M.', Memphis, Tenn., Person- 
nel Administration. 

Electronics Technology. 

General Business Management, Dean's List, Arnold Air 

WILSON, JACQUELYN KAY, Blytheville, Ark., Home 
Economics, Home Economics Club. 
Marketing-Sales, National Sales Education Scholarship, 
AMA, Pi Sigma Epsilon. 

WOLFE, DARRELL RALPH, Memphis, Tenn., Mar- 

WOODS, BRUCE DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tenn., Man- 
agement, Arnold Air Society. 

Psychology, Latin, Psi Chi, Sigma Alpha Iota, University 
Band, University Wind Ensemble. 

YAFFE, SHERWIN ABE, Memphis, Tenn., Physics, 
Sigma Pi Sigma, Society of Physics Students. 
YAGER. WILSON MICHAEL, Memphis, Tenn., Politi- 
cal Science, BSU. 

Mass., History. 

Elementary Education, SNEA. 

ZANONE, LYNN ROSE ANN, Memphis, Tenn., Educa- 
tion, Who's Who, Tassel, Kappa Delta Pi, Angel Flight, 
SNEA, Pi Beta Phi, AWS Board. 
Marketing, AMA. 

ZEIP, KAREN L., Jackson, Tenn., Health and Physical 
Education. P.E. Majors Club, SNEA, SCEC, Philosophy 
Club, Math Club, Alpha Xi Delta. 
ZUNT, NANCY LEE, Amherst, Ohio, Elementary Edu- 
cation, SNEA, WRHA. 



Abernathy, Frances 361 

Abernathy, Rose 367 

Abrams, Barbara 336 

Accardi, Mike 356 

Acciani, Daniel 336 

Achelpohl, John 367 

Acred, Robert 361 

Adams, Carl 367 

Adams, Herman 332 

Adams, Sarah 356 

Adelman, John 356 

Aikens, Beane 332 

Aims, Bernard 332 

Ainsworth, Anita 336 

Alabaster, Steven 336 

Albonetti, Anita 367 

Albright, Irene 356 

Albritton, Melvin 336 

Aldinger, Raymond 336 

Allen, Beverly 356 

Allen, John 367 

Allen, Kathryn 361 

Allen, Sharon 356 

Allison, Florence 367 

Allison, Roger 332 

AUman, Betty 336 

Altfeld, Toby 367 

Altman, Jim 367 

Amagliani, Catherine .... 367 

Amyx, Cheryl 336 

Anderson, Clinton 356 

Anderson, Geraldine .... 336 

Anderson, Joseph 336 

Anderson, Marcia 336 

Anderson, Paul J 336 

Annaratone, Thomas .... 336 

Aquilino, Vincent 336 

Archie, David 336 

Armstrong, Bondi 332 

Armstrong, Ruth 336 

Arnett, Paul 336 

Arnold, Kathy 356 

Arnold, Susan 336 

Arnoult, Ellen 336 

Arquitt, Frances 336 

Arrowsmith, Linda 361 

Asbury, Cynthia 361 

Ashe, Albert 336 

Askew, Ira 336 

Atkinson, Pamela 336 

Austin, Merrill 332 

Aven, W. Michael 361 

Aycock, Leavell 356 

Ayers, Joanne 367 

Aylor, Anne 367 


Babb, Sharon 361 

Bacurin, Linda 356 

Baddley, Margaret 336 

Bailey, Robert E 361 

Baird, Cynthia 367 

Baites, Shellie 367 

Baker, Beverly 367 

Baker, Carolyn 336 

Baker, David 336 

Baker, James A 361 

Baker, Joseph 356 

Baker, Linda 361 

Baker, Mary A 356 

Baker, Nancy 336 

Baker, Vanna 336 

Baldwin, Christine 367 

Ball, Barbara 356 

Ball, Elizabeth 336 

Balzen, Carol 336 

Banks, Ann 356 

Banks, Daniel 356 

Banner, Susan 336 

Barbee, Martha 367 

Barder, Ken 336 

Barnes, Sarah 336 

Barnes, William J 336 

Barnett, Kathy 361 

Barnett, Rickey 361 

Barr, Robert 356 

Barrett, Donald 336 

Barrett, Veronica 367 

Barrios, Susan 367 

Bartliff, William 361 

Barton, Frank 332 

Barton, Laura 356 

Barton, Linda D 356 

Basham, Robert 361 

Bateman, Charles 361 

Bates, Cynthia 336 

Bates, Tone 336 

Baty, Karan 367 

Bauer, Charlotte 361 

Baum, Richard, 356 

Baust, Joseph 336 

Baxter, Mary 336 

Bean, Clyde 336 

Bean, Felix 336 

Beard, Lee 367 

Beard, Linda 356 

Bearden, Kenleta 367 

Bearden, Kenneth 361 

Beasley, Don 336 

Beatty, Diane 367 

Beaudion, William 336 

Becton, M. C 367 

Bee, Karen 367 

Beeson, Susan 367 

Belcher, BUI 361 

Belew, Charlotte 356 

Bell, Robert J 356 

Bell, Thomas 367 

Bellchamber, Richard .... 336 

Benbrook, Barbara 356 

Bengel, Susan 367 

Bengel, Virginia 361 

Bennett, Gary 361 

Bennett, Phillip 367 

Bensley, Sharon 367 

Benson, Barbara 332 

Benson, Linda 356 

Bentley, Thomas 336 

Benton, Johnny 367 

Bernard, Patricia 367 

Berry, Judy 336 

Berry, Robert 337 

Bertasi, Raymond 367 

Bethel, Harry 356 

Betz, Elizabeth 337 

Bevington, Sally 367 

Binion, Ozzie 337 

Birchfield, Leslie 367 

Birchler, Steven 337 

Birdwell, Daniel 356 

Bisanzo, Thomas 337 

Bishop, Linda 356 

Bisio, Norma 337 

Bitner, Martha 337 

Black, Mozella 361 

Black, Sylvia 337 

Blackburn, Jerry 356 

Blackburn, Joseph 337 

Blackman, Sandra 356 

Blackwelder, Sandra .... 367 

Blanchard, Major 332 

Bland, James T 361 

Bland, Melvin 361 

Blanton, James 337 

Blanton, John 356 

Blatt, John 361 

Bledsoe, Tom 367 

Blitstein, Charles 332 

Bloesch, Judy 337 

Blom, Vicki 337 

Boals, Van 337 

Boatwright, Edwin 337 

Bogle, Brenda 367 

Bolding, Peggy 367 

Bond, Beverly 337 

Bond, Leola 332 

Bondurant, Shirley 367 

Bone, Patricia 367 

Bonner, Barbara 337 

Booth, Linda 367 

Booze, Ronnie 367 

Bosse, David 337 

Bostic, Deanna 337 

Bostick, Olen 337 

Boston, George 337 

Bouie, Bernice 367 

Bouldin, Betty 337 

Boulware, Charlotte 337 

Boutwell, Shirley 337 

Bowdon, Judith 337 

Bowen, Carolyn Ann .... 337 

Bowen, Charlotte 367 

Bowen, Veida 337 

Bowers, Judy 356 

Bowles, Rebecca 356 

Box, Allen 332 

Boyd, Steve 361 

Boy stun, Steve 337 

Bradford, Jennie 367 

Bradick, William 337 

Bradley, Carolyn 356 

Bradley, Dan 337 

Bradley, Fred 367 

Bradley, Mark 367 

Bradley, Mary 337 

Bradley, Richard 337 

Brady, Janet 367 

Bragg, Kenneth 367 

Branch, Constance 367 

Branch, Margaret 337 

Branch, Pamela 362 

Brandberry, Perline 332 

Brannon, John 332 

Branuni, Brent 362 

Bran y an, Charles 337 

Brassel, John 337 

Braswell, Thomas 367 

Brawley, Gary 367 

Bredow, Brenda 362 

Breslow, Susan 337 

Brewer, Willie 361 

Bridges, Charlotte 367 

Bridges, David 367 

Briggs, James 337 

Briggs, Sarah 356 

Briggs, Susan 337 

Britt, Al 337 

Britt, Nancy 338 

Britton, David 367 

Brogan, Ann 332 

Brock, Llewellyn 356 

Brooks, Glenda 367 

Broome, Gill 337 

Brotherton, Brenda 338 

Brotherton, Patricia 362 

Broussard, Charles 367 

Broussard, Meryl 362 

Brown, Bernard 332 

Brown, Bettie 356 

Brown, Gilbert 338 

Brown, James 338 

Brown, Jean 367 

Brown, Lois 338 

Brown, Phillip B 338 

Brown, Robert R 338 

Brown, Sandra 367 

Brown, Stephen 332 

Broyles, Lee 367 

Brozak, Elizabeth 338' 

Bruce, Barbara 362 

Bruce, Joseph 338 

Bruce, Robert 338 

Brumley, Jimmy 332 

Brunette, Barbara 338 

Brunson, Nancy 362 

Bryan, Catherine 367 

Bryan, William 332 

Bryant, Carol 367 

Bryant, David A 338 

Bryant, Donna 367 

Bryant, Faylene 332 

Bryson, Jeannine 338 

Buck, Ronald 367 

Buckbee, Virginia 338 

Buckley, Margaret 356 

Bueno, Olga 332 

Bugbee, Margaret 338 

Bullard, Brenda 367 

Bumpus, Mary 338 

Burden, Mary 356 

Burden, Mary J 356 

Burgess, Charles 362 

Burgess, Gary 367 

Burk, Kenneth 338 

Burkholder, James 338 

Burks, Louise 356 

Burnett, Amanda 362 

Burnett, William 338 

Burns, Gayle 338 

Burns, Kenneth 356 

Burns, Monte 332 

Burns, Richard 367 

Burrage, Ronnel 338 

Burroughs, Frank 338 

Burrow, Susan 332 

Burris, Luther 332 

Busby, Gloria 338 

Butler, Larry 362 

Butler, Nancy 356 

Butner, Billy 362 

Butrum, Donna 367 

Bynum, Ellen 356 

Bvnum, Glen 356 

Byrd, Anthony 362 

Byrd, Cecilia ' 338 

Byrd, James 338 

Bvrd, Joan 332 

Byrd, Mary 338 

Byzet, Ferdinand 332 

Byzet, Ronald 356 

Cadden, Kathleen 338 

Cagle, Martin 338 

Callicutt, F. Wade 332 

Callow, Bette 338 

Calvert, Ross 338 

Camp, Deborah 356 

Campbell, Deborah 338 

Campbell, Linda 338 

Campbell, Victoria 338 

Camper, Charlotte 338 

Campodonico, Paul 338 

Canaday, Ronald 338 

Canaday, Stephen 356 

Candler, Nancy 338 

Cannon, James 367 

Cantin, Mark 367 

Cantwell, Charlotte 338 

Capon, Thomas 338 

Carlsen, Thomas 367 

Carman, James 338 

Carney, Carol 356 

Carney, Nancy 367 

Carrigan, Conway 367 

Carrigan, Sue 338 

Carroll, Edward 367 

Carson, Jon 356 

Carter, A. Gayle 338 

Carter, Ben 338 

Carter, Edward 332 

Carter, Elroy 338 

Carter, Gene 338 

Carter, Joanne 338 

Carter, Joe 338 

Carter, John 356 

Carter, Lynda 362 

Carter, Marjorie 355 

Cartwright, Beverly 338 

Cartwright, James 367 

Casha, Suzi 367 

Cassiday, Oakley 339 

Castleberrv. Elsie 339 

Cate, Mary 339 

Cathcart, Claudia 362 

Cecil, Terry 339 

Ceisel, Helen 339 

Cernosek, Pauline 362 

Chambers. David 338 

Chambers, Diana 339 

Chambers, James 339 

Chapman, James 339 

Chapman, Pamela 368 

Chapman, Paula 339 

Chapman, Suzann 356 

Chenoweth, Mary 332 

Cherry, Georgia 362 

Cherry, Mack 332 

Chesher, Sharon 362 

Childers, Brenda 356 

Childers, Edward 339 

Childress, Sharon 368 

Childs, Herbert 368 

Chin, David 368 

Chism. Paul 368 

Christian. Geraldean .... 339 

Chu, Sharon 356 

Church. Thomas 332 

Churchill. Thomas 332 

Ciaramitaro, Rosemarv . . . 339 

Ciaramitaro, Sarah 368 

Cisne, Nanette 368 

Clark. Alvin 356 

Clark. Charles 356 

Clark, Deborah 368 

Clark, Dennis 362 


Clark, Don 339 

Clark, Ivon 339 

Clark, Jerry 368 

Clarkson, Ronald 368 

Clay, Helon 368 

Clayburn, Frances 339 

Cleaves, Clarence 339 

Clements, Terry 356 

demons, Barbara 368 

Clift, Sharon 368 

Clifton, Laurel 356 

Clinard, George 368 

Clouse, Eugene 356 

Coats, Gregory 368 

Cockrell, Richard 339 

Coker, Patricia 356 

Colclasure, Martha 356 

Cole, Randy 339 

Cole, Vashti 332 

Coleman, James 339 

Coleman, Ronald 339 

Coles, Ron 362 

Coletta, Marilyn 368 

Collier, Judith 356 

Collins, Edward 332 

Collins, Rebecca L 368 

Collins, Robert James .... 339 

Collins, Thomas 339 

Collinsworth, Emmett .... 339 

Colston, Linda 368 

Comer, Elizabeth 356 

Connor, Doris 356 

Conyers, Melissa 368 

Cook, Carolyn 339 

Cook, Charmaine 362 

Cook, Elizabeth 356 

Cook, Evelyn 339 

Cook, James G 368 

Cooke, Ralph 356 

Cooksey, Martha 356 

Coop, Lula 356 

Cooper, David 362 

Correll, Max 356 

Cortese, Virginia 368 

Costa, Charles 362 

Cothran, John 339 

Cotten, Wilma 356 

Coulter, Bonnie 339 

Counce, Philip 368 

Cournoyer, Robert 339 

Coursey, Linda 368 

Courtney, Thomas 339 

Cox, Ann 368 

Cox, Beverly 339 

Cox, Frances 368 

Cox, James 339 

Cox, Robert W 356 

Cox, Thomas 368 

Cox, Virginia 368 

Cozart, Mary 356 

Crabtree, Judy 368 

Craig, Patricia 362 

Craven, Nancy 368 

Crawford, George 356 

Crawford, Sandra 339 

Crawford, Shannon 362 

Crawford, Teresa 339 

Crawford, Toni 368 

Creasy, David 368 

Creasy, Gary T 356 

Criswell, Linda 368 

Crocker, Barbara 362 

Crook, Deborah 368 

Crosby, Mary 362 

Crouse, Michael 356 

Crowder, William T 339 

Crowley, Sandra 339 

Cunningham, Ruthie .... 339 

Cupples, Douglas 339 

Curley, Celene 362 

Czerwinski, Robert 339 


Dacus, Mai 362 

Dague, Barbara 356 

Daly, Walter 339 

Dampier, Ronald 339 

Damron, Bobby 362 

Damron, Jessie 339 

Dando, Carol 368 

Dando, Cheryl 339 

Daniel, Jerry 368 

Daniel, Leslie 332 

Daniel, Robert 356 

Daniels, Allen 356 

Daniels, Doy 356 

Daniels, Evelyn 362 

Darling, Harold 368 

Darlington, Peggy 362 

Darnell, Randall 368 

Davidson, Patricia 362 

Davidson, Tony 339 

Davis, Barbara 368 

Davis, Christene 356 

Davis, Danny 339 

Davis, Debra 368 

Davis, Donna 356 

Davis, Linda D 368 

Davis, Linda J 362 

Davis, Marilyn 362 

Davis, Rebecca 357 

Davison, Marjorie 368 

Dawson, Paul 339 

Day, David 339 

Day, Thomas 368 

Dean, Norman 346 

Dearmey, Deborah 368 

Deason, Howard 368 

DeField, Robert 368 

Delapp, Bertha 340 

Delgado, Alejandro 368 

Demaya, Yaly 362 

DeMeirleir, Kenny 368 

Demieville, Micheline .... 332 

Deming, William 340 

Dempsey, M. Edward .... 362 
Dempsey, R. Douglas .... 340 

Dennis, Ruth 368 

Derrington, Betty 362 

DeSierra, Susan 340 

Despain, Ben 332 

Despain, Betty 362 

Diaz, Dimas 340 

Dick, Stephen 368 

Dickerson, Rebecca 357 

Dickey, Melba 357 

Dickey, Winston 340 

Dickson, Mary 340 

Dietz, Judy 362 

Dinapoli, Rocco 362 

Dishion, Lynne 368 

Dismukes, William 340 

Dixon, Edward 340 

Dixon, James 340 

Dobbins, James 362 

Dobbins, Sara 362 

Dobbs, Gloria 362 

Dodd, Martha 362 

Dodson, William 340 

Doggett, Jonetta 368 

Dolan, Judy 362 

Dold, Janice 368 

Donaldson, Lois 362 

Donaldson, Michael 357 

Dong, Alice 332 

Dorna, Gerald 362 

Dorris, Michael 340 

Doss, Dianne 368 

Doss, Larry 368 

Doten, David 332 

Dougan, Neta 362 

Douglas, Frank 368 

Douglas, Linda 362 

Douglas, Robert 340 

Downen, Jerry 340 

Downey, Maurietta 332 

Downing, Susan 357 

Dows, Anne 340 

Doyle, Robert 368 

Dozier, Mark 340 

Draiman, Sharon 340 

Droke, Judy 362 

Droke, Melinda 362 

Drozdowski, John 340 

Drucker, Robert 340 

Dryden, Ann 368 

Duckworth, Carol 340 

Duffy, Edward 340 

Dumire, John 340 

Dunavant, Calvin 340 

Dunavent, Larry 340 

Dunaway, Jean 340 

Dunn, Janice 332 

Dunstan, C. E 340 

Dunstan, Richard 332 

Durr, John 357 

Dutton, Elizabeth 368 

Dye, David 340 


Eagar, Martha 357 

Earle, Charles 341 

Earle, Julia 341 

Earley, Paul 368 

Earley, Bobby 368 

Easley, Marvin 341 

Easley, Tyronne 341 

Eason, James A 341 

Easum, Thomas 357 

Eaton, Beverly 368 

Ebert, Bruce 341 

Echols, Bertis 362 

Echols, Charles 341 

Eder, Deborah 368 

Edgin, Nancy 368 

Edwards, James H 341 

Edwards, James R 362 

Edwards, Kathy 368 

Edwards, Mary 368 

Edwards, Mary 368 

Edwards, Norval 341 

Edwards, Rebecca 341 

Eilert, Arland 357 

Eilert, Sonny 341 

Elam, Emmett 332 

Elam, Jan 362 

Elam, Shirley 341 

Elliott, Deborah 341 

Ellis, Linda 368 

Ellis, Peggy 357 

Eng, Gene 341 

Eng, James 363 

England, Ronald 332 

English, Judy 368 

Enkema, Patricia 341 

Eppes, Bette 341 

Erskine, Mary 341 

Escue, Joyce 363 

Escue, Samuel 368 

Essary, Barbara 357 

Estes, Lujayne 341 

Etheridge, Larry 341 

Eubanks, Alice 341 

Eubanks, Joe 332 

Evans, Constance 368 

Evans, E. Ray 363 

Evans, Sheron 341 

Evans, William D 368 

Evans, Stacy 368 

Evensky, Maury 357 

Everett, Nikki 368 

Everitt, Wanda 341 

Ewing, Mary 368 


Facelli, Mary 368 

Fagans, Barbara 363 

Fallin, Joseph 341 

Falls, Richard 357 

Fann, Phyllis 368 

Farmer, Vicki 341 

Farrell, Craig 341 

Farshee, Louis 341 

Faught, Elizabeth 368 

Faulkner, Deborah 368 

Faulkner, Lenora 363 

Fayne, Regenia 368 

Feasel, Robert 341 

Feig, Barry 341 

Feldman, Jesse 341 

Feldman, Mark 341 

Fenley, Gail 341 

Ferguson, Danny 332 

Ferguson, James 363 

Ferguson, Pamela 357 

Ferguson, Rod 357 

Few, Nancy 357 

Fields, Ann 368 

Fierra, Samuel 341 

Fike, Betty 368 

Findley, Elizabeth 341 

Finkelstein, Sam 363 

Finney, Terry 357 

Fish, Frances 341 

Fish, Roger 332 

Fite, Marilyn 369 

Fitzpatrick, Alan 341 

Fitzpatrick, David 355 

Flanagan, Bobby 341 

Flanagan, Judy 363 

Flatt, Carter 341 

Fleming, Judy 341 

Fleming, Susan 357 

Flick, Harry 332 

Flowers, Ernest 357 

Flowers, Martha 333 

Flynn, Richard 333 

Folden, Sandra 363 

Fones, Fred 357 

Fong, George 341 

Forbes, Maybelline 357 

Ford, Essie 341 

Ford, William 333 

Forkum, Donald 363 

Forsythe, Kerry 363 

Fortner, Gary 369 

Foster, Marvin 363 

Foster, Phillip 341 

Foust, Georgia 369 

Fowler, Judith 341 

Fox, Garrad 341 

Fox, James 357 

Fox, Jerry 341 

Foy, Cathy 357 

Francis, Mark 341 

Frankenbach, Larry 341 

Franklin, Clara 341 

Franklin, Judy 341 

Franks, Thomas 357 

Frazier, Anita 357 

Frazier, Daniel 357 

Frazier, Rebecca 342 

Freedman, Harold 342 

Freeman, Elendra 357 

Freeman, James 357 

French, Ann 357 

Fristick, Lawrence 369 

Frix, David 369 

Fry, Stephen 363 

Fugh, Clement 342 

Fulgham, Bobby 342 

Fuller, Ollar 363 

Fuller, Sandra 342 

Furr, Richard 342 

Furr, Sharon 369 

Fyfe, Margaret 363 

Gale, Richard 369 

Gallini, Patricia 369 

Galtelli, Glenda 342 

Gamble, Valerie 369 

Gandy, Robert 342 

Gann, Phyllis 369 

Gant, Brenda 363 

Gardner, Bonnie 369 

Gardner, Joyce 369 

Garner, Neal 342 

Garnett, Robert 333 

Garrett, Carl 357 

Garrison, Jimmy 369 

Garthright, James 342 

Gary, Rebecca 363 

Gaston, Martha 357 

Gates, Patricia 357 

Gay, Benjamin 363 

Gay, Joe 333 

Gay, Robert 369 

Gay, William 353 

Gaylord, James 342 

Gelman, Norma 342 

Gentry, Keland 363 

George, Gary 369 

Gers, Robert 342 

Getz, Virginia 342 

Ghadanfav, Mouhamed . . . 333 

Ghent, Peggy 342 

Giaccaglini, Linda 357 

Gibbs, Don 342 

Gibson, Beverly 342 

Gibson, Robert 363 

Gilbert, Walter 333 

Gilbreath, Glenda 369 

Gillespie, Linda 369 

Gionti, Paul 363 

Giovanetti, Lawrence .... 363 

Glason, Yvonne 333 

Glass, Jennifer 369 

Glassman, Helene 342 

Glenn, Robert 369 

Godwin, Donald 333 

Goetz, Paul 342 

Goldeng, Charles 342 

Goldsby, Mary 363 

Goldstein, Lynette 357 

Gooch, Nancy 342 

Goode, Linda 363 

Goode, Peggy 369 

Goodgame, Marsha 369 

Goodroe, Brit 342 

Goodwin, Cynthia 342 

Gordin, Wayne 333 

Gordon, Paulette 369 

Gordon, Winston 342 

Gorham, Gregory 369 

Goza, Sheila 369 

Graham, Daniel 363 

Graham, Newton 342 

Graham, Patricia 357 

Granderson, Clyde 369 

Grant, Don 369 

Grant, William 333 

Graves, Guy G .342 

Graves, Joan 342 

Graves, Mary 342 

Graves, Nancy 342 


Gray, Van 363 

Grear, Clarence 357 

Green, Catherine 369 

Green, Frances 369 

Green, Kevin 363 

Green, Martha Jane 357 

Green, Susan 342 

Greene, Boyd 342 

Greene, Christopher 363 

Greene, Davis 369 

Greene, William 342 

Greer, Ray 333 

Greer, Richard 342 

Gregory, Bobby 369 

Gresham, Paula 342 

Griffin, Deborah 369 

Griffin, Janice 369 

Griffin, John 342 

Griffith, Deborah 342 

Grobe, Patricia 369 

Guibao, Patrick 342 

Guillermin, Frances 342 

Gunn, Samuel 357 

Gurley, Orlene 363 

Guydon, Denise 369 

Guyton, Terry 342 


Haas, Margaret 343 

Hadaway, Robin 357 

Haddon, Dennis 343 

Hadley, Judy 343 

Hale, Henry 369 

Hale, Mary 357 

Hale, Stephen 343 

Haley, Herbert 343 

Halik, Robert 343 

Hall, Barbara L 369 

Hall, Barbara 333 

Hall, Betty 343 

Hall, Carl 343 

Hall, Jimmy D 343 

Hall, Margaret 343 

Hall, Robin 363 

Halper, Edward 343 

Hamby, Patricia 343 

Hamby, Patricia 343 

Hamilton, Mary 369 

Hamilton, William 343 

Hamm, Jennifer 357 

Hamm, Rex 343 

Hampton, Joan 343 

Hancock, Marian 343 

Hand, Robert 343 

Haneberg, Robert 343 

Hankins, Gary 343 

Hanna, Edward 343 

Hannah, Michael 357 

Haralson, Larry 363 

Harber, Wanea 357 

Hardy, Martha 369 

Hardy, Mary 369 

Hargrove, Bette 363 

Harmon, Cathie 343 

Harms, Terry 343 

Harrell, Jean 357 

Harris, Henry 333 

Harris, Ruth 357 

Harris, Shirley 369 

Harris, Steven 370 

Harris, Teresa 363 

Harris, Yvonne 343 

Harston, Mary 370 

Hart, Joe 343 

Hart, Paul 370 

Hartline, Robert 343 

Hartman, Nancy 370 

Hartsfield, Leona 363 

Hartway, Frank 363 

Hatley, Joyce 370 

Haun, Betty 370 

Hawkins, J. Robert 357 

Hawks, Sandra 363 

Haynes, George 343 

Hays, Arthur 370 

Hazen, Susan 343 

Head, W. Mike 343 

Headley, Donna 370 

Hedden, Charles 370 

Heflin, Barbara 363 

Hegwood, Verna 333 

Heidelbert, Alan 370 

Heil, Roy 343 

Heilich, Roger 343 

Heimansohn, Jeanette . . . .343 

Helm, John 370 

Helt, Robert 343 

Hendrix, Jeanette 370 

Heneisen, Jack 343 

Henson, Bonice 363 

Henson, Marvin 343 

Henson, M. Jack 343 

Hepburn, James 343 

Herrin, Kathy 370 

Herring, Duane 343 

Herring, Janice 363 

Herring, John 357 

Herring, Virginia 343 

Herrington, Betty 363 

Hessler, Stephen 370 

Hester, J. Preston 333 

Hickerson, Rita 370 

Hickman, Edith 370 

Hicks, Charles 343 

Hicks, Daniel 357 

Hicks, Linda 370 

Hicks, Nancy 370 

Higdon, Cliff 370 

Higgins, Linda 343 

Higgs, Joyce 343 

Highsmith, John 343 

Hill, Barbara 343 

Hill, Charles 343 

Hill, Evelyn 343 

Hill, Helen 343 

Hill, Henry 357 

Hill, James B 333 

Hill, Janice 357 

Hill, John B 343 

Hill, Sharon 370 

Hiller, Richard 357 

Himes, Margaret 343 

Hire, Donald 344 

Hodge, Patricia 370 

Hodges, Betty 370 

Hoffman, Gail 344 

Hoffman, Martin 344 

Hoffman, Nancy 370 

Hoffman, Robert 357 

Hogan, Carl 363 

Holden, W. Robert 370 

Holland, George 344 

Holland, Nancy 357 

Hollenbeck, Susan 370 

Holley, Suzie 363 

Holloway, Marjorie 344 

Holloway, Marrion 363 

Holmes, Linda 344 

Holmes, Louis 333 

Holt, Don 370 

Holt, Jack 370 

Holzemer, Wayne 344 

Honea, James 370 

Hood, Rebecca 357 

Hooker, Terri 370 

Hooper, Henry 357 

Hopkins, Mary 370 

Horn, Kathy. 370 

Horn, Linda 370 

Horner, Nancy 370 

Hornyak, Jon 357 

Horton, Donna 344 

Horton, Eddie 357 

House, Milton 344 

Howard, Sandra 344 

Howell, John 344 

Howell, Samuel 370 

Howick, Frances 333 

Howland, Harry 363 

Hoyt, Jon 344 

Hrymak, Mary 344 

Hubbell, Ralph 344 

Huckaby, Helen 370 

Hudson, Mary 344 

Hudson, William 344 

Hudson, Walker 344 

Huff, Ralph 344 

Hughes, Brenda 344 

Hughes, James 363 

Hughes, Myrtle 357 

Hughes, Sherry 344 

Hughett, Cheryl 344 

Huie, Judy 344 

Hulett, Marion 344 

Hulme, Carole 370 

Hung, Eddie 344 

Hunt, Annie 370 

Hunt, Charles 363 

Hunter, Dale 344 

Hurley, Marsha 370 

Hurley, Wanda 370 

Hurst, Dianna 344 

Hurst, Rebecca 370 

Hussung, Robert 370 

Hutcherson, Linda 370 

Hutchins, Marion 370 

Hutkin, Anne 363 

Hutson, Jane 370 

Hutton, Lydia 344 

Hyde, Raymond 370 

Hyman, Andrew 344 

Hyrka, Michael 363 


Inderbitzen, Lawrence . . . 371 

Indorf, Melanie 357 

Inghram, John 333 

Isom, Susan 344 


Jablonski, Stephan 363 

Jackman, Linda 344 

Jacks, Warren 371 

Jackson, Betty 344 

Jackson, Charlie 344 

Jackson, Edward 357 

Jackson, Florine 333 

Jackson, Martha 371 

Jackson, Mary 357 

Jackson, Pamela 371 

Jackson, Richard 344 

Jackson, Sylvia 344 

Jacobson, Howard 333 

Jacomino, Theresa 344 

Jaggard, Ellen 371 

Jaggard, Stephen 344 

James, Charles 371 

Jarratt, John 344 

Jarrell, Linda 363 

Jean, Linda 357 

Jarrell, Linda 363 

Jean, Linda 357 

Jeffries, Bevelyn 371 

Jeneff, Martin 344 

Jenkins, Donald 357 

Jenkins, Donald 357 

Jenkins, Robert 344 

Jenkins, Sherry 344 

Jennings, Linda 370 

Jennings, Ronald 344 

Jennings, Sue 344 

Jerome, Lawrerice 371 

Jerrolds, David 351 

Jeter, Richard 371 

Jewel, Gary 344 

Joe, Tommy 371 

Johns, Bev 344 

Johnson, Asa 355 

Johnson, Carol 344 

Johnson, Carol 344 

Johnson, Charles 363 

Johnson, Charles T 371 

Johnson, David 344 

Johnson, David G 371 

Johnson, Dorrie 371 

Johnson, George 345 

Johnson, Glenda 345 

Johnson, Joan 357 

Johnson, Joe .363 

Johnson, Karen 363 

Johnson, Kay 343 

Johnson, Kay 371 

Johnson, Lynda 345 

Johnson, Steve 363 

Johnson, Sue 345 

Johnson, Teresa 363 

Johnson, Theresa 371 

Johnson, Thomas 345 

Johnson, Toni 357 

Johnson, Willard 363 

Johnston, Philip 363 

Johnston, Sidney 345 

Jones, Brenda 363 

Jones, Charles 345 

Jones, Cecil 357 

Jones, Corine 357 

Jones, Freddie W 357 

Jones, Jackson 333 

Jones, John 345 

Jones, Mahon 357 

Jones, Margo 371 

Jones, Mary E 345 

Jones, Mary 357 

Jones, Michael A 371 

Jones, Michele 363 

Jones, Phyllis A 345 

Jones, Raymond T 371 

Jones, Robert 345 

Jones, Robert 371 

Jones, Robert 371 

Jones, Robert 371 

Jones, Ruth 363 

Jones, Sheila 345 

Jones, Terry 345 

Jones, Thomas 345 

Jones, Vernon 355 

Jordan, Dorothy 345 

Jordan, Gail 363 

Jordan, Joseph 333 

Jubinville, Peggy 371 

Just, Diane 345 

Just, Ronald 345 


Kail, David .......... 357 

Kaliek, Sheila 371 

Kallaher, Mary 371 

Kam, James 357 

Karuzas, Dennis 345 

Kasen, Donald 345 

Kastner, James 345 

Keas, Teri 363 

Kee, Linda 357 

Kee. Stella 345 

Keefe, Bonita 363 

Kellar, Dixie 363 

Kelly, Michael 333 

Keltner, Cathy 363 

Kemp, Linda 363 

Kendall, Camille 345 

Kenner, Frances 371 

Kennon, Linda 345 

Kennon, Melody 345 

Kerzner, Edward 357 

Keshishian, Asdghik .... 345 

Kesler, Stanley .345 

Ketchum, WiUiam 357 

Key, Kieran 345 

Key, William 345 

Kiely, Edward 345 

Killebrew, Patricia 357 

Kilpatrick, Sharon 363 

Kimball, Betty 363 

Kimery, John 345 

Kinchen, Sandra 345 

King, Addie 345 

King, Annette 357 

King, Betsy 333 

King, Edward .345 

King, George 245 

King, Guy 363 

King, Linda 345 

King, Randy 371 

King, Robert 333 

King, Susanne 358 

Kinnamon, Carolyn 371 

Kiperts, Karlis 345 

Kirk, Rebecca 363 

Kirsch, Susan 345 

Kissling, Laurie 371 

Kitchen, David 358 

Klotwog, Don 345 

Knepper, Dan 371 

Knight, Janet 363 

Knight, Janice 333 

Koch, Deborah 358 

Koeller, Barbara 345 

Koleas, Vicki 345 

Koslowski, Frank 345 

Kozel, Ricahrd 345 

Kraehmer, Karen 371 

Krahenbill, Jennifer 371 

Krebs, Stephen 345 

Kreuter, Kathve 371 

Krieger, Michael 345 

Krieger, Susan 345 

Kroll, Gregory 358 


Labovitz, Neal 333 

Lacrouts. Raymond 345 

Ladyman, Henrv 363 

Lam, Tak 358 

Lamanna, Kathleen 345 

Lambert, David 333 

Landers, Audrey 371 

Lane, Lovd 346 

Langfur, Roseann 346 

Lanier, Brenda 371 

Lanier, Elizabeth 346 

Lansky. Chervl 363 

Lapish, Marian 346 

Lashbrook, Margaret .... 346 

Lashlee, William 346 

Laskaris, Alex 363 

Laster, Mary 358 

Latham, M. James 346 

Lawrence, Jerry 346 

Lawrence, Kathy 371 

Lawrence, Russell 358 

Laws, Terry 346 

Layton, Timothy 346 

Lazure, Deborah 363 

Leach, Emily 371 

Leach, Sherry 363 


Leake, Conelia 346 

Leaks, Wilfred 37-1 

Lear, Juanita 372 

Ledbetter, Michael 333 

Lee. Barbara 372 

Lee, Fay 358 

Lee, Gail 372 

Lee, L. Ruth 346 

Lee, Rosella 358 

Lee, Yiu 358 

Leen. David 346 

Leffler, Rosemary 363 

Leigh. Marilyn 346 

Lekerson, Oliver 372 

Lenoir, Pennington 363 

Leoncavallo, John 346 

Lester, Susan 363 

Levit, Susan 372 

Levitch. Marilvn 358 

Levy, Sterling 346 

Lewis, Charles 346 

Lewis, Glenda 346 

Lewis, Robin 358 

Lewis, Ronnestine 372 

Lewis. Teresa 363 

Liapis, George 346 

Liebling, Gary 346 

Light. Carolyn 346 

Light. Linda 372 

Lilak, John 346 

Lindsev. Margaret 372 

Linehaugh, Joni 346 

Linebaugh, Sandra 364 

Ling, Katherine 372 

Ling, Morgan 372 

Lione, Anthony 358 

Liston, Kevin 372 

Little, Bedford 346 

Little, Rebecca 346 

Lloyd, William 346 

Lo, Hing 364 

Loden, Ronald 346 

Loft in, Shirley 358 

Lofton, William 364 

Lollar, Martha 364 

Long, Charles 346 

Long, Dorothy 364 

Long, Michael 364 

Losi, Robert 346 

Lough, Gary 358 

Love, Charles 346 

Lovejoy, Michael 346 

Lovelace, Linda 364 

Lovell, Linda 358 

Lowe, Harriet 333 

Lucas, Jerry 346 

Luce. Margaret 358 

Luckey, G' en da 372 

Lum, Kin 372 

Lunamand, William 333 

Lust, Barbara 346 

Lutes, Roger 346 

Lynch, Catherine 372 

Lynch, Joseph 358 

Lynch, Marilynn 346 

Lynch, Mary 372 

Lyons, Daniel 364 


Mackenzie, Susanne 358 

Maddox, William 333 

Madison, Ronald 346 

Magliacane, James 346 

Mallette, Beverly 358 

Malone, Cynthia 346 

Malone, John 333 

Malone, Judye 346 

Maness, Roger 358 

Manley, Carol 372 

Man ley. Michael 358 

Mann, Casper 372 

Mann. Paul 347 

Manning, C. Wayne .... 347 

Manning, Dorothy 333 

Manning, Sharon 373 

Mansfield, John 347 

Marascio, Louis 364 

Marchbanks, Thomas .... 358 

Markham, Linda 358 

Marley, Lawrence 347 

Marr, Marilyn 358 

Marr, Welborn 347 

Marshall, Susan 347 

Martello, Toni 347 

Martin, Donna 364 

Martin, Edna 347 

Martin, Elizabeth 347 

Martin, George 347 

Martin, Linda 373 

Martin, Marilvn 347 

Martin, Nancy 358 

Martin, Pattie 364 

Martin, Patty 347 

Marton, Carolyn 347 

Mascari, Cecilia 372 

Mask, Billie 347 

Mason, Linda 358 

Masserano, John 333 

Massey, John 372 

Masters, Angela 372 

Masterson, David 358 

Mathis, James 358 

Matlock, Mary 347 

Matthews, Larry 347 

Matthews, Patty 372 

Mattli, Peter 358 

Maxey, Joe 358 

Maxwell, Cathy 372 

Mayes, Daniel 358 

Maynor, Tommye Jo ... . 372 

Mayo, Judy 358 

McAfee, Kathy 372 

McAfee, Sherry 358 

McArthur, Leston 334 

McAteer, Edward 347 

McBride, David 364 

McBryde, Charlotte 364 

McCain, Franklin 347 

McCain, Jo 372 

McCann, Matthew 372 

McClain, Jane 358 

McClanahan, Doris 358 

McClintock, Emily 347 

McClinton, Marsha 347 

McClinton, Rebecca 372 

McCluskey, Mary 372 

McComas, Nancy 347 

McCorrmon, Linda 347 

McCord, Elaine 372 

McCoy, Norman 347 

McCracken, Sue 347 

McCrary, Virginia 347 

McCullar, Betty 358 

McCullar, Robert 358 

McCune, Madeline 347 

McDaniel, Gayle 372 

McDaniel, Hope 347 

McDaniel, Louis 347 

McDaniel, Michael 358 

McDaniel, Thomas 334 

McDermott, David 347 

McDermott, Mary 364 

McDonald, Ruth' 347 

McDonald, William 372 

McDow, Phillip 372 

McDurmon, Vicki 358 

McGee, Dianne 347 

McGee, Richard 347 

McGinness, Donald 372 

McGlasson, Charles 347 

McGregor, Richard 372 

McGuire, Beverly 364 

Mcintosh, Allyson 364 

Mcintosh, John 347 

Mcintosh, Paul ....... 358 

Mclntyre, Pamela 347 

McKenzie, Larry 358 

McKinney, Lawanna .... 372 

McKinney, Pam 364 

McKnight, Jerry 364 

McLain, Eva 347 

McLaurine, Bonnie 347 

McNalley, Ronald 364 

McPherson, Malcolm .... 347 

McVeigh, Hugh 347 

Meacham, Garrott 364 

Mead, Ross 372 

Meadows, Danny 364 

Meeks, John 358 

Mehall, Mary 372 

Mendoza, Deborah 347 

Merryman, Clifford ..... 347 

Meservey, Kathleen 347 

Messner, Susan 358 

Mestemaeher, Julia 347 

Metzger, Nancy 372 

Meyers, David 358 

Middlecoff, Linda 347 

Middlecoff, Richard 347 

Middleton, Dannie 347 

Migliaccio, Patricia 358 

Millen, Elaine 372 

Miller, Anne 347 

Miller, Booker 348 

Miller, Bruce 348 

Miller, Glenn 364 

Miller, John 348 

Miller, Kathryn 364 

Miller, Lee 358 

Miller, Louis 348 

Miller, Mary 358 

Miller, Michael 372 

Miller, William N 348 

Miller, William R 334 

Miller, Winston 372 

Mills, James W 364 

Milstead, Paul 348 

Mingea, Michael 348 

Minton, Marilyn 364 

Mitchell, Brian 372 

Mitchell, Cathy 372 

Mitchell, Cynthia 358 

Mitchell, Jerry 348 

Mitchell, Mary N 348 

Mitchell, Robb 348 

Mock, Talmadge 348 

Moll, Kathryn 348 

Montesi, Joseph 364 

Montgomery, Allen 348 

Montgomery, Thomas .... 334 
Montgomery, Thomas W. . 334 

Moody, Brent 372 

Moody, Suzanne 358 

Mooney, Larry 364 

Moore, Claudia 372 

Moore, Jerry W 348 

Moore, Linda 358 

Moore, M. Wayne 358 

Moore, Sandra 364 

Moore, Theresa 372 

Moore, Thomas S 373 

Moore, Tyrone 348 

Moore, William 334 

Morat, William 373 

Morphis, Paula 373 

Morris, Barbara 364 

Morris, Dorothy 348 

Morris, George 348 

Morris, Ronnie 348 

Morris, Sarah E 364 

Morrisev, Thomas 348 

Mosby, Richard 373 

Mosca, Edward 358 

Moseley, Joseph 373 

Moseley, Roy 373 

Moser, Karen 358 

Moskal, Debra 364 

Mosley, James 358 

Moss, Marilyn 373 

Mowry, Deborah 373 

Moxley, Ernest 364 

Mudd, Arthur 358 

Muir, Judy 348 

Mullins, Raymond 348 

Mullins, Robert 348 

Mulwee, Carol 373 

Murehison, Patricia 373 

Murdock, Anthony 364 

Murphy, Julia 364 

Murrell, Frank 373 


Nabors, Donna 358 

Nail, Patsy 348 

Napier, Lana 373 

Naro, Wayne 348 

Nash, Marsha 373 

Nazar, Paul 373 

Neal, Clark 348 

Neal, Emmett 373 

Neese, David 373 

Neligan, Margaret 364 

Nelms, Joyce 358 

Nelson, Jack 348 

Nelson, John 348 

Nelson, Velma 348 

Neusse, Richard 348 

Nevels, Kerry 364 

Nevfeld, Steven 348 

Newby, Dorothy 348 

Nichols, Chris 373 

Nichols, Joe 358 

Nichols, Karen 359 

Nichols, Pamela 373 

Nichols, Sylvia 348 

Nickerson, Patti 373 

Nilsen, Ronald 373 

Nipper, Skip 364 

Niter, Shirley 373 

Noland, Ellis 373 

Nolen, Clifford 359 

Nolte, Karen 373 

Noonan, Pat 359 

Northcott, Donna 364 

Norton, Nancy 348 

Norvell, John 364 

Norwood, Donna 348 

Nowlen, Billy 348 

Oakley, Carol 359 

Ochsner, Diana 348 

O'Connell, Kathleen .... 359 

O'Connor, Joseph 373 

Odiorne, Kathleen 373 

Ogaand, Alan 334 

Ogle, Dewey 359 

Oglesby, James 348 

O'Leary, Gayle 359 

Oliver, Terry 359 

Olmstead, Andrew 348 

O'Rear, Michael 364 

Orr, Martha 364 

Osborn, Nella 348 

Osborne, Robert 334 

Owings, Rick 364 

Oxford, Retha 348 

Oziransky, Michelle 348 

Pace, Theresa 373 

Pacello, Thomas 348 

Pacini, Darlene 348 

Padawer, Melvin 364 

Page, Cristina 364 

Page, Emma 334 

Palazolo, Jerry 348 

Paltrowitz, Steven 348 

Parham, Betty 348 

Paris, Anna 373 

Parker, Candace 348 

Parker, Debora 373 

Parker, James 349 

Parker, Nick 349 

Parker, Thomas 359 

Parkinson, Linda 373 

Parks, Donna 364 

Parks, Michael 349 

Parks, Ralph 334 

Parlow, Josephine 349 

Parnell, Dan 349 

Parrett, Virginia 349 

Parrish, Donald 334 

Parrish, Mary 359 

Parrish, Robert 349 

Parry, Mary L 373 

Parson, Joyce 359 

Pate, Danny 349 

Pate, Marvin 373 

Pate, Melinda 373 

Patel, Manu 334 

Patterson, Frank 334 

Patterson, Mary 349 

Patterson, Phyllis 349 

Pattison, Warren 349 

Patton, Jeff 359 

Paulus, Patricia 373 

Paxenos, Adrienne 349 

Payne, Elsie 349 

Payne, J.B 359 

Peczi, Joe 349 

Peel, Edward 334 

Peel, Sandra 364 

Peeples, Jeanette 373 

Pender, Jeannine 373 

Pennington, Bruce 373 

Pennington, Robbie 349 

Peppers, Clara 349 

Perkins, Gary 349 

Perkins, Judy 334 

Perkins, Wallace 349 

Permenter, Sandra 373 

Perrin, Mary 373 

Perry, Franklin 373 

Perry, Suzanne 349 

Perry, Virginia 373 

Peters, Gerard 373 

Peterson, Floyd 373 

Peterson, Thomas 349 

Petitprez, Christiane .... 364 


'etrilli, George 359 

'ettefer, Mary 364 

'etty, Thomas 364 

»hilip, John 349 

'hilips, Kathy 373 

'hillips, Daisy 349 

'hillips, James 

fillips, Marion 364 

fillips, Sheila 373 

'hillips, William 359 

'hilfips, Zelma 349 

'hilpot, Stephanie 373 

'iasczyk, Henry 349 

>ickard, Robert 359 

'ickering, Boyce 373 

'ickett, Faye 334 

'iedrahita, Eduardo 359 

3 ierce, William 359 

3 ierce, Woodrow 334 

Pigford, Donald 359 

figue, Belinda 349 

Pike, Barbara 349 

Pike, Neil 373 

Pill, Harriet 349 

Pinkston, Beverly 349 

Pinkston, Jimmy 373 

Pinner, Cheryl 349 

Piot, Michelene 373 

Pipkin, Larry 359 

Pipkin, William 349 

Platania, Sam 334 

Patt, Michael 349 

Player, James 373 

Plesa, Deborah 364 

Plunk, Sheila 349 

Polk, Samuel 334 

Polsky, Sharon 359 

Ponce, Margarita 334 

Poole, Samuel 334 

Pope, Ella 349 

Porter, Gracie 373 

Porter, Robert 364 

Poston, Joseph 349 

Potts, Donald 373 

Potts, John 364 

Potts, Timothy 349 

I'owell, Bobbie 369 

Powell, Deborah 373 

Powt II, Janice 359 

Powell, Rosanna 365 

Powell, Wilson 349 

Power;;, Fred 373 

Powers, Mary 373 

Powler, S tephen 359 

Previti, Lawrence 359 

Prewitt, Frances 359 

Price, Christopher 373 

Price, Janice 365 

Prichard, Mary 334 

Pridgen, Lundy 365 

Priver, Frances 349 

Prince, Barbara 349 

Prince, Dannie 373 

Prince, Virginia 373 

Pritchard, Joe 349 

Pritchett, Benny 359 

Privett, Jos. W 373 

Proffer, Alfred 359 

Pund, Bettye 365 

Pyron, Patricia 373 


Quails, Clifton 350 

Quails, Sherry 373 

Quinn, Patricia 365 

Quinn, Thomas 365 

Quint, Linda 365 

Quintana, Pedro 359 


Rabb, Mildred 350 

Raby, Robert 350 

Ragan, Lenora 350 

Ragland, Gary 365 

Raines, Jean 350 

Raines, Richard 359 

Raines, Wade 350 

Rainey, Maurice 334 

Raiteri, Robert 373 

Ramage, Jimmy 365 

Randle, Ralph 373 

Rankin, Ben 365 

Ratowe, Arlene 365 

Ratowe, Lauren 359 

Rauchle, Glenn 350 

Rauchle, Judith 350 

Ray, Barbara Joan 359 

Ray, Barry 334 

Ray, Robert 350 

Rayho, Linda 350 

Reams, J 350 

Reaves, Helen 373 

Rebich, Janice 365 

Record, Mary 373 

Redditt, Benjamin 350 

Reed, Beth 373 

Reed, John 373 

Reed, Judy 350 

Reed, Marsha 359 

Reed, Mary 373 

Reed, Richard 350 

Reed, Steven 365 

Reeves, James 359 

Reintjes, Sarah 373 

Remaklus, Carole 359 

Renh, Linda 350 

Reppond, Nancy 373 

Reymann, Susan 359 

Reynolds, Brenda 350 

Reynolds, Don A 350 

Reynolds, Ramona 365 

Reynolds, Rodgie 373 

Rhea, Danny 359 

Rhodes, Mary 334 

Rhyne, Sarah 350 

Ribbeck, Anne 350 

Rich, Lonnie 350 

Richards, Robert 365 

Richardson, Mary 350 

Richardson, Ralph 359 

Richarsdon, Rita 365 

Richie, Donna 365 

Rickman, Mike 350 

Riddick, Gary 350 

Riggs, Laura 350 

Riley, Don 359 

Riley, Preston 350 

Riley, Ronald 350 

Rill, Judy 334 

Rinella, Pat 373 

Ritter, Eleanor 373 

Rivera, Julie 373 

Roach, Kenneth 373 

Robbins, Carol 373 

Robel, Joan 359 

Roberson, James 359 

Robert, Steve 350 

Roberts, Debra 373 

Roberts, Glen 334 

Roberts, Grady 350 

Roberts, Sammy 359 

Roberts, Sammy 359 

Robertson, Beverly 373 

Robertson, Herman 350 

Robertson, Mable 350 

Robinson, Adron 350 

Robinson, Johnny 350 

Robinson, Shirley 350 

Robison, Gale 365 

Robison, Patricia 373 

Rodgers, Joyce 373 

Rogers, Audrey 350 

Rogers, Ben 359 

Rogers, Daniel 350 

Rogers, Donald 334 

Rogers, Glenn 359 

Rogers, Williams 365 

Roland, Eugene 350 

Rose, Linda 350 

Rosemore, Martha 365 

Rosen bloom, Doris 365 

Rosenkrans, Betty 350 

Ross, David 359 

Ross, William 350 

Roten, Donna 359 

Rothman, James 350 

Rounsavall, Johnny 350 

Rowe, Earle 350 

Rowland, Delaney 350 

Rowland, James 350 

Rubenstein, Philip 350 

Rucker, Jerry 350 

Ruffin, Betty 

Rushing, Rann 359 

Russell, Shirley 374 

Rutherford, Jan 350 

Rutschman, George 359 

Ryan, Alan 359 

Rye, Charles , . . . 350 


Sabin, Dwight 359 

Sacks, Ilene 374 

Sackstein, Eric 334 

Sager, anne 351 

Sain, Frank 351 

Sailer, Max 359 

Salter, Debbie 365 

Sampeitro, Linda 351 

Samuels, Thomas 351 

Sanders, Jeffrey 351 

Sanders, Paula 351 

Sanford, Michael 351 

Sano, Gerald 351 

Santomero, Joe 351 

Santulli, George 351 

Sartor, Melba 374 

Sauls, Debra 374 

Sauls, Debra 374 

Saunders, Elizabeth 351 

Savage, Mabel 334 

Sawo, Gerald 
Sawyer, Samuel 

Sawyer, William 334 

Sayle, Lucy 351 

Scallions, Linda 374 

Scanlon, John 334 

Scarbrough, Richard .... 351 

Schell, Michael 365 

Scheuerman, Eugene .... 351 

Schick, William 334 

Schiffman, Arthur 351 

Schingle, Barbara 351 

Schingle, Barbara 351 

Schmitt, David 365 

Schneider, Walter 351 

Schortemeyer, Daren .... 359 

Schriner, Frank 351 

Schuier, Joe 374 

Schult, Charles 

Schultz, Lann 351 

Schutt, Charles 365 

Schutt, Dennis 365 

Schutt, James 351 

Schwartz, Malcolm 351 

Schwartz, Timothy 351 

Scott, J. H 334 

Scott, Joannie 374 

Scott, Michael 374 

Scott, Sims 351 

Scruggs, James 365 

Scruggs, Mary 351 

Sealy, Jerry 365 

Seavers, Carol 365 

Sebree, Jackie 351 

Seiler, William 351 

Self, Ray 374 

Selph, Paul 374 

Seward, Linda 351 

Seward, Mauddean 334 

Shah, Bhailal 334 

Shah, Kirti 334 

Shah, Mahesh 334 

Shah, Manilal 335 

Shannon, Jack 355 

Sharpe, Tommy 374 

Shassere, Kathy 359 

Shaw, Philip 374 

Shears, Michael 351 

Shedlock, Carl 351 

Sheets, Linda 374 

Shepard, James 335 

Shepard, Willie 335 

Shephard, Sandra 365 

Shephern, James 

Shih, Po-Tsung 335 

Shipp, Arlena 351 

Shirm, Donald 351 

Shivers, Raymon 374 

Shorter, Susan 365 

Shoup, Kenneth 351 

Shtatman, Patricia 365 

Shuba, Richard 351 

Shuemaker, Loarna 374 

Sieben, Marilyn 351 

Sih, Henry 365 

Silber, Hinda 351 

Simmons, Sharron 351 

Sims, Daniels 351 

Sims, David 365 

Sims, Phyllis 374 

Sims, Russell 374 

Sisk, John 365 

Siu, Man Ching 374 

Sizemore, Sue 352 

Skeen, Martha 352 

Slade, Dennis 359 

Slaughter, Robert 352 

Slowey, Michael 352 

Smith, Betty 365 

Smith, Charles 352 

Smith, Charlotte 374 

Smith, David N 365 

Smith, David T 374 

Smith, David W 374 

Smith, Deborah 374 

Smith, Donald E 374 

Smith, Donald L 374 

Smith, Edward 352 

Smith, Freda 374 

Smith, Gary 352 


th, Gary 359 

th, Harry 359 

th, John 352 

th, Mary 352 

th, Michael 374 

th, Micke 352 

th, Neville 352 

th, Patricia 365 

th, Paul 365 

th, Phillip H 352 

th, Ralph 359 

th, Rickey 374 

th, Terry 365 

th, Wayman 352 

Sneed, Thomas 374 

Snelgrove. Susan 352 

Snodgrass, Danny 352 

Snow, Carol 374 

Snyder, George 352 

Solomito, Melanie 359 

Sordinas, Sally 352 

Sowell, Vicki 374 

Sparks, Barbara 374 

Speck, Richard 352 

Speer, Cecil 352 

Spera, Theresa 366 

Spinks, Donna 366 

Spinola, Barbara 352 

Spitzer, Charles 359 

Springer, Larry 359 

Sproul, Teresa 352 

Stacy, Joseph 366 

Stafford, Ida 352 

Stafford, James 352 

Stafford, Melissa 352 

Staggs, Judith 352 

Stambaugh, Jane 359 

Standberry, Ella 366 

Stanley, Sammy 359 

Stanton, Donna 366 

Stare, Alex 352 

Starnes, Gail 352 

Startup, Ernest 352 

Stawick, Lawrence 352 

Steele, John 366 

Stegman, Nancy 352 

Stephens, Kathy 366 

Stephens, Walter 352 

Stephenson, Linda 366 

Stephenson, Richard .... 352 

Stepherson, Mary 359 

Stern, Rose-Linda 352 

Stevens, Marcia 352 

Stevens, Richard 352 

Stevenson, Delois 352 

Steverson, Dale 352 

Stewart, Bonnie 352 

Stewart, John 352 

Stewart, Lenora 374 

Stewart, Robert C 352 

Stewart, R. Dale 352 

Stockwell, Barbara 352 

Stoker, Ronald 366 

Stokes, Katherine 359 

Stolarick, Robert 352 

Stone, Gary 352 

Stone, Paul 359 

Stout, Barbara 374 

Stout, Dorice, 374 

Stowe, Edward 359 

Stratton, Kenneth 352 

Straw-bridge, Richard .... 374 

Strayhorn, Johnny 374 

Streich, Margaret 359 

Stroup, Jesse 374 

Stuckenschneider. Ted . . . 352 



Stukenborg, Rita 366 

Suggs, Thomas 374 

Sullivan, Frances 374 

Sullivan, Imogene 359 

Summers, Charles 359 

Summers, Donna 366 

Summers, Joan 374 

Sutton, Betty 352 

Sutton, Michael 352 

Sutton, Riki 366 

Suvillaga, Victor 335 

Suwata, Stanley 352 

Swann, Clift 352 

Swatlev, Teresa 374 

Swift, Glenn 353 

Swift, Susan 366 

Swift, William 353 

Swindle. David 353 

Swoboda, Carl 366 


Tabor, Barbara 353 

Tahiliani, Jamu 335 

Talbot, Thomas 366 

Tallant, Peggy 353 

Tamboli, William 353 

Tanner, Rubelyn 366 

Tapp, Rosemary 366 

Taro, Nicholas 353 

Tassinario, Natale 353 

Tatum, Linda 366 

Tatum, Terry 366 

Taylor, Aaron 353 

Taylor, Betty 366 

Taylor, Donald 353 

Taylor, Marcus 359 

Taylor, Myrtis 359 

Taylor, Rhebon 359 

Taylor. Richard 359 

Teague, Larry 353 

Teague, William 353 

Templeton, Terry 359 

Tenkhoff, Lynne 366 

Terry, Darlene 374 

Terwilliger, Charles 359 

Thies, Wayne 366 

Thomas, Calvin 359 

Thomas, Christopher .... 366 

Thomas, Dortha 359 

Thomas, Emily 359 

Thomas, Jebby 374 

Thomas, Richard 335 

Thomason, Martha 353 

Thomasson, Donna 335 

Thompson, Barbara 366 

Thompson, Daniel 335 

Thompson, Janet 374 

Thompson, Larry 374 

Thompson, Linda 366 

Thompson, William 335 

Thorn, William 366 

Thome, William 374 

Thornton, William 353 

Thorsen, Sonja 374 

Thraikill, Valerie 366 

Thron, Elizabeth 353 

Thron, John 374 

Thurman, James 366 

Thurmer, Carl 374 

Thurow, Richard 353 

Thweatt, Carlisle 353 

Tibbels, John 353 

Tice, Doris 353 

Tidwell, Clay 374 

Till, Glenn 366 

Timmons, Nita 375 

Tingle, Paul 353 

Tippen, Patricia 366 

Tipton, Robert 353 

Tittle, Michael 353 

Tobey, Neal 375 

Todd, Donald ....".... 375 

Tolbert, Delores 335 

Toney, Harold 375 

Tool, Joseph 359 

Totty, Pamela 375 

Towery, Janice 375 

Towson, Alice 335 

Trautman, Robert 353 

Traylor, Bobby 366 

Treadway, Patricia 366 

Tribble, Dianna 353 

Trim, Kay 360 

Trobaugh, Linda 353 

Trosko, Beverly 353 

Truesdale, George 360 

Tucker, Deronda 360 

Tucker, Leola 353 

Tucker, Robert 375 

Tucker, Robert 366 

Tunstall, Robert 375 

Turberville, Shirley 353 

Turner, Carole 353 

Turner, Doristein 366 

Turner, Ginni 366 

Turner, John 353 

Turner, Judy 375 

Twombly, Mark 375 

Twombly, Priscilla 375 


Upegui, Jose 353 

Uselton, John 366 


Valdez, Nasaria 375 

Valvoda, Donna 353 

Vanasek, Gary 375 

Vanlandingham, John .... 360 

Varner, Sharon 353 

Vaughn, Charlotte 353 

Vaught, Iola 335 

Vaught, Marie 375 

Vaughters, James 353 

Venditte, John 353 

Vick, Jimmy 353 

Vinson, Larry 366 

Vinson, Michael 353 

Vinson, Roger 353 

Volmer, Patricia 375 

Volz, Denise 375 


Waddell, Willie 360 

Wadlington, Constance . . . 366 
Wadlington, Edward .... 375 

Wadlington, Peggy 375 

Wadsworth, Mary 366 

Wafler, Mary 360 

Wages, William 353 

Waggoner, Terry 375 

Wagner, Linda 366 

Wahl, Linda 375 

Walden, Patricia 353 

Walker, Anita 353 

Walker, Ella 366 

Walker, Faires 366 

Walker, Julia 360 

Watker, Kay 353 

Walker, Mark 360 

Walker, Mary 375 

Walker, Mary 360 

Walker, Suzanne 360 

Wallace, Judith 366 

Wallace, Kathryn 375 

Waller, Arthur 353 

Waller, Kathryn 366 

Waller, Mary 366 

Walsh, Phillip 353 

Walter, Philip 375 

Walters, Anna 366 

Walton, Mary 366 

Ward, Debbie 360 

Ward, Diane 353 

Ward, Patsy 354 

Warren, Kathryn 354 

Warren, Rex 354 

Washcalus, John 375 

Watermeier, Mary 366 

Waters, Mary 366 

Watson, Celia 354 

Watson, Leonard 354 

Watson, William 360 

Watts, Katherine 354 

Watts, Samuel 375 

Weatherall, Bessie 375 

Weatherall, Broadus 335 

Weatherall, Lillian 366 

Weatherspoon, Harry .... 366 

Weaver, Amy 375 

Weaver, Charles 354 

Weaver, Pauline 360 

Webb, Donna 354 

Webb, Everett 354 

Webb, Linda 375 

Webb, Nancy 335 

Weber, Lynn 360 

Wehby, Tana 366 

Weidenbaum, Carol 354 

Weigel, John 354 

Weinard, Gary 360 

Weir, James 366 

Wells, Brain 366 

Welsh, Mary Agnes 354 

Werner, Diana 354 

Wertz, Janet 354 

Wesner, Terry 354 

Westbrook, James 354 

Western, Marilyn 375 

Westmoreland, Don 375 

Whaley, Wanda 354 

Wheat, Wendell 360 

Whitaker, Andrew 354 

Whitaker, Vicki 360 

Whitbourne, Diana 354 

White, Allison 375 

White, Carolyn 354 

White, Cecil 354 

White, Janice 360 

White, Nancy 354 

White, Peggy 366 

White, Sandra 375 

Whitehorn, Elizabeth .... 354 

Whitehorn, Patsy 375 

Whitehurst, Sandra 360 

Whitfield, Mary 354 

Whitington, Martha 360 

Whitlock, Harold 335 

Whitman, Mary 375 

Whitney, Richard 360 

Whitt, Danny 354 

Whittemore, Lawrence . . . 366 

Whitten, Paula 354 

Whittington, Alice 375 

Wieronski, Sharon 375 

Wiggins, Dennis 354 

Wilbanks, Johnny 366 

Wilbanks, V. Lee 375 

Wilder, Barbara 375 

Wiley, Elizabeth 354 

Wilhite, Don 354 

Wilkes, Baron 375 

Wilkinson, Gerald 375 

Wilkinson, Larry 375 

Williams, Brenda 360 

Williams, Celia 366 

Williams, Cheryl 360 

Williams, David 354 

'Williams, Florence 335 

Williams, Gilda 366 

Williams, Jean 354 

Williams, Joseph 366 

Williams, Joseph 354 

Williams, Linda 375 

Williams, Marshall 354 

'r' :, liams, Nancy 366 

Williams, Nora 366 

Williams, Patrice 335 

Williams, Phillip 366 

Williams, Richard 366 

Williams, Richard 354 

Williams, Robert 354 

Williams, Sandra 375 

Williams, Steve 354 

Williams, Thomas 375 

Williams, Walter 366 

Williams, Wendell 354 

Williamson, Linda 366 

Williamson, Lynda 366 

Williamson, Steven 360 

Willis, Frances 354 

Willoughby, Lenore 360 

Wilson, Anita 366 

Wilson, Cynthia 366 

Wilson, Dorothy 375 

Wilson, Edward 375 

Wilson, Eunice 366 

Wilson, Jacquelyn 354 

Wilson, Robert 355 

Wilson, Russell 335 

Wiherding, Charles 375 

Winbush, Donald 366 

Winchester, John 355 

Winkler, R. A 355 

Winn, David 366 

Winn, Larry 335 

Winston, Paula 355 

Winston, Russell 375 

Winters, Douglas 366 

Witt, Lora 375 

Wlodawski, Harry 375 

Woffard, Don 360 

Woffard, Joan 375 

Wolfe, Darrell 355 

Wolfe, Sharon 255 

Wolfe, Teresa 366 

Wong, Frank 355 

Wong, Man Kong 375 

Wood, Rebecca 375 

Woods, Bruce 355 

Woods, Cathy 375 

Woods, Marvin 355 

Woods, Redonna 375 

Woodward, Marilyn 355 

Woodward, Marva 375 

Woodward, Ronald 335 

Woolsey, Joyce 360 

Worley, Patricia 355 

Wright, Cindy 366 

Wright, Deborah 360 

Wright, Hilma 360 

Wright, Janice 355 

Wright, John 360 

Wright, Lloyd 366 

Wright, Robert 375 

Wright, Sara 366 

Wyatt, Sherry 360 

Wyninegar, Susan 375 


Yacoubian, Nubar 335 

Yaffe, Sherwin 355 

Yager, Sharon 355 

Yager, Michael 355 

Yahola, Martha 360 

Yancey, James 360 

Yarbrough, Elizabeth .... 355 

Yarbrough, Marilyn 375 

Yetman, William 355 

Yott, Judi 375 

Young, Douglas . 355 

Young, Earl 355 

Young, Elizabeth 366 

Young, Evelyn 335 

Young, Jacqueline 360 

Young, Jere . 355 

Young, Josephine 335 

Young, Karen 375 

Young, Linda 355 

Young, Mary 366 

Young, Robert 375 

Young, Russell 367 

Youngblood, Pamela .... 355 
Ytzen, Pamela 360 


Zanone, Lynn 355 

Zboyan, Michael 355 

Zehntner, Richard. ..... 355 

Zeip, Karen . . . 355 

Zelenak, Patricia 355 

Zoccola, Charlotte 355 

Zoccola, Linda 367 

Zouheir, Jabase 360 

Zunt, Nancy 355 




Joseph Santomero 

Ron Coles 

Bill Belcher 

Sonny Eilert 
.otijse Hale 



Bob Westbrook 




^lete Hayes 

Lynn Thompson 

Nanev Huddleston 






Gayle Carter 


Dale Stewart 





Sfancf Arnold 



Margaret Spain 






Judy nana 


Barbara Schingle 

Gary Rowsey 

Lenore Ragai 

Becky fairer 

Barbara Prince 

Mary Agnes Welsh 

Janice O'Connor 



Larry Rosen 

Bobby Stewart 

Ted Kirksev 


,|rW^P» A 

Camise Cherry 

Marilyn Martin 

Mike Coscia 

Marv Hale 

Lynda Carter 

>: John Thomas, advisor; MSU Photo Service, Donnelly Hill, Webb Bouton. 
in Vance, Peter Pace and Keith Taylor. 



Bob Weeks and Ron Spielberger 

388 Conclusion/Part I 


the focus is on you 
Part I: A challenge 

Mike Coscia 

Conclusion/Part I 389 

"The students at MSU now are more mature in their outlook on 
life. They are more individual. More students are interested in getting 
quality education, if you mean maturity in that sense." 

"I think a person becomes mature when he develops his individu- 
ality. You can't put people in a mold and classify them. More and 
more people are being themselves — they're accepting life. Memphis 
State offers involvement, and involvement helps a person become 

Maturity is when a person can no longer make a definite state- 
ment. "I'd hate to think of that as maturity. Again, you have to be an 
individual — the same statement may not fit the same two people." 

"Today's students mustn't take things at surface value. Don't fol- 
low a crowd because something sounds like fun." 

"You've got to be your own man — draw up your own philosophy 
of life. Sooner or later someone will ask you 'What is your philosophy 
of life'." 

"I teach accuracy and logical reasoning. If my stu- 
dents can carry over that type of reasoning, then they've 
gotten something from me." 

"I've been at Memphis State for 24 years. I think stu- 
dents here now are about the same, in terms of maturity, 
as they were when I first came." 

"I think of maturity as an ability and willingness to ac- 
cept responsibility. Maturity comes with responsibility." 

"The rights of society are more important than the 
rights of the individual. Where there is a conflict, society 
should and must take over. Society must be responsible 
and act as a watchman for individuals and itself." 

"Population is the worst problem facing the world 
today. All our ills stem from over population, and some- 
thing has got to be done about it." 

David A. Collins, dean of student activities 

Dr. Helen H. Kaltenborn, asst. professor of mathematics 

390 Conclusion /Part I 

Mike Coscia 

Conclusion /Part I 391 

Phyliss Dibrell 

"Maturity is being able to cope with a situation." 

"I think the students at Memphis State now are more mature 
than when I first came here because there are more out-of-state 
students. Part of maturing is learning to be away from home — he 
has to do more for himself." 

"When a student comes back and says what he has learned has 
been of benefit, I feel rewarded as a teacher." 

"I don't try to teach a student the ideal situation. I try to give 
him enough information and facts so that he may cope with any 
situation he may be confronted with." 

Leonard A. Bryson, 
asst. professor of P.E. and recrea- 
tion, Gymnastic coach 

392 Conclusion /Part I 

Elizabeth S. Spencer, assoc. professor of journalism 

"Maturity is taking responsibility for your actions. Taking a long 
view of your actions — thinking about the future, not just career but 
social movements." 

"Misunderstanding between people is the greatest problem facing 
the world today. The problem involves an inability to understand the 
other's point of view and an unwillingness to compromise." 

"I would like to see the young people increase communication be- 
tween people and establish a sense of lasting values for themselves." 

"It's corny as sin, but 'Do unto others as you would have them do 
unto you.' It's basic in life." 


Phil Hollis 

Part I 393 

Chip Coscia 

Scotty Sanderson 

Phil Hollis 

394 Conclusion /Part II 

Part II: A Goal 

Conclusion /Part II 395 

"Maturity is being able to accept life for 
what it is — not being so idealistic that every- 
thing is a letdown. If you set a goal, don't 
give up at the first stumbling block. A mat- 
ure person must be able to accept something 
new — be broad minded." 

"If you know your limitations, you learn 
to laugh at yourself, rather than surround 
yourself with a shell when faced with a diffi- 
cult situation." 

"I think I've gotten the most I can out of 
Memphis State as an undergraduate, but I'm 
not totally satisfied. I think it has helped me, 
and I think I've helped it." 

"I want to get the most I can out of life. 
I'd like to travel around the world — I can't 
believe it's as bad as people say." 

Mary Agnes Welsh, 
journalism major, 
Class of '70 

Pat Guibao 

396 Conclusion /Part II 

"Memphis State has made me socially aware. 
I'm better able to accept change and cope with 
my surroundings. My attitudes toward life, the 
world, have changed." 

"I know I want my PhD. I want to improve 
myself to the maximum of my capabilities. I 
don't want to sell myself short." 

"I want security — a position that offers secur- 
ity. But I don't want to be a millionaire. People 
won't believe this, but I am concerned about my 
fellow man. Someone has to be in there punching 
for him. Environment will be the new bandwag- 
on now that the Viet Nam thing is coming to an 

John Schuier, graduate student in invertebrate zoolo- 
gy, Class of '70. 


Conclusion /Part II 397 

"A person is mature when he develops the ability to bend and give with 

"At Memphis State, I've met more people, taken a larger part in activi- 
ties, been exposed to many viewpoints. I've had to fight — to relieve ani- 
mosity between sororities. I've learned to stand up for what I think is 
right, not just for me, but for any number of people." 

"The highlight of my college career has been student teaching. I was 
giving a part of myself to my students, and I got the rewards soon in their 
expressions. I tried to have my students look at the positive side of every- 

"After I graduate, I would like to teach for a while, then work for a 

Ella Pope, biology major, Class of '70 


398 Conclusion /Part II 



Conclusion /Part II 399 

J^V - it.— -**- 


College years are among the "best years of our 
lives," and I, with the help of the staff and the 
photo service, have tried to capture just one of 
those years . . . the many aspects, attitudes, 
ideas and events of a year at Memphis State Uni- 
versity. I have ventured to feel that this year has 
been different from previous years at MSU. Our 
generation is different. We are not content with 
tradition or custom; instead, we have strived for 
progress, for more freedom, and we have been 
given the opportunity to achieve this by accept- 

ing more responsibility. Our willingness to carry 
added responsibility will prove our worth. 

I am grateful for having had the chance to edit 
the 1970 DeSoto and only hope that I have not 
disappointed those who entrusted me with the 

I join others who devoted their time, efforts 
and consideration in order to make MSU a better 
school in saying that I am proud to have been a 
student of MSU.